Introduce Yourselves!


Oh I hope I haven’t join the fun so late, I’ve been a fan of the website for a long, long time and I finally paid the subscription, so, I have read the comments of some of you, so… here we go, following so example at the begining of the thread:
-mbti type: I don’t know.
-astrology sign (sun&moon): Sun: libra, moon: the first degrees of sagittarius
-rising sign: first degrees of sagittarius, too.
-age: 23
-hobby: reading, music, watching tv, talking to people.
-occupation: chemical engeneering student, I have an internship doing research in a lab.
-favorite artist: writer: Dostoyevski, in the rest of arts: I’m not sure.
-favorite book maybe Faust.
-goal in life: Well, who knows?
-what they like about this forum : just got in here
-favorite quote:I can’t think of anything in particulaf.
-name: Mariano… well… yes…
-current interest: astrology
-favorite color: any shade of blue, gray and black.

A little something extra, I’m mexican, so if I write something wrong, let me know and I’ll try to explain myself better.

Beforehand, thank you :slight_smile:


welcome @wegendes!

You’re not too late; I think the forum has only been here about a year!


Welcome @jessie and @wegendes! Very glad to have y’all on board. :smile_cat:


I was always aware that Fe was a thing, I just never got it, which is ironic since the country I live in virtually drips with Fe. My understanding comes primarily from talking to Fe-users and observing people: do you find that knowing about Fe contributes to your interactions with people?


Where are you from? As far as I’m concerned, Mexico is pretty Fe oriented too, which is kind of fun to notice at work, with all the small talk. As a fun fact, my boss is an INTJ, so she really gives zero fucks about Fe.


In this thread I introduce myself as an enfp! I always thought I was enfp! And I think my Fi is getting a little betrrr integrated lately anyways. No bloody noses lately from emotipns

Alas when Thr chips are down I can never manage to come up with a properly enfp reaction to stuff like “WHAT IS TYPOLOGY ANYWay” or “you do you man, this is all just for fun.”


Wegendes, I’m from the Netherlands.


Welcome, newcomers! I will ask a question to each of you. These questions are the first thing that popped into my mind after reading your first groupings of communication.

Hi, @nirdre. What is a secret dream of yours?

Sup, @Honey. What do you like to do for fun?

Hey, @jessie. I understand now you are a female. Yes, your first impression is masculine. If I were to take you on a date, where would you take me? This question looks exactly the way I want it to - no typo.

Hola, Mariano (@wegendes). How would you initiate conversation with a woman whom you’ve never met, but wanted to get to know because she seemed interesting to you in this particular moment? Also, you both are in the produce section at the grocery store.


Hey Erika ;), well, that’s an interestingly concrete question. It depends, if I see her feeling exasperated or interested in something in particular I would talk to her about it, yeah, that’d be it? Is this your process for typing me? If it is, please, do so!


Hi Erika! Thanks for drawing me out.

If you took me on a date, where would I take you? My first thought was my place of work, which represents my current life plan, a plan I’m kind of banking on in every facet of my life. I’m currently quite proud of what I’m up to and would tend to want to give you a glimpse of my genius :wink: BUT I usually do NOT talk about what I’m up to/my grand plans with someone on a first date. I typically get a LOT of info about them on the first date and they walk away knowing very little about me but thinking I’m quite interesting. It takes knowing me for a long time to learn about all the things I’ve done/am interested in/know about/etc.

So my second answer is “ice cream.”


Gemini sun, Pisces moon, Gemini rising
-favorite artist; Fiona Apple
-favorite book: Candide
-what I like about this forum: excellent ideas and expression by Blake and community
-favorite quote: “There are some cases in which the sense of injury breeds not the will to inflict injury and climb over them as a ladder, but a hatred of all injury.” George Eliot


Hi Erika, nice to meet you.

I enjoy researching various topics of interest (psychology, mythology, history) as well as various Se-related activities, hiking and swimming being at the core. I like cinema in general and I am particularly interested in the literate / non-literate transference of stories.


@wegendes Hello and welcome! Maybe you are another INFJ male! STEM student with interest in astro so must be… (or infp haha!). I agree with your love of blues and support this endeavour.

@crane Woah, more INTJ suddenly appearing? Nice! I hope you get to yelling at everyone and roganizing data too lol.


INFJ: 38
INFP: 11


DUNO: 1 (wegendes)


Aries: 4 (?, ?), (aries moon, libra rise), (leo moon, sagittarius rise), (scoprio moon, libra rise)
Taurus: 3 (taurus moon, scorpio rise), (?), (saggittarius moon, leo rising)
Gemini: 6 (capricorn moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (sagittarius moon, ?), (cancer moon, capricorn rise), (pisces moon, gemini rise)
Cancer: 6 (?, gemini rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (cancer moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, cancer rise)
Leo: 5 (leo moon, taurus rise), (pisces moon, ?), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (virgo moon, libra rise), (sagittarius moon, sagittarius rise)
Virgo: 6 (sag moon, libra rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (scorpio moon, scorpio rise), (cancer moon, leo rise). (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise)
Libra: 8 (leo moon, aquarius rise), (aquarius moon, virgo rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (taurus moon, capricorn rise), (aquarius moon, aries rise), (leo moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (sagittarius moon)
Scorpio: 5 (cancer moon, taurus rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (?, ?), (leo moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, sagittarius rise)
Sagittarius: 7 (gemini moon, taurus rise), (scorpio moon, capricorn rise), (gemini moon, virgo rise), (capricorn moon, cancer rise), (libra moon, sag rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise)
Capricorn: 6 (cancer moon, aries rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (sag moon, sag rise), (? , ?), (leo moon, virgo rise), (leo moon, cancer rise)
Aquarius: 2 (libra moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, leo rise)
Pisces: 6 (?, ?), (scorpio moon, virgo rise), (libra moon, gemini rise), (taurus moon, libra rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (scorpio moon, taurus rise)
Unknown: 5

Elemental score (moon + rising signs added too if available):
Earth: 43
Water: 46
Air: 43

(rumdawg missing)


@honey I was always vaguely aware that it was a social obligation kind of “thing” too, but it always did make little sense to why people did it, so I end up ignoring it a lot of the time.

But yeah, knowing about Fe helps make interactions a lot smoother, but it takes so much energy and practice! I think just acknowledging people, smiling, and saying “hello” or… “sharing” like bringing a food gift the entire office can share takes a lot of conscious energy to execute (I was only able to do this recently lol). Just listening to people repeat their daily life stories is draining, but is a thing I allow them to do now. These are simple things that everyone seems to be able to do and can come off a little disingenious, but I had to learn that it isn’t necessarily about being fake or being people-pleasing, but more about fostering a certain atmopshere (like community cohesion) that allows other things to get done. I’m sure I process this differently than actual Fe types, but it’s my way of making it work for me.


Thank you Prax :slight_smile: by the way, as I read in the NT thread I encourage @Blake to give me his opinion about my typing, that’s pretty much why I put my own picture as an avatar. As far as interests go, I’m interested in math, chem, physics, phylosophy, arts, history, geography, politics, astrology, astronomy, and at last but not least, psychology, specially neuropsychology.


I can give you my impressions in the way they presented themselves.

It pretty much went like this in the following order:


So, you’re definitely giving me an intuitive dominant impression.

If you wanna get more into it, we’d have to do a personality typing session. Check my Consulting Services page on Stellar Maze homepage if interested.


Welcome @Crane, you double Gemini and triple mutable person you!


Yep, I’m interested, I’ll check them out ;). I’m always going from INTJ to INFJ to ENFJ to ENTJ. But who knows. I always test as a XNTJ, but I don’t believe in tests.


Thanks Prax and Blake. Happy New Year to all. May whatever change happens bring you closer to peace!


Welcome, @Crane.

Why the choice of ‘Crane’?