Introduce Yourselves!


I laughed out loud when I read Blake’s ENFJ tongue-in-cheek description: I know several ENFJs. They’re truly gifted in putting people at ease and making them open up. Dare I say, ‘like magic’ :slight_smile: Blake’s description of INTJs was impressive (and funny) as well. I’m not sure how this whole typing thing works, but I find it useful with regard to myself and I’ve noticed that I’m starting to look differently at cognition in general.

Does your chart provide you with more insight or is it basically another angle from which to look at yourself? MBTI provides me with theoretical concepts so I can look at patterns in my life, astrology provides me with patterns in my character.



Start a new thread if you want to discuss that issue. This is just an Introductions thread. If you want I can do it for you.


Hi Erika, thanks for the welcome. I’m having trouble answering your question, actually. It used to be my secret dream to become an artist, but I’m trying not to keep that so much a secret these days. So, if I do have a secret dream right now, it’s secret from me. (Which is entirely possible!)


Puedo ayudarte a practicar el español si quieres, y si tú sabes alemán podrías ayudarme con eso :wink: saludos desde México.


What happen to this thread. So messy!

@Chrollo More taurean influences! Stubborn kids! Your upbringing and reactions to it make me wonder if you’re INTJ too, but I’ll put it down as such for now.


INFJ: 38
INFP: 11


DUNO: 1 (wegendes - probably enfj tho?)


Aries: 4 (?, ?), (aries moon, libra rise), (leo moon, sagittarius rise), (scoprio moon, libra rise)
Taurus: 4 (taurus moon, scorpio rise), (?), (saggittarius moon, leo rising), (?)
Gemini: 6 (capricorn moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (sagittarius moon, ?), (cancer moon, capricorn rise), (pisces moon, gemini rise)
Cancer: 6 (?, gemini rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (cancer moon, virgo rise), (taurus moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, cancer rise)
Leo: 5 (leo moon, taurus rise), (pisces moon, ?), (taurus moon, cancer rise), (virgo moon, libra rise), (sagittarius moon, sagittarius rise)
Virgo: 6 (sag moon, libra rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (scorpio moon, scorpio rise), (cancer moon, leo rise). (scorpio moon, aquarius rise), (scorpio moon, aquarius rise)
Libra: 8 (leo moon, aquarius rise), (aquarius moon, virgo rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (taurus moon, capricorn rise), (aquarius moon, aries rise), (leo moon, aries rise), (aries moon, leo rise), (sagittarius moon)
Scorpio: 5 (cancer moon, taurus rise), (gemini moon, libra rise), (?, ?), (leo moon, leo rise), (cancer moon, sagittarius rise)
Sagittarius: 7 (gemini moon, taurus rise), (scorpio moon, capricorn rise), (gemini moon, virgo rise), (capricorn moon, cancer rise), (libra moon, sag rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise), (aries moon, capricorn rise)
Capricorn: 6 (cancer moon, aries rise), (pisces moon, libra rise), (sag moon, sag rise), (? , ?), (leo moon, virgo rise), (leo moon, cancer rise)
Aquarius: 2 (libra moon, cancer rise), (scorpio moon, leo rise)
Pisces: 6 (?, ?), (scorpio moon, virgo rise), (libra moon, gemini rise), (taurus moon, libra rise), (capricorn moon, capricorn rise), (scorpio moon, taurus rise)
Unknown: 6 (rumdawg, scorpio moon)

Elemental score (moon + rising signs added too if available):
Earth: 44
Water: 47
Air: 43


@prax You know you are an INTj when you hear that you look angry, serious or high class on a daily basis. Did i mention that i tottally suck when it comes to attraction and romance, also the feeling of being left out while everyone is busy planning partyies, trips or busy making friends.


Hi Blake mates! I finally subscribed. Well I have frequented this site for a long time (at least a year and a half) and finally decided to take a further plunge into Blake’s mind and join his avid following. Well the fact I got a job helped. And I have not been disappointed. Anyway I wrote my first post on infjs worst fear and it was recommended I introduce myself here… So here goes. I will stick somewhat to Prax’s guidelines.

-mbti type: INFJ (after first believing I was an INTP at first for a while then after much disillusion INFP then finally after hours of research into all things MBTI and socionics and functions finally uneasily settled on INFJ) which I have mostly come to terms with except when I’m highly stressed in which case I will believe I’m another type till the next morning, in which case I see through my false reasoning from the night before. (I seem to lose my already slippery grasp on my identity when I stay up too late filling my mind with the dark secrets that the internet has to offer lol)

-astrology sign: still haven’t got my head around astrology. Not sure what to make of it… Whether its just something we make real to ourselves

-age: 23

-hobby: plain old bludging, watching films, researching technology/gadgets that interests me, I love me some good quality headphones and losing myself in music of any genre but especially soundtracks and vocals, also accoasionally writing/planing a fantasy epic when I’m feeling particularly inspired and affirmed

-occupation: art and film student/ pre-service teacher

-favorite artist: haven’t experienced enough art to make a reliable decision though I like stuff from the romantic era

-favorite book: can’t decide

-goal in life: ideally write the next best fantasy epic that combines valuable principles and experiences that I have observed from life and would like to share to others to really inspire and change them but to do so in a palatable and exciting form.

-what they like about this forum: learning more about myself and hearing from people with similar minds that like exploring interesting topics in depth

-favorite quote: “Its hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much. My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. Then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain, and I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.” — from one of my favourite movies - American Beauty

-current interest: psychology, typology, religion, human nature, existence… “Headphones” :wink: (they don’t really change :confused:)

-favorite colour: indigo?

Voila! That’s me.


Welcome, @jacobdistracted!


Hi! Welcome! What kind of headphones do you Have? Anything fancy? Listening to music with really good headphones is one of the best things in life!


Totally agree. Since I like to spend a lot of my free time listening to music I feel as though I may as well do it with style and taste. So yeah I don’t mind spending a little extra money indulging this guilty pleasure. I have ATM for style cans the senheisser momentum 2. For closed headphones the Beydynamic Dt 770 PRO 250ohm which have a very wide soundstage and amazing bass, but they have a very V shaped sound signature so I don’t like all music on them. And for opens I recently bought the ATH-R70x. I was tossing up between them and the hd600 but I got the former as they were more readily available at the time and sound and design just appealed to me a little bit more. And music sounds so intimate and gorgeuous through them :grin:. But yeah a little bit of a fanatic… How bout yourself?


I use Sennheiser HD 650 and some basic $100 Audio Technicas if I’m walking around my place doing chores and things.


Hi, I’m Emily. I’ve been lurking here about 10 days.

Here’s my chart:

A link to my old blog is in my profile if you want to creep on the more inane contents of my head. It hasn’t been updated in about 3 years, still mostly accurate.

Full reveal.

MBTI: Probably INFP. Online test results were INFJ from age 16-21, then INTJ for awhile (was deeply depressed and believed emotions were the source of all my problems, likely influenced my self-report). Currently (last 3-4 years) I usually test INFP, sometimes INFJ. Consulted with Blake recently about anxiety-based writer’s block that is so bad I was considering leaving school; he thinks INFP. I do identify with a lot that type’s characteristics but something about it doesn’t sit with me, particularly the fluffy/phlegmatic aspects. It may be those are parts of myself I’m not willing to fully own. I certainly can recognize some of that in myself. From all I’ve read Blake seems to know what he’s doing, so I’m running with INFP. Open to other opinions, including types not previously considered.

ASTROLOGY: Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising. In case you don’t feel like looking at the chart above.

AGE: 32

HOBBY: Ceramics. I mostly wheel throw. I used to draw but don’t really anymore, would like to get back into it. I’m an amateur astrologer and I practice tarot.

OCCUPATION: Graduate student getting an MA in Counseling Psychology, depth orientation.

FAVORITE ARTISTS: Leonora Carrington, Sol LeWitt, Peter Doig, Agnes Martin, Laura Owens and Hieronymus Bosch are some favorite visual artists. Cocteau Twins, FKA Twigs, NIN, Eurythmics/Annie Lennox, Smog, Gillian Welch, Frank Ocean, Patty Smith, Van Morrison (Astral Weeks, swoon) and Prince are some favorite musicians.

FAVORITE BOOKS: A Legend Of the Future by Agustin de Rojas, The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham, Outlet by Randy Taguchi, A Dialogue on Love by Eve Sedgwick, and I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

GOAL IN LIFE: Survive. I’m currently on a track for MFT licensure. My specific interest is in awareness and use of ritual (balance of sacred and profane) to treat/manage symptoms of mood disorders. That’s probably what I’ll write my thesis on if I can get my act together. I’m also interested in application of this topic to the educational system, how a greater awareness of the function of ritual/more intentional usage within schools could benefit the mental health of teenagers i.e. reintroduction of structured/conscious rites of passage on a more dominant cultural level (not really sure what this would look like in practice, don’t mean it in a cheesy cultural appropriation way). Definitely have grand plans, but I get both depressed and distracted very easily. Often convince myself that we’re on the brink of societal collapse so I might as well fuck off and have fun while I have the chance. And I do really like to fuck off and have fun.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE FORUM: Y’all are smart and interesting.

FAVORITE QUOTE: I strongly dislike this question. I was recently asked to bring a favorite quote to share in class at school and what came to mind was “Ever look at a flower and hate it?” (Flipper, Ever on Generic). I’m not actually that cynical, I just have a bad memory for quotes.

CURRENT INTEREST: MBTI. It’s driving me crazy. I was convinced that figuring out my type was the key to my writer’s block. My research did help me figure that out, at least as far as recognizing the root source. I’m hooked on MBTI now, currently focused on studying the functions. Particularly interested in the loops, would love to hear more about people’s subjective experience of their loops.


Not sure how much, if ever, I will actually post. Will definitely have to limit my time on here since I’m drowning in schoolwork. Right now this is my favorite procrastination station. Thought it would be polite to let y’all know I’m out here creeping though.


Welcome Emily! Good to see another FKA Twigs fan around here! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Emily!

I would love to hear more on your thoughts about sacred and profane ritual in treating mood disorders.

Consider starting a thread to educate us? Consider it practice for your thesis? :grinning:


Love her so much. I think it’s the Capricorn thing. A lot of the musicians I relate to emotionally have sun and/or moon in Capricorn.


I will consider it! Right now it’s just a big idea quantified by personal experience, don’t really have enough data yet to construct an idea of how it might look in clinical practice when applied to a diverse population. But sharing some of the concepts and hearing y’alls perspectives/experiences would definitely be helpful for figuring that out.


@batshitty So what’s your personal experience? If you want to share. I’ve found ritual a great tool to build will and awareness; my downfall is I get terribly bored with routines. What’s the optimal morning ritual for mental energy and psychological health?


@geneva Yes, been mulling. I will start a new thread to talk about this in greater detail, sometime by the end of the weekend. Still endlessly lurking rn, trying to build enough of a working understanding of the functions to feel comfortable referencing them in text. I think type may have a great deal to do with what is optimal on an individual level and I want to incorporate it. Personally my favorite morning/evening ritual is a grounding/centering/shielding visualization, but I also struggle with routine. Getting myself to do anything every day is very very difficult, particularly in the morning. I find I integrate routine best when I leave room for variety, though I often convince myself otherwise. More about this later, don’t want to muck up the introductions thread. I will be sure to tag you when I post.


Hello everyone, nice to meet you.
I have found this website a while ago, when I was still pretty obsessed with MBTI related things (it was fascinating to me). I have talked to Blake on multiple occasions, he did a good job helping me and teaching me some things about people. I like his openness and providing non-judgemental advice, he is a pretty cool guy if you ask me! I am curious about the people here in this forum, there are a lot of NFs (particularly INFJs) here and I am not sure what kind of NFs I have met so far, if any. So I wanted to see for myself and figure out if we get along or not. So you can see this as a quest for knowledge or maybe even friendship and whatnot, maybe I am able to observe some patterns and be able to type people better, you know how it works (SCIENCE!). Or we don’t get along and it will result in nuclear warface. :smiley:

MBTI Type:
I am very sceptical, so this one is not so easy for me. Blake was pretty sure from the beginning, that I must be a NT personality, in our first talk he said he sees a lot of Ne and Te. I would agree that I am most likely a NT. If I remember right we also concluded that I am mostly balanced in the T/F scale and that I am an intuitive dominant, so that are the things I would agree to 100%. Blake thinks I am an INTJ, I also know that I can get kind of ENFPish from time to time, which means I use Ne/Fi now and then, which makes me a good actor and pretty childish. When we first talked Blake believed I was an ENTP. I am open to other suggestions as well.

tl;dr, aka the easy way out: INTJ, mostly balanced in using T/F.

Astrology Sign:
Please don’t get me wrong, I think the topic itself can be very interesting and sometimes even mythical, especially when it comes to related topics like tarot. This is because the symbolism can be very strong and fascinating, all the underlying implications, meanings and such. However from a scientific point of view there are almost no correlations between astrology and statistics, atleast not that I have heared of. I could be wrong though, even science could be. So my astrology sign is: Virgo. I don’t know much more, I am sorry. :frowning:


Composing and listening to music, video games, psychology, physics, movies and anime, media in general, reading all kinds of stuff, solving problems, thinking.

I am a programmer and project manager in my company. Programming started as a hobby of mine though. When I was about 12 me and my friends often ran out of games that we could play together at one PC (we often played hotseat games), so my father was buying me GameMaker and that’s when I started creating games for us that we could play together.

Favorite artist:
I am mostly into music, so: K.I.Z., Kommisar Chiptune, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nachtmahr, Samsas Traum, Team Shanghai Alice, The Prodigy. I also like some surrealistic painters like Salvador Dali or Hieronymus Bosch.

Favorite book:
The Metamorphosis (DIe Verwandlung) by Franz Kafka

Goal in life:
My biggest goal would be running a company in the entertainment industry, meaning video games and music.

What I like about this forum:
I don’t know yet, I don’t know anyone here.

Favorite quote:
There are quite a few, that I cannot remember on the top of my head. I think one of the most favourite quotes of all time to me would be: “You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?” which is from Terry Prachett.

Rather not tell, please ask me if you are interested.

Current interest:
MBTI among some other things, music theory, quantum physics, world war II, analyzing mself.

Favorite color:
Red and black. Nearly all my cloths are black.


Welcome dude!

What kind of music do you make?

Hehehe. I just started getting into it recently and I used to have the exact same perspective as you. You’ll learn. :wink: :smile: