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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I make very different kinds of music, when I was still starting a lot of the stuff was kind of noisy and avantgarde, however I moved on from that mostly. I think my stuff can be divided into three groups: One being video game music, one being vocal music and the last one would be music that shows my absurd sense of humor (the weird stuff so to say, sometimes borderline art). People tell me that there is something distinctive about my music, however I am not completly sure what it is. I like to create dramatic or dark songs and I think I haven’t mentioned it yet but I am from germany, so almost all my vocal music has german lyrics.

I hope posting my own music is not against the rules (I haven’t seen a rule for it at least), if it is I can remove the links but here, have a listen if you like: - Lyrics are in german, if you need a translation I can create one, the genre is called Neue Deutsche Todeskunst and it’s related to dark wave.[Orchestral].ogg - A revolutionary march dedicated to the shining star of freedom. For bringing new hope to the hopeless and freedom to the opressed.[Fight].mp3 - This is a character theme which doubles as a theme for a boss fight.

Hmmm, maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my, statistics? Sketchy business there. I don’t put much credence in it.



Yeah, welcome @Gardebiter! That’s cool that you’re sharing your music. I can see how those would be good for videogames. :slight_smile:

I don’t think astrology has anything to do with statistical significance. It has more to do with the other kind of significance, the existential kind. Like all subjective frameworks (including Myers Briggs, and a lot of psychological theories that don’t fall under the CBT/medical model), it can’t really be measured in that way. Rather the evidence comes from applying it in your actual experience. Does using this lens help you understand your world and yourself better, and take more meaningful/fulfilling actions? That’s the real proof.

See it as a useful fiction or myth if you will; that’s how I satisfy my skeptical rational side about this stuff. And it has surely been much more helpful for me than the usual modern American myth of “pull yourself up by your bootstrap” “everyone is a rational actor” “you can hack your way to happiness” “all psychological problems can be reduced to behavior or brain chemistry” and all that other nonsense that’s caused me (and I’m sure many, many people) lots of suffering.

Honestly, in my opinion, if people want to study stuff like Myers-Briggs and astrology empirically, they should study whether using this framework helps people with their lives more than say the usual positive psychology/CBT stuff. Or no framework. I think you can probably design a research study around that, at least a qualitative case study or something. That would be more enlightening than how these subjects are currently “studied” which is akin to judging the merit of a philosophy based on whether or not you can measure its ideas through a quantitative research study.

Well, if I ever become masochistic enough to go pursue a ph.d. in psychology, maybe I’ll look into this myself! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you everyone. :slight_smile:

Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up. So in other words it is more like a tool that can be utilized for solving problems, correct? In that case I believe it would be a healthy, open and positive way of looking at it.

I think almost anything can have some use really, aslong as you are aware of it’s limitations because otherwise a person might adopt dogma and that can be incredibly unhealthy.
Where I live you can occasionally read reports about people getting tricked (tricked as in losing a lot of money or even their entire property) with all kinds of “alternative methods”, meaning, alternative medicine, homeopathy, card reading, etc. I am not against these things, they can open up new perspectives of looking at something, they can be fun, there is the placebo effect, etc. But when you try to cure your full-blown HIV with alternative medicine only it might get a little dangerous so to speak. I can see other dangers as well, even with seemingly harmless systems like MBTI. As categorizing people only works to a certain degree, it can lead to distorted thinking, for example, seeing everything in black and white or pigeonholing people. On a side note I have to say that I’m not completly innocent, as I also have experienced that myself. A sharp knife can be used as a weapon to cause people pain and agony but also as an excellent tool to cook a wonderful meal. Maybe this explains my point of view better. Know when to use your tools, know when to use your knowledge, sometimes a simple “why” question directed at the other person can give you a much better understanding than you thought you had, which is something I had to learn the hard way. :slight_smile:

To be honest I think MBTI is something entirely different than astrology because it works on different principles, I am completly clueless on more complex astrology though, so I might misunderstood something, if I say something wrong, please be free to correct me. As far as I know it depends on when you were born, which of course correlates with something but not to the point of being able to describe complete personality traits with it. However with MBTI you enter way more data about yourself if you are doing a test and it tries to assign a type to you, which kind of works the other way round and only works if you know yourself well enough. There have to be some conclusions that you can draw from that data or in other words correlations exist. People who gave a specific answer to a specific question might exhibit some specific behaviour that occurs way more often than what is considered a normal statistical deviation (if I remember correctly this is called the standard deviation).
Of course for some folks MBTI doesn’t hold to scientific standards enough, I would say that it might not be that simple; tests could be flawed, people misjudge themselfes, there might be even something important missing in the system (just look take a look at Socionics). So in other words, way too many sources of possible errors.

And yes, I agree to you, the critic is often overly onesided. There are limits to what you can quantify, quantifying quality for example can be pretty hard and emotional aspects are often neglected. I would love to read something about these topics that is as objective/neutral as possible. So why did the things you mentioned caused you so much suffering? This might be pretty personal, so you don’t have to answer it of course.

Just reading through the sentence you quoted makes me think I could have worded that a lot better.
So, could you explain to me why you don’t put much credence in statistics?


This is the kinda stuff I make! :slight_smile: Glad to have another music maker around.


Sometimes I’m like a crotchety auntie who makes odd comments on here, but I am skeptical of statistics, manipulation by “scientific method,” and scientism. First, it’s important not to conflate correlation with causation. For example, incidences of rape and ice cream sales are highly correlated. I won’t ramble on too much on welcome thread, if you want to start another we can talk about it though. Here’s a couple links:

specifically on how both sides spin statistics (on gun control).

I don’t put much credence in a lot of things, yet I’m still curious about them, like a cat. This might not end well.


Hi everyone, I’m new here :slight_smile:

MBTI Type:
INFJ, I believe. I have always tested as INFJ and always considered myself one until the last 5 years when various tests have shown me to be INFP. They’re online tests, of course, so probably not very accurate. Based on my own self-awareness I would still say I am INFJ.

Astrology Sign:
Capricorn, Taurus moon, Sagittarius rising. I’m a solid Capricorn but the other elements don’t make a lot of sense to me as I’m not well versed in astrology.

Age: 47

Calligraphy; martial arts; playing video games; going to live music shows; politics; collecting horror memorabilia, music memorabilia, knives

I’m a tax attorney/accountant. It’s not the best role for me. I really don’t know how I ended up here. Haha.

Favorite artist:
Music is a huge part of my life. Rap and metal, mostly indie. Cage, Aesop Rock, El-P, Ghost, Watain.
For visual art, I like mostly impressionist painters and a lot of surrealism, as well as a lot of dark art.

Favorite book:
Anything by Phillip K. Dick; A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle; The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern; Stories of Your Life by Ted Chiang

Goal in life:
To raise my children to be independent and open minded yet critical thinkers who come to their own conclusions and aren’t swayed easily by others’ beliefs and opinions

What I like about this forum:
Many people with similar interest in personality theory.

Favorite quote:
“Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.” Oscar Wilde

Name: Marina

Current interest:
Myers-Briggs (ongoing), quantum physics, Krav Maga (Israeli martial art), video games

Favorite color:
Black, purple

I look forward to getting to know people on here, I’ve seen a lot of very interesting people from my short lurking time!


Welcome! I like your goal in life. And I love knives. Music saves me and I am 47 also but just till Gemini nearly goes.


Welcome Marina!

Krav Maga is some badass shit! How long have you been studying / interested in it?


Thank you @TinyYellowTree! I’m glad to be here. Yes, music has definitely saved me on many occasions!


Thank you! I’ve been studying karate for about 8 years - I just started Krav Maga because it is so badass and uses weapons in training which I love, and because it’s so different than the formal Okinawan karate I’ve learned in the past. So I’m just starting. Do you have any experience with it?


None, but one of my close INTJ friends is trained in it. I think it’d be a really useful skill to have for self defense. Imma look into it :wink:


Hey guys, finally decided to stop lurking and come out to meet ya.

So… I’m a 29 y.o. male ENTP, Enneagram 7. (the wing is kinda uncertain)

Sun and Moon (and Mercury and Venus) in Gemini (8th house), Scorpio Ascendant augmented by Pluto exactly on the ASC.

Gotta tell you guys, my Scorpio side kinda wants to hide from this otherwise innocent line of questioning, but I’ll soldier on. :grinning:

So, I kinda see everything I do as a hobby… there’s not a single thing that stands out for me as an “occupation”. So, here goes - I’m an entrepreneur, trained hypnotist, NLP master prac, politician, occultist (kinda wondered if I should mention that but f- it), marketing consultant. This is the stuff I’m really good at.

The other stuff, where I’m still probably better than most, but I haven’t yet worked my way through to the arrogant genius asshole phase include: MBTI (though I’m definitely getting there), Astrology, Programming, Electronic music production.

Favorite artist and book - I can’t say I have one. I rarely read more than one book from most authors, I don’t go out of my way to appreciate visual art and I rarely like more than a few songs from any given musician/band.

Usually I can distill the person’s behavior patterns from one book/song/etc and everything else is just rehash of the same old stuff. Some really smart cookies do exist though, but even then I would be hard-pressed to single out favorites. Everything favorite of mine changes as my focus changes. (which for an ENTP happens frequently :stuck_out_tongue: )

Goal in life - to give my ENTP gifts to the world. :grinning: I’m still working out the details. There might be an overarching theme to what I do, though I can only guess what it is from where I’m standing.

What I like about this forum: I like how the navigation scroll is different. Also, there seem to be some smart people here who kinda speak my language.

Favorite quote: Man, I guess I really don’t want to stick to one thing, do I? I would never be able to single out a single quote as my favorite.

Current interest: Well… all of the ones I mentioned above. Some more than others.

Favorite color. Depending on my mood, at any given moment, it could be Blue, Green, Orange, Brown or Black. Right now seems to be purple though. Did not expect that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welcome dude!

What’s it like to be a master prac of NLP? What kind of Electronic music do you like? Speaking my language!


Thanks man!

Being a Master prac fits my personality like a glove. Richard Bandler is an ENTP, so no surprise there. The main difference is - he has the NLP brand to protect while I am free to roam outside of what he considers NLP.

Also, by his own unofficial admission, he modeled a lot of NLP stuff from Ritual Magick, which is how my interest in the occult came into play. I gotta say, once you experience this stuff, it’s a whole different level of freedom and improvisation. The “master prac” thing is a useful take on it (and it was a doorway for the other stuff I got interested in), but there are definitely others that can expand your understanding. (while sparing you the “scientifically-correct” phrasing)

As for music, I am mostly into progressive/deep house and chillout/chillstep for the moment. Though I’m always experimenting and it might take me somewhere else at any time.

Judging by your username, I might hazard a guess that you’re producing as well? If so, what kind of music?

Thanks for the welcome!


I feel like such a noob here, and thought I had read and thought so much about the MBTI that I was ready to start a German blog about INFJs because there is hardly any material available here. now I’m going to start anyway because it’s time and I gotta do it but anyway

I’m Esther, I’m INFJ, duh, my astrology stuff is
Sun: Cancer
Moon: Sagittarius
Rising: Virgo

26, self-development junkie, trained chef, run a baking blog
occupation: being a single mom and figuring out my shit, whilst letting myself be privileged af living rent free in my dad’s attic

favorite artist: none (because I went to art school) edit: David Shrigley, favorite book: also none because I read too many as a teenager and now remember hardly any of them, though I’d give Paul Auster’s Music of Chance all the stars

goal in life is to learn to play infj play and help people realize they need to figure out their shit and then maybe help them with that

I love this forum because I hardly understand anything you guys are talking about and it sounds extremely fun

favorite quote is not my favorite quote anymore but the only one I can ever think of when asked this question because my Se is so inferior and I could sit here and think of a new favorite quote but I wasn’t planning on spending my child-free evening thinking of a favorite quote so here’s my un-favorite quote:
Evil will always triumph because good is dumb. - Lord Helmet, in the movie Spaceballs

current interest is all the spiritual energetics manifesting your dreams human design shiz
but also it’s always cake.
and not losing my shit over having a child every day because that stuff is so fucking exhausting. but also awesome because now I do stuff.

favorite color? marbles. every one color is beautiful and boring by itself.

one last thing. I am sort of a native English speaker but sort of not; my family moved to Toronto when I was 5, from Germany. I hate capitalizing, but try to do the most important stuff. I’m scarred by Germany capitalization (every second word). I love people who use it’s/its correctly, because it seems like 90% of native English speakers don’t. I feel like it reveals something about people’s character. I don’t know. It probably doesn’t, but that’s one of my favorite ways to be anal.


Hi, @Ivaylo and welcome to the Maze!

I didn’t know that Bandler was into occultism, but it explains a lot about my own experiences with NLP. I’m an NLP practitioner too (though haven’t gotten around to Master-level training yet). I’m also a practitioner of the NLP sub-discipline Timeline Therapy, however.

I’d also been studying various occult subjects on and off before starting my NLP training, but it all started to come together as we got deeper into the training exercises. As our small group of exceptional students worked hard to develop our skills, a number of realisations about my own capabilities came to light.

I’ll explain more tomorrow, as the hour is late here in the Land of the Long White Cloud. But tonight the Cloud is elsewhere, and the unveiled Scorpio Moon invokes her potent magic, high over the City of Sails…



@Prax Quick update on my type for your stats - after consulting with Blake he reckons I’m INFJ not INFP. As I was see-sawing between them it makes sense. Looks like @stewart was spot on with his insights!


Well dang!! I’m a rare bird here…just the way I like it!! ENTP. 'Sup everyone!