Introduce Yourselves!


Welcome, gypsy!



Welcome! Have you seen the movie Latcho Drom?


@Ankh why thank you my fellow E-3 ENFJ sister :wink:

@Ignas I’m afraid I haven’t but it sure sounds fascinating - I’ll have to watch it when I get the chance. The theme of gypsies has been with me since childhood. I even dressed up as Esmeralda for Halloween in Kindergarten because she was my favorite Disney character haha…still is today.


Then you’ll love it. It’s perfect. The spirit, the music!




Beautiful sequence. Now all I want to do is dance!


Hey everyone!

I just created an account and this is my first time posting here. I’ve been struggling with how to type myself and I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on what I might be.

Not sure where to begin, but I’ll start with some behavioral stuff.

First and foremost, I value art and music above all else. I can confidently say that I can’t live without either. Listening to music is therapeutic to me and I love going to concerts and checking out local art museums/galleries. I also draw a little as a way to release some creative energy.

In terms of how I interact with others, I always try my best to stay attuned to what people may be feeling and thinking and I take all of this into account whenever I interact with anyone. I’ve been told that I’m able to pick up on subtle behavioral cues that normally go unnoticed. Also, nothing makes me more irritated than a lack of compassion or seeing someone ignorantly be a dick to someone else. That shit pisses me off.

I love sex and I love love - or rather, this abstract, ideal notion of love and what it means to completely belong to someone and have someone completely belong to you in return: mind, body and soul. At the same time, I don’t believe in such a thing as a “perfect” love and if you were to ask me about it, I can come off sounding very disillusioned and skeptical. I’m that one person who will tell you that there’s no such thing as a soul mate and that marriage and monogamy don’t make sense, but I would still wish you the best even if you disagreed with me. In short, I’m a realist who indulges in dreams every once in a while.

I feel burgundy and I got bees in my head.

Oh, and I don’t like math.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I could get @Blake’s opinion? Thanks, guys!


My initial impression is ENFJ. You seem to tick all the boxes…Second guess is INFJ, but I get a strong impression of Fe dominant orientation and well tuned in Ni.

Welcome! I love your profile picture…


Hey @Sydney! I share @schlopadoo’s initial impression as well. For me, it’s simply because well, your post reminds me of myself and I’ve been typed by Blake as an E-3 ENFJ while testing as an INFJ (likely due to my scorpio dominant natal chart). Any articles by @Blake that particularly resonate with you?


As do I. :sunglasses:


Hi @schlopadoo! What gave you that impression? I think I can detect Fe in myself, but I don’t know how to pinpoint my Ni.

Are you also a fan of Alphonse Mucha’s work? :slight_smile:


Hi @gypsy! I read your intro and I agree that you and I sound pretty similar. Love all of the quotes you listed by the way.

I think the article that resonated with me the most was ENFJ and the Dream Lover. I really am just a hot mess who’s addicted to love and trying to embody every single dichotomy in the universe. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say that’s your Ni. Picking out subtle behavioral cues. Very well put. :slight_smile:


Hey @Blake! Good to hear from you. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on the differences between an E-3 and an E-8 ENFJ.


Yep I agree with Ignas, @Sydney…in addition to the insight and depth of perception you have about yourself and your ideas about love. This is Ni to me. [EDIT: deleted - Schloopy always comes across the wrong way, agh, sorry]

Fe is pretty much clear with regards to your care and consideration about others’ feelings and high openness to experience and sharing it positively with others here on this forum. I would expect an INFJ, let’s say, to seem much more reserved and cautious at first…more questioning about love and what they actually like…probably less likely to openly and passionately admit love for the arts since INFJs tend to fantasize about being robots or intellectuals as well (although this doesn’t apply to all). You also said you hate maths so there you go. That’s pretty much full blown Fe with little engagement of Ti.

I’m afraid I do not know of the painter as I am no artist, but I love the colors…I wish I knew more about painting…


Come and join me @schlopadoo :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the best art book ever.


I loved maths, especially trigonometry. And since my language is like the mathematics, with a touch of intuition perception, I excelled at it.

But I always struggled because of this lovely :face_with_raised_eyebrow:right side of the brain of mine, which is stronger than the left side…


I agree, it is the best book on visual art I have ever seen as well. And the book itself is art. I remember reading it and I couldn’t believe my dumb luck to have picked this book up. It told me everything I ever wanted to know about painting (and drawing) in the exact way that I wanted to be told. It was completely satisfying.

Hey, girl!

The best (and briefest) way I know how to explain the difference between E-3 and E-8 ENFJ is that if E-3 is the siren, then E-8 is the ravisher of the siren.

Hey, between the devil and the deep blue sea!


Like these two:


Out on the wiley, windy moors


What movie is this from?