Introduce yerself: What's your MBTI!


Hallo everyone!
I am bad at remembering names and icons and faces, so I need a list of who is who and who is what so that I may judge all your talkings “objectively”.

You may also list your astrologies and other stats such as fave colour or True Name if you want. ‘v’ Gimme all the esoteric infos.

For example:
Prax: INTJ (or so i think), Leo Sun, Leo Moon, Taurus Rising.


EDIT – I had my friend read my post over and this is what she thinks:

friend: you sound like a megalomaniac
friend: some will be delighted
friend: such as me
friend: other will HATE U
me: good!
me: separate the wheat from the chaff


impossibletobe: INFJ, Cancer sun, Gemini Rising


Hi Prax,
I always see you commenting on everything, so it’s nice to finally feel like I can talk to you! My MBTI type is INFP. According to tropical astrology (Blake uses this), I have a Taurus Sun and Moon. My ascendant is in Scorpio. My favorite color is purple, lavender if I am being specific. Um, my true name is pretty unique, so I’ll actually keep that to myself. Thanks for asking :innocent::100::wink:!


Hi! I’m an INFJ, I don’t know my astrology, and my favorite color is green. :slight_smile:


Hi there. I’m an INFJ. I don’t know my astrology exactly but my mother uses Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) which I’m exploring a bit. My favorite color changes every time I think about it as it’s built on associations but right now it’s pink.

Charmed to meet you all.


Haha I belong to the delighted category :stuck_out_tongue:

Virgo Sun (introverted)
Sagittarius Moon (introverted)
Libra Rising
Explosion of wild colours pleases the senses…


'Lo everyone.

MBTI type? I don’t fucking know anymore? I think I’m INFJ.

Astrology-wise: Aquarius Rising, Libra Sun, Leo Moon, Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio. Ruled by Saturn!

For the record, I’m female…lol? My name? My name was constructed based on my astrology, I believe…The astrologist/fortune teller (lmao at the latter) constructed the name “Shining Star” for me, but that’s not my actual fucking name. Because oh yes, this is the Internet! Just call me schlopadoo, or schloppie or schlop or whatever.

Am a PhD student based in a well-known academic town in the UK. Studying biological sciences. Public speaking + performing seem to be my thing. Crazy about flies - from eggs to larvae to adult flies, they’re my pet babies. I hope that doesn’t scare you or anything.

Colour? A nice royal purple or warm orange seems to suit me well, but the colour pink has been tinkling me these days. I have pink fucking everything, because I might as well stop hiding the fact that I’m an extreme girly girl behind my fake INTx facade. Kinda liberating.



I am INFJ, Aquarius sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising.

I live in Canada (not New Zealand) and have an orange cat.


INFJ, to the best of my understanding, and a Gemini. If I can edit this, I will be more specific when I can verify time of birth.
I tend to wear deep blues mostly, but I love bright colors, flower colors, forest, sea, sun… cloudscapes… birds…
I am writing a story when I am not otherwise occupied mothering kids and or flailing.
Born in 1970, year of the dog.
A Horse With No Name is my ringtone.

Editing as promised.
Sun Gemini
Moon Capricorn
Libra Acendant

Chart will fill in more.

I am trying to upload chart in other thread, but having problems in my pictures, so be a bit longer.


Kia Ora!

I’m the INFJ who lives in New Zealand (not Canada!) and my Russian Blue cat sadly passed away earlier this year.

Happily, his spirit seems to have stayed with me (we had a very close bond).

I have Taurus rising and was born just before a Full Moon (Sagittarius Sun opposing Gemini Moon).

I work as a Forensic Scientist, analysing all those naughty pills, powders and plants people like to imbibe (despite the best efforts of the Fun Police).


Thanks for being the first! I haven’t seen you make comments before, I don’t think!
Also now I can check out how replies to replies look. :>

Haha, I don’t post on EVERYTHING… I don’t think… only stuff that is interesting to me. =v= Do you use another type of astrology? I tried to look up vedic ones before, but they get kind of confusing for me! I make fun of my INFP friend a lot about purples being her “colour” but because of that, she tries to avoid it now lol. Are INFP known for being contrarian like that?

Welcome! I haven’t seen you posting comments before either! Green’s a very fresh colour, and I feel like I can almost smell it. My favourite is blue because it’s fresh but elicits no smell. lol

Nice to meet you! I have to look up that system too one day! On top of the east asian birth year ones, which are also cool because they cycle through elements lol.

Hahaha very good! :smiley: (-- how do you disable emoticons. They are my enemy. Though exclamation marks are my friend!) I feel like virgo INFJ are pretty common! I too enjoy a rainbow of colours!

Ooh, maybe you are just a very Ti version of INFJ! That Aquarius rising making it more pronounced? Does your saturn ruler cause you problems like my saturn co-ruler does me? Bugs are fascinating but also creepy to me–or maybe I should just say… bothersome. I don’t mind that they exist as long as it’s… “over there” and not in my food or buzzing/crawling around me where I can step on them. lol

Yes! The St- guys are checking in! Shorter name for shorter distance to me (I too am in Canada lol).

Ooh, a writer! Do you plan on publishing? I wonder how much time I will have to do anything creative once I get kids too… haha.

Heheh, my friend gave me a good mnemonic for you! Stewart-with-the-E because he’s married to the ENTP. :> All you people who get to own cats making me jealous (also people being able to commune with them spiritually lol). I love cats but am allergic. (That wont’ stop me… eventually I’ll get one!).

So far, 8/10 are INFJ.
1/10 INFP.
1/10 INTJ (unless I’m INFJ or INFP lol).


Wassup, Praxis Praxie Prax!

My type: you know this already. (Yes, you do). What’s that, you say? You actually don’t? (Yes, yes you do).

Ok, so I just discovered something really weird. I found out yesterday what time I was born, so I looked up my astrology.

Apparently I’m a Sagittarius Sun and a Scorpio Moon. And also Capricorn rising. What does this mean? What does it all mean? Does it fit the picture? What picture? If, when, why, what? (How much have you got?)

Whatchu lookin at?

But I actually don’t know what any of this means!

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it goodbad? Is it badgood?

I read Blake’s article yesterday about Scorpio Moon. Hmmm, not sure how I feel about that, but if that’s what I am then that’s what I am.

Am, am, shazam. Wazam. Alakazam. (Actually, Pokemon should get out of here. I ain’t no neckbeard).


Hi Prax:)
Infp who finds your writing gives a caffeine buzz without fail.
Pisces moon. Virgo sun. Libra ascending. And something about 12th house that was supposed to scare me if I remember right. Sun in 12th house.


Hey Prax,

Yeah, I use a different type of astrology. I like 13 signs astrology, but I’m not really an expert on it by any means. Yeah, I was into vedic astrology for a while. It can be quite confusing, but I liked to watch KRSchannel on Youtube a lot for clarification.

Are INFPs contrarian in that way? I would say yes, but I would say that is an outsiders view as well.

I agree with Blake when he says that INFPs have an invisibility factor due to inner and outer emptiness. I would suppose that INFPs deal with this emptiness in their own way, but based on my experience, here is a little sketch of what I did.

I didn’t feel like I have a sense of self when I was young, so I made one. This was back in elementary school. I drew on a series of traits and hobbies that I liked until I felt like I came up with a solid concept of a “self” that I could use to navigate the many personal or impersonal relationships I had. With this “self”, I sorted what was meant for personal relationships and impersonal relationships. After that, I started to give levels to information that I found to be personal or meaningless. Next, I had a nice self I could use when interacting with others. Some people had more or less access to certain aspects of my “self”, but that depended upon the relationship we had and the level of importance I assigned to it in relation to my other relationships.

Still with me? Lol, it’s about to get a bit more long winded.

When making a friend, I would test them to see if they could handle a certain aspect of my “self”. Were they traditional, progressive, sarcastic, etc.? Based on this, I would reveal and hide certain aspects of my “self”. Of course, there was also information that I gave to a friend that was very basic to the point that I wouldn’t even associate myself with it if it weren’t for other people doing it. One of those things is my favorite color. I don’t feel very passionate about the color purple, but other people associate a favorite color with a self, so I found a color and did the same. Personally, I don’t think the color I like best is all that important in any particular sense.

Let’s say your friend has the same thinking I do. She likes purple, but it isn’t all that big a deal for her. Enter (possibly?) Ni. Ni takes in everything whole heartedly. It doesn’t have a neat little filtering system like Fi, so it takes in everything (sucks like a void?). In reference to someone else’s self, Ni takes in every little detail the person knowingly or unknowingly gives, no matter how important or unimportant the information may be to the person who dispensed the information.

So, INFP likes purple. You tease her about this. Result, she avoids the subject. In my mind, I think she is just offended. Like, she has so many components of her “self” (like me? Or is this just me? Lol) that she would be willing to share with you, but you zoom in on color of all things. Something that she would probably tell any random ole stranger fascinates you to the point that you tease her about it (though all in the manner of a friend of course).

Yeah, I could be painting this picture wrong, but I would probably be offended too. Especially if we were close friends, like my Fi would give you a pass to know so many things about me, but instead you focus on my favorite color? Something that is so meaningless to me that I could change it? Yeah, I think it’s probably just that simple. Plus, I think INFPs don’t like being categorized, but if you categorize them based on something they don’t even see as important, then it can go from “don’t put me in a box” to “well at least let me give a damn about the box I’m being put in”. Aha, yeah, sorry for this long post… But your comment made this stuff ooze out of my brain for some reason. Plus I feel like there is STIIIIIL so much I could say, but I’ll end it here :wink::100::raised_hands::laughing::v:


I hate these emoticons too… I like the ones I type but this just converts everything to “slight_smile” or “stuck_out_tongue”…

My dad (INTJ) has Leo moon like you… it’s a theatrical moon :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate the groundedness of the Virgo Sun… But I have Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Taurus and Uranus-Neptune-Saturn in Capricorn… makes the earthiness very prominent… so at times, when I want to be assertive or expressive, I do wish i had something fiery like Aries or Leo :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you make of the idea that our online personalities are coloured by our midheaven sign?


Yo lunar :smiley:

The myth is that many criminals/psychopaths/crazies have their sun in 12th house… lol… but I think the 12th house also indicates the collective consciousness (or unconsciousness)… what’s hidden beneath the surface… id like and very neptune-y… it’s kinda apt for an INFP… it’s not easy having your sun there but a pretty cool place to have it cause it can give you the ability to heal others after seeing certain things others can’t… I think many psychics/astrologers probably have 8th/12th house placements :stuck_out_tongue:


Yo Piggie!
I have Mercury in Virgo too:) (As well as Venus and Saturn.)


Hello Prax

Thank you for asking about one of my favourite subjects: me
I came across this site in a curious manner disbelieving I was an INFJ, or that there was such a thing
Don’t know much about astrology but from reading yours and others posts and, of course, Blake
I want to know more than I’m just Taurus, it seems kind of daunting, I’m really the baby around here
And my favourite colour is blue no green

One of my adopted daughters(ENFJ) who I’ve known for a decade made a surprising comment a couple of weeks ago:

adopted daughter: I’ve always thought of you as super intelligent (not true of course)
adopted daughter: And that you may kill me, but in an (insert my true name) way
me: rubbish! I would never kill someone I’m close to


Jello, Kevin! You are… INFJ! Who is writing like an ENTP (or trying to write like Blake when he’s more manic haha!). I guess Your Sagittarius Sun + Scorpio Moon makes you a bit of a emotionally intense philosopher/jokester, but the Capricorn rising brings a more taciturn veneer over it. At least that’s how I interpret it!

Haha! Hallo Lunar! You should change your screen name at some point! I usually relate 12th house to depressions and repressions. That’s how it often manifests when I come across interpretations anyway.

I haven’t looked into 13 signs. I guess that is based more on the astronomical demarcations of the zodiac in the sky? And yeah, I’ve watched a few KRSchannel things too! Haha, it’s true. I think INFP in general don’t like being labelled or boxed in, but alas for they protesteth too much!

Hahaha theatrical INTJ usually seems like a oxymoron. Do you find him warmer than typical INTJ you read about? I think that’s interesting, but I haven’t really thought much about my midheaven sign! I think mine is supposed to be Capricorn. Do I come across as authoritative and nononsense? :3

You’re welcome!
Haha, maybe your daughter feels your powerful killer aura! I think a lot of INFJ give off this underlying cranky/seething aura!

INFJ: 10


@Prax and xijack,
My mom used to say, ‘If looks could kill’…
The seething, absolutely.