Introduce Yourselves!


Welcome, @SoundDesiign!!

DSM, eh? Hilarious.

One of your favorite quotes reminds me of Austin Powers.
“Oh, there you are!”
“Hi, do I know you?”
“No. But there you are!”

What made you transition from lurker to participator?


DSM, eh? Hilarious.


What made you transition from lurker to participator?

Great to meet you Erika!

Honestly, the more interesting approach to MBTI than other communities. I think that so many other people play their type’s roles. They put themselves into their type’s box, and I don’t get that impression here. The nuances are embraced. I also recently stopped seeing an INFJ which was fast, intense, and unfortunately had a turbulent and jarring ending :frowning: . Blake’s insights were / are spot on, even she said so.

All in all, I pretty much just want to find out which category I appropriately fall into! Feel unsure about my type and relating to other INFP’s as well haha. I do however find @lunar 's perspective impressionable. Smart cookie right there. :relaxed:


Hi there, Em here! I’m an INFJ, Leo Sun, Virgo Moon and Libra Ascendant. Frankly, I have no clue whatsoever as to what those three mean when put together.

Anyway, I’ve been following Blake’s work for a couple of years now, and it’s been quite helpful. Maybe not as helpful as I’d wish but that’s more my problem than anything else.


Hello and welcome, Em! :slight_smile:

Have you commented on Stellarmaze? Your name looks familiar.


Evenin’ Em! Good to have ye’!


Welcome Em! I’m new too. :blush:


Thanks, everyone.

@Ankh, I have a couple of times… I think, anyway?


Hi. My name is Ignas, human born and dwelling in Lithuania (it’s not in Russia). I’m definitely a he, though with strong ties with my inner she. INFJ. Intuitive me, sensitive she. Pisces Sun. Capricorn both Moon and Rising. Chinese Earth Dragon. Enneagram 4w5 (Blake’s rule stands).

I’ve found the Stellar Maze a year ago when I was suffering in an unbearable relationship with an INFP girl. At that time I had a non-stop loop in my head, which sounded something like this: I have a calling, a path to pursue, I have struggled to find it, the future is still in shadows, but the direction is clear as day, I know it by heart, and here is this girl which I lured into my secret dwelling, she seems to appreciate my calling, but she doesn’t really feel it, she doesn’t really know me either, just a part of me I show her, and my calling is way less important to her than me myself, whereas for me it’s the other way around, and this human being needs my attention way more than I can spare it, and sad as it is, she is just a distraction to me, an extension of my procrastination, I am an asshole to have let her believe in me, blah blah blah, etc.

It was then that I stumbled upon the Stellar Maze via Blake’s article “INFJ: Least Likely to be Who You Think They Are”. It hit me right. Fuck me I thought. Selfish idealist bastard that I am. Indeed all I really care about is my Self and my library. Started to read more articles on the website. Found it awesome. Made that article of Blake my self-imposed prophecy. Feeling good now. I’m single and I feel awesome. Have shit to do.

Nice to belong here with you folks. My first post! See you around.


Sweet! Welcome, Ignas!

I got lost in your prose. Who da girl? The ‘lured into dwelling’ girl.


Da girl I was in a relationship with when I found Stellar Maze. Da girl I broke up with not long after reading Blake’s article on INFJs. That’s pretty much it. Sorry for the prose :slight_smile: And the “secret dwelling” because I live in da woods on the outskirts of my city, seldom visited by humans. Spirits mainly.

And hi, Erika. I know your voice.


Your prose is cool.

And so are the woods.


Welcome Ignas!


Ignas, spent hours today reading up on Lithuania and wish for a verga beating and poppy milk pastries. Welcome man!
It would seem these are seasonal delights, so I will wait in anticipation.
Also really dig your names and would love to hear your language spoken… and take a walk in the woods.


Nice :slight_smile:
It’s verba (Easter palm) beating. Ha, last time I got it was from grandma in childhood. I don’t really follow external traditions (including poppy milk). Love the language though. All the languages.


Age is not doing my previous handle on spelling any good. At all. Verba, of course. Or like just happened when I spelled it right, the spellcheck came in and screwed it up. So maybe not so bad on the spelling after all, lol, but rather missing the auto correction.
How many languages do you speak? Your history is deliciously full of Anthropology. That and Archaeology and migration, and genetics are some of my favorite reads.


If by speak you mean speak, then only Lithuanian. English I can listen, read and write alright, but don’t speak it often enough to be fluent at it. Pretty close to Russian too. But the fact that I’ve had courses on other languages some time ago, does not really count.

Anthropology & archaeology are great. Like everything else anthropo- & archaic.

Our history is great. It’s true:

But whose aren’t? (-:


I have recently started dating again after spending 2 years focused on my writing (sound familiar?). Read @Blake article on INFJs. Now I’m having a crisis that I will be miserable for the rest of my life as I flip between my art and my desire for someone to share life with. It has honestly shook me.

-INFJ Male
-Sun Pisces
-Moon Scorpio
-Rising Sign Taurus
-Old enough that revleations like this should have happened long ago
-In my spare time I write (shocking, I know)
-I went to school for Chemistry and Computers and I work in IT
-I don’t think I have a favorite artist. Almost anything can speak to me.
-I love the book Catcher in the Rye
-My goal in life is to have people read and enjoy my books
-I don’t know what I like about the forum since I just joined today. I am hoping to talk with some people who see the world more like I do and gain insight.
-I don’t have a favorite quote, but I do have a favorite poem: Fire and Ice by R. Frost
-My name is @Derek
-My interest is writing
-My favorite color is sapphire blue

Glad to be here.


Welcome, @Derek!

Hmmm. Don’t you want to talk to people who see the world differently than you do as well?


Hi @Ankh
That is always good advice. I’ve spent most of my life talking to people who see the wold differently. So I’m trying something different and reaching out to those more like me.


Well, you’ve come to the right place! :slight_smile: