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Welcome to the forum for longwinded monsters who are terrible at forums.

This thing is a natural, monstrous growth off the articles you have loved so in whatever way you end up participating it’s pretty easy to say it’s worth the few bucks*

*that someone else has paid on my behalf given my inability to support myself thanks [BANNED]


Another Aries! Woohoo.

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Hello Prax thank you for the welcoming, my astrology is Sun in Taurus, Leo ascendant and happy go lucky saggitarius moon :slight_smile:


Welcome, Rex.


As promised, I missed you.


Yes it is happy happy to see you back @geneva.








i am onphone so will update list later but…

@MonocerosRex DO YOU HAVE ASPERGERS!! :smiley: You are either incredibly autistis infj or slightly autistic intp or enfp lol Not that it is bad, but it would explain so so much.


Hooolly fucking shit @Prax


WHAT! lol


Thank you all for the greetings; been meaning to touch back but work and running around like a proverbial chicken with its head cut off is a thing.

Outside woild!

As for you, Prax, I can tell you I am an INFJ without question and no, I am not autistic in any shape or form. I have been diagnosed Bi Polar type 2, but after much deep soul searching and realizing much of my problems stemmed from my poor Self reflection and other deep manifests…it pretty much broke the Camel’s back and I can pretty much understand and cope when certain feelings and emotions are triggered. Now, of course they still hurt and it’s like I’m being Rick Roll’d by my own Mind - but I tend to try and break it down and step back after my Feeling reaction goes off then analyze it logically as to how I actually feel about it.

I’ve been through A LOT of shit to get to this stage, needless to say. Broken people tend to be the best teachers, especially if you Love them and don’t understand why they do the things they do. Then that just leads down even more thought what it’s wrong with people and how can I help them.

However I’ve gotten to the point in my Inviduation or Becoming that I can see that helping people by not enabling their problems is the best discourse that seems to be overlooked constantly.

It’s why it bothers me where people constantly put up the flag on many an INFJ site about helping people constantly in what seems like a overly sensitive and woo-woo manner.

I mentioned above I’m also very much a ‘natural order’ type of person and am aggressive in many of my dictonomies. Probably mispelled that but alas, you get the idea. Haha.

It’s easier for me to type - also. I come off far more jumbled when I ‘get deep’ in person; though often times I don’t have this issue talking with other like minded adults. I very much get along with people older than me now a days…though like in my last run in with ‘relations’, age means nothing if one isn’t actually at the right point in their ‘growth’.

Anyway, I’ll nod back later and post some art as well. I am at work on break and typing on my fat phone gets cramp after awhile. Amazing essays of doom town! Hahaha.

Thanks. :wink:


0 to 1,000,000 savegry in a blink of an eye. Lol. :sweat_smile:


only an aspie would make that sort of faux pas


Y’all are absolutely terrible lmaooo


@sounddesiign @RumDawg
I am definitely touched by the beautiful flapping hand of autism so I get to internet diagnose everyone!!! lol
i mean who else is making any charts or graphs around here besides sometimes the other aspergs (johnonymous lol)

ok I will have you down as infj, but i am still very suspicious that you might be enfp more than ever! haha
aspergers/autism is often comorbid with bipolar and other mood and anxiety disorders and is harder to detect in females in the first place! but maybe it’s all the FIRE in your chart or you’re on a manic upswing causing your text to come off very different from the usual infj!

@infjthatmakessense75 will add in thanks!

INFJ: 37
INFP: 11



Aries: 3 (?, ?), (aries moon, libra rise), (leo moon, sagittarius rise)
Taurus: 3 (taurus moon, scorpio rise), (?), (saggittarius moon, leo rising)
Gemini: 5 (capricorn moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (sagittarius moon, ?), (cancer moon, capricorn rise)
Cancer: 6 (?, gemini rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (cancer moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, cancer rise)
Leo: 4 (leo moon, taurus rise), (pisces moon, ?), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (virgo moon, libra rise)
Virgo: 6 (sag moon, libra rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (scorpio moon, scorpio rise), (cancer moon, leo rise). (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise)
Libra: 7 (leo moon, aquarius rise), (aquarius moon, virgo rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (taurus moon, capricorn rise), (aquarius moon, aries rise), (leo moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise)
Scorpio: 4 (cancer moon, taurus rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (?, ?), (leo moon, leo rise)
Sagittarius: 7 (gemini moon, taurus rise), (scorpio moon, capricorn rise), (gemini moon, virgo rise), (capricorn moon, cancer rise), (libra moon, sag rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise)
Capricorn: 6 (cancer moon, aries rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (sag moon, sag rise), (? , ?), (leo moon, virgo rise), (leo moon, cancer rise)
Aquarius: 2 (libra moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, leo rise)
Pisces: 6 (?, ?), (scorpio moon, virgo rise), (libra moon, gemini rise), (taurus moon, libra rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (scorpio moon, taurus rise)
Unknown: 5

Elemental score (moon + rising signs added too if available):
Earth: 43
Water: 42
Air: 39
Fire: 44

(does not include rumdawg yet)


I miss the 1 estp on the list



where the sensors


Somewhere, not thinking about type.


rename the forum “INFJ Maze”


I think sensors are more likely to take up either enneagram or astrology alone when it coems to personality depending on their lean of sciency vs spiritual. The maze is a bit too dense and foggy for most of them, I think lol.