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Hello, everyone. You can call me Thelema or Hannah :smiley:

MBTI type: INFJ, ENFJ or even ISTP. I’m not done exploring myself yet. Enneagram wise, I’m either 4w5 or 6w5 (and prob sexual subtype).

Astrology: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Cancer (in Western astrology. Nowadays, I prefer to use the vedic system)

Rising sign: Capricorn (Western astrology)

Age: 21

Hobby: Researching about ancient cultures, spirituality, secret societies and mysteries; listening to music (at least 3h per day) and writing reviews on new albums; learning foreign languages (at the moment, I’m sticking to German and French); occasionally, trying to improve my knowledge about philosophy and history; being unproductive and looking at my bedroom wall (my main hobby)

Occupation: I’m a college student (for now). I study languages, literature and linguistics. I plan to take philosophy classes in the future. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher :smiley:

Favorite Artist: Hell, this will be difficult… I can name The Cure, The Who, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Brand New, Bob Dylan, Fiona Apple, Björk, The Strokes, Elliott Smith, Depeche Mode and Radiohead as some artists I listen to regularly. If anyone here has a account, let me know!

Favorite Book: I really like Atrocity Exhibition by JG Ballard and The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

Goal in Life: I’m mainly interested in spiritual development, but as ambitious as it sounds, I also want to leave my own legacy in the philosophical or artistic sphere of life

What I Like About This Forum: I found this site when I was researching about MBTI types. I really appreciated the organic language used to describe the types in a definitive, clear-cut way. I have been a member of the MBTI community for a while now; but, it always bothered me how many people there suck at self-awareness, and I’ve always seen most people in those forums as mistyped. Yeah I am an arrogant bitch. I feel like the person who writes descriptions for this site (Blake) has some insightful ideas about the system - some which are similar to mine, some which aren’t - and that exchanging and discussing opinions here may be more productive than doing so in the average MBTI forum

Current Interest: Typology!

Favorite Color: Purple


Welcome Thelema!

I love Bjork too, her new album comes out tomorrow and it’s going to be amazing.

Purple is my favorite color too! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the (potentially) 4w5 family. Wanna stare into the void together?! :wink:



Welcome :smiley:

Oooohhhhh perhaps a fellow enfj has joined our midst?? If you have any questions please do ask!! I didn’t think I was enfj at first until Blake typed me…


Hey, welcome! Yeah, well, let me know what some of your ideas are. Be glad to discuss/debate with you. Thanks for your honesty. If you want to address something to me specifically just do @Blake somewhere in your post, unless you are directly responding to or quoting me, in which case it isn’t necessary.

Thelema, huh? Must be into Aleister Crowley then. :slight_smile:[quote=“Thelema, post:356, topic:74”]
I found this site when I was researching about MBTI types. I really appreciated the organic language used to describe the types in a definitive, clear-cut way.

Cool, that’s what I was going for.


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! :smiley: <3

SoundDesiign - Yup, Björk’s awesome, and a rare kind of artist… I’m anxious to listen to Utopia, I’ve been waiting months and months for this record!
Being a 4w5, I assume you are an INFJ? Which is a frequent association with this enneagram type.

@iamrl - Oh yeah, I believe I can be the introverted kind of ENFJ Blake mentioned in his articles. Not sure yet, but definitely one of my main possibilities. And even if I’m not one, I think ENFJs are fascinating. By far, the most interesting and impactful extroverted type… and I think a lot of people I admire are of this type. Happy there are ENFJs here.

Blake - Thanks for replying!
Yees, I have big admiration for many of AC’s works, and I have a theory about what Socionics would call “Beta quadra” types (NFJ and STP) - but mainly about NFJs. A theory about how those types often relate to spirituality and prophetic messages differently than most other types - but I think this is a broad subject that may require its own topic someday :~

Yup, I will tag you in my future posts, for sure. There are many interesting topics here to read, I don’t even know where to being with haha… and at the moment I’m finishing to read your subscriber-only articles :smiley:


Haahaha thanks for the compliment!! Erika, Jennie, and Air are some of the other amazeball enfjs on this forum for reference :wink:

I’m curious about why you’re debating between some pretty drastically different types…you seem set on Ni-Se and Fe-Ti, but it’s just the function order that’s tripping you up…so let’s look at the id I guess!! Blake has mentioned the id function in his articles and there are a lot of comments on Stellar Maze and on this forum about some of the specific id functions as well…do you empathize more with Fi-id, Ne-id, or Si-id?? I think that’ll make it more clear which mbti type you are…


Thelema, I gave it a listen. It’s absolutely phenomenal. I honestly think she’s the archetype of a creative genius and the most important creative of our lifetime. I’m willing to fist fight anyone who disagrees. Nobody can be so consistently amazing and still get BETTER. Amazes me that she’s 52 and cranking them out still.

This is the one question I seek to have closure with currently. I’m fairly certain I am since I identify most with Fi-id. Blake’s article on Fi-id in the positive pretty much describes me. Imma bootleg Hamlet.

Glad to have ya join us! :slight_smile:


Hello from another male infj! Its a very interesting site i had to subscribe to get the most info i can get!


Welcome @infjthatmakessense75! Now run and play with Fe instead of lapping up info!


Who better to welcome an infj than an entp thanks bro!


Welcome dude!


Hi @Thelema and welcome to the forum!

I’m also fascinated by the quirky genius of Aleister Crowley and have a number of his books on my shelf. The Tarot deck he devised with Lady Frieda Harris is far and away my preferred deck because of the beautiful artwork and deep symbolism.

I only recently discovered that Crowley was a talented artist. We recently went to this amazing exhibition “Occulture” in Wellington Art Gallery:

They actually had a few of Crowley’s paintings on display, including this self-portrait of the man himself, depicted as the Sun from the Tarot:


Hehe, back to stats!

@sounddesiign Welcome!! Ooh, artsy person with nonprofit work…! That sounds so cool and dignified! Double aries making you extra feisty or inspired perhaps? I think the Libra rising brings out the charm, but depending on where your sun and moon fall housewise, you could be extra oppressed by the grind, or extra into having relationships lol.

@Findlefart Haha, maybe it means you are a bit of a showoff, but are careful about exposing yourself too much. I think most advice that woudl make the most impact is hard to follow through with. So even if Blake’s advice is for INFJ to play more with Fe and that will untangle a lot of the otehr problems in your life, it’s hard to “play” with having your life possibly burning down in the back of your mind.

@ignas Sensitive yet harddriving pisces-cappy combo! Is this a 12th house moon too? Very sensitive, very intense probably!

@derek All these INFJ guys starting to come in! I guess you are leaning on tertiary for career? Do you feel Ti burnout at all? Maybe that’s why you’re starting to write now.

@Thelema From what you write, I wanna say you’re ENFJ. So I’ll have you down as that for now (will change later if you decide)! So many interests and so many ambitions! What makes you more interested in the Vedic system now? I try to follow along with it a little bit, but then they leave out planets and sometimes have me as a Cancer, which I… reject! Hhaha.

@infjthatmakessense75 Yes, come in and dig up a lot of dirt and play in it with everyone else! Where’re you astro stats! >:0

INFJ: 36
INFP: 11



Aries: 2 (?, ?), (aries moon, libra rise)
Taurus: 2 (taurus moon, scorpio rise), (?)
Gemini: 5 (capricorn moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (sagittarius moon, ?), (cancer moon, capricorn rise)
Cancer: 6 (?, gemini rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (cancer moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, cancer rise)
Leo: 4 (leo moon, taurus rise), (pisces moon, ?), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (virgo moon, libra rise)
Virgo: 6 (sag moon, libra rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (scorpio moon, ?), (cancer moon, leo rise). (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise)
Libra: 7 (leo moon, aquarius rise), (aquarius moon, virgo rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (taurus moon, capricorn rise), (aquarius moon, aries rise), (leo moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise)
Scorpio: 4 (cancer moon, taurus rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (?, ?), (leo moon, leo rise)
Sagittarius: 7 (gemini moon, taurus rise), (scorpio moon, capricorn rise), (gemini moon, virgo rise), (capricorn moon, cancer rise), (libra moon, sag rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise)
Capricorn: 6 (cancer moon, aries rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (sag moon, sag rise), (? , ?), (leo moon, virgo rise), (leo moon, cancer rise)
Aquarius: 2 (libra moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, leo rise)
Pisces: 6 (?, ?), (scorpio moon, virgo rise), (libra moon, gemini rise), (taurus moon, libra rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (scorpio moon, taurus rise)
Unknown: 5

Elemental score (moon + rising signs added too if available):
Earth: 42
Water: 41
Air: 39
Fire: 39

(does not include astro stats for rumdawg or inhthatmakessense75 yet)
*changed sounddesign to INFJ instead of INFP


It’s exciting to finally meet you Prax. Your posts are always insightful and your humor is palpable. :slight_smile:

Yeahhhh. Yeah. Debilitatingly actually.

The fantasy: to find someone to grind WITH.

Por que no los dos? :wink:


I know of an INFP who sleeps with their coworkers and it not good results. So do not do both at same time. LOL


Yeahhh no. Never. That’s actually really annoying lmao. That one has gotta put on their thinking cap.

In all honesty I’m pretty sure now I’m an INFJ. I find ENFPs annoying and INFPs too whiny and lazy, among other things. Recent developments.

Mine more has to do with just finding an amazing musical partner.


Welcome, @Thelema!


Well come, @infjthatmakessense75!


So, it starts!

Having had a weird conversation with a Co-worker earlier where I felt impeded trying to convey my thoughts and being seen as ‘angry’ left me wanting to try, again, to find a place that may understand. In any event…

I suppose i’ll start off with the outline posted at start before falling into my Essay-esque writing format. In person, as most 'INFJ’s are wont to be - i’m far more ‘less’ wordy unless I start feeling comfortable…though I tend to break this trend in the last few months only because I have a very aggressive demeanor as well that is finally not being subjugated by my own ‘fear mongering’ antics. It also clears out people who I can’t really deal with - apparently being emotionally intelligent and ‘Real’ is terrifying i’ve experienced with my past ‘situations’.

Haha…and a primary reason I have a hard time dealing with most forums and websites in the same vein. I don’t really coddle much in the overly ‘feeling’ way, despite being overly emotional. I USED too…but I analyze and feel up all portents now a days for the best reaction on my part. I just have a horrendous understanding of quite a few of my functional stacks to the point I can ‘personify’ the imagery behind them in my head to ‘relate’. But i’ll probably banter on about that somewhere - its hopefully not something so ‘out there’ but it helps me since I am a Natural Born Artist and the symbolic nature of my Art now a days pretty much broadsides much of my thought processing. This is hard to relate with for most and I try not to go on about it much; but I have charisma so it works out in the ‘Out there’ with people. It gets me in trouble however - most Sensors go off looks and I tend to get unwanted attention when i’m playing off the Chameleon Aspect.

For the below with Astrology, I took a few Natal Charts and received for the most part the same outcomes. I cannot say my birth time was correct - so, Accordingly I will look into it later if this keeps up with my interests. I will concede I do not know a helluva lot about Astrological workings; but its something of Interest as i’m quite big on Jungian Philosophies and Psychologies and I know in some facets they play a roll.

I can very much say, 100%, I am very much extremely Fiery in spirit. So, it works out creepily all three fall in the same vein. Perhaps that is why I have such issues with people on some level; mostly in Relationships. I was a very wild and unruly child - but also overly sensitive and shy. My adult form has gone through far too many changes and its finally hit that space where its ‘coming together’. I think some of the articles I ran across really hit the nail on the head…as such, another reason I wanted to check up on this place.

I’m in a fairly restless mood as of late after another ‘falling out’ in the Real World (ha.) with someone I let into my deeper vestibules… I suppose i’m looking for a deeper understanding since I can rarely really ascribe to it outwardly.

In any event, I’ve run across this website before - a year ago actually where I first started meddling in the course of the ‘fabled’ MBTI after one of the largest catalysts i’ve had shake the foundations of my Oh, so, Illustrious life. I had taken enough tests (paid and non) but the jurisdiction of actually dreaming what I saw as my Mind reacting rather harshly to my incessant questioning really nailed the coffin shut as to what I ‘am’ as far as the ‘tests’ go. I’ve had people tell me otherwise due to my personality being quite proactive and ‘extroverted’ - but the misunderstanding of introversion and extroversion is quite the thing in current culture. It isn’t easy, however. I am definitely very introverted and pay for it if I don’t ‘rest’.

  • Name: Cassandra

  • Age: 34


  • Aries: Sun: 03°12’ //Leo: Moon: 03°45’

  • Sagittarius : Rising/Ascendant 15°20’

  • Art

•Illustrative - line/ink work of a symbolic nature now a days but I can use any medium if I want. I learn very quickly when it respectfully deals with imagery in that nature.

I adore the articles speaking of spilling Art madly, in my own words, i’ve read here recently. I know for the longest of times I was keeping much of it at bay - and I was slowly getting more and more bogged down by the imagery that relays itself through most music I listen too. For me, the music and art flow with some of the most beautiful imagery - I have far too many ideas and, sadly, have based some down to not create due to the ‘perfectionism’ and it not ‘being understood’.

It was easier when I drew fan art and comic works - but in my youth my wild abandon of animals and fictional beings was my main stay. I’m finally break those back out - and even if they are not understood on the symbolic level i’m putting out, I know people enjoy them. Enough. I think my Unicorns bleeding out tend to make some people question things; but meh. I try to convey the meaning - they atleast respect the artistry. I’ll be sure to post a few images…

Lots of Unicorns in my art - as cliché as it my be considering what they amount to in modern culture and the stereotype of the INFJ in general - but I loved them as a child and wanted one so badly for years and years. I think now after that fall out I had at the tail end of 2015 that literally turned my World upside and seek my Self within; I finally realized what the Unicorn actually meant to me. Talk about finding the thing you wanted most in the beginning of Life in the most dark of places to bring about Change in a weary Heart.

I just again, really found those articles about Fi and Fe enlightening. I never thought about it that way and like to think i’m actually well versed in my Shadow functions to a degree (of course not fully, I am not a God) but it definitely made perfect sense…the less art I created (and this went on for years), the more addled I became. I sadly fell sway to feeling bad for my gift in one very emotionally traumatizing Relationship, so that put me out for quite sometime.

I need work with depth; and the need to convey it is starting to really eat at me; its pretty intense. Haha… Anyway…

•Socializing - Gasp. For some reason i’ve noticed this seems to be a ‘no, no’ in many a forum since most like to adore the whole ‘hiding away’ mentality. I’m not here to judge, despite how discerning I sound, but I cannot do it after doing so for so long and knowing it hindered my progression. I just see it as a means for most to ‘stay in the dark’ - and having a highly attuned ‘Feeling’ towards the ‘Natural Order’ of things in my Inner Worlds…its something I lament.

I do enjoy going out with friends and colleagues more so then I did in the days of yore- my old days with ‘vidya gaems’ and latched to my computer and staying inside left me very wanting…and now I want the real human experience.

Sometimes I forget I need to ‘recharge’ and thus, it can lead to varying degrees of tumultuous emotions on my end…I am Fire after all. In my youth I didn’t understand this and would become insanely aggressive and unhinged. Now a days under stress I comprehend it, start to use as much mindfulness as I can to discern and regulate the situation and back right the hell out to garner much needed alone time. I am way to familiar and knowing of my deeper ‘instincts’ and will not let myself get to that point out of habit. I don’t joke when I tell people i’m a monster. No one believes it. I kills me sometimes but alas; humanity. Ah…

• Working Out/Walking/Etc - I’ve been bad about this lately, but, I do work out at the YMCA closest to my work place and it does help me focus on my thoughts and ‘imagine’. Gotta love getting lost to music and disappearing into those imaginary worlds. There is a large park I like to walk around near by - so, getting lost in nature is a thing. I want to go hiking at some point as well.

I also just want to be healthier for myself - during the aforementioned days of my Gamer times et al - I weighed about 300 lbs. During 2009 something snapped in my married years when my Ex husband deployed and I just went with ‘a feeling’ that helped me drop over half of my weight in the span of a year. I never want to go back to that frame - and I know it was mostly due to escapism from life in general. I have to watch how I word that around some of my friends since many like to take things to Heart. My experiences have definitely shaped who I am at this point…and I can be, openly, crude when I see the same Sad mentality in those close to me.

•Cooking - I like to cook - though not as much when i’m by my lonesome.

•Reading - I have an arsenal of books - mostly a library of Jung and many other Jungian Analysts. Others that deal with Stoicism and other Philosophical meanderings and random ‘Self Help’ books to make one think. And of course art books, some fantasy novels, etc. Also, Graphic Novels. Blacksad is by far one of my favorites and I definitely suggest it to anyone and everyone.

I do need to read these things at some point…I have a terrible time putting my time management in gear.

  • Occupation

GMHBC Manager at Safeway; yeah, Boy! Graveyard. I make a lot of time to deal with the day walkers, however. Haha…

  • Favorite Artist

This is a loaded question. Art and music - music by far there are many songs…but only a few artists strike a chord where all their songs grasp the tendrils of my thoughts. Yeee…

Artists: William Stout, Terryl Whitlatch, Alessandro Barbucci, Juanjo Guarnido, Don Bluth, Alphonse Mucha, etc

Musicians: Florence+The Machine, PVRIS, Broods, Mumford and Sons, Asleep at Last, 30 Seconds to Mars, Halsey, Sia, AWOLNATION, One Republic, In This Moment, Bleachers, Walk the Moon, Grizfolk, Flor, Snow Patrol…the list goes on, and on, and on…

-Favorite Book

The Last Unicorn. Peter S Beagle

-Goal in life

To be Happy. Complete. Whole. As Jung puts it, “I’d rather be Whole, than Good.”

  • ‘What they like about this forum.’

So far, its the articles. I only just started to look around so; between my time management being garbage it’ll be back and forth but so far, it seems alright. I am terrible with forums, however, to be quite honest.

  • Favorite quote(s)

Far too many…but, here are the major ones besides the one listed above with the ‘Goal’. Most are Jungian in nature. He means a lot to me - finding him out saved my Life, as dramatic as it sounds.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”

“A particularly beautiful woman is a source of terror. As a rule, a beautiful woman is a terrible disappointment.”

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.”

“A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.”

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

Carl G. Jung

“Every Act of Creation is first an act of destruction.” Pablo Picasso

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

“It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf.” Thomas Fuller

…And I think that is enough for now.

  • Current interest?

Wanting to be subjectively ‘Real’ and ‘Human’. Blundering about and forcing myself to deal with many new social situations and talking with strangers helps me where I stagnated myself. Its quite the experience; haha…

Also; Depth and Analytical Psychology.

  • Favorite Color?

Red. Black is something I wear predominantly; but of course…isn’t actually a color so - there is that. I have an affinity with the symbolism for blood so - Red is a thing since I was a kid.

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to the light” — Milton


Welcome, new people, who I might remember if you stick around and post a few more times :grin: