Introduce Yourselves!


Nah, I don’t type. I’m here for the snacks.
Yes, but I’m sure your answer aided others who like to and are good at typing.


Ah, yes. How to win friends and influence people.

This one will guarantee a second date with me.


Where is your favorite place to hike?


Once upon a time, one of my names would get mispronounced as “Crane.” The Crane is a beautiful symbol! Balance, fluidity, grace, awareness, longevity, and true happiness.


I like this. There is mystery about you. Cherish it.


May this info help the typers and to feed an ENFJ curiosity for strangers facts.


Outside the Netherlands, I’m afraid: even though there’s some nice places here, it’s below sea level. Height, rocks, air and the occasional naughtly little troll are my favourites at this point.

What are some of the snacks you like here on Stellarmaze? Apart from members, that is.


An Fi-user probably runs into the fact that why something is being said and how it’s being said matters in addition to what is being said. That’s a relevant factor when taking the differences into account even though, like I said, Fi and Fe couldn’t be more different from one another.

I know this ISFJ girl who’s playing around on social media a little bit: when I saw some of her photographs I realised that she was, at its core, emulating Se. From that angle, her pictures are interesting to observe. She wants to assert herself more so her photographs made sense to me. Overall, I do think that ‘using’ other functions can make for interesting results!


The world is a snack and I’m a glutton. Did I mention I have GERD?


Surely there must be some milk of human kindness around to help you with that?


Actually, that is a misconception. The milk of human kindness is still acidic.


Finally i found the post button :relieved: man it aint called maze for nothing. Hello everyone, INTJ Taurus male here from Sweden. Im dont know much about astrology so i dont know which moon or sun or whatnot xD I found Stellar Maze since i have many infjs in my life and i wanted to know more about them


@Chrollo, welcome…and a belated welcome to @Crane

People can be a disappointment. Truly, madly, deeply.


Welcome, @Chrollo! What makes you most angry?


Good question Erika! I mostly dont feel angry about anything except when someone close to me gets hurt or sad. I rarly take anything personally but i hate it when someone treats me in a way i dont think i deserve to be treated.


Might as well fully introduce myself. Im 22 years old, I moved to Sweden 6 years ago amd im currently studying to enter uni and i work part time. My hobbies include , working out, video games, reading books ( mostly finances and buisness ), partying, psychologi and mbti. I like challenges and people who enhance and challenge my world views. Long term goal: help people and making a difference. I speak three languages and im currently studying Spanish when i have time. I feel that my english is getting worse and worse :anguished: so that explains many typos. I have a broad taste in music and right now im into sad musik xD shamfully im a hopeless romantic. My favoriate color is purple.

Ki Pasa


Are you sure you’re an INTJ? Or have you fallen hopelessly and romantically for the idea of INTJ?


ISTPs tend to test INTJ in the way ISFPs score INFJ. Most people who delve into MBTI eventually find out whether their score was accurate. You’re ENFJ, Erika?


I do actually believe that i am. I did however have an intresting upbringing which shaped me for who i am today. In a sense i was classic INTJ before learning about the world. My mother an my EX are both INFJ and they have had a great impact that shaped me for who i am today. They tought me how to care about pther people, express emotions and get out of my shell.
What type did i appear to be by the way :grin: you can type me however you want i dont mind. Im my own person in the end.


I’ll be whatever you want me to be. But yes, this maze knows me as ENFJ. I always test at INTJ, however. But if I have to agree on something, ENFJ makes most sense - at least in the way Blake describes them. My astrology plays a major role of course too.

@Chrollo, I’m not going to type you. I don’t do that.