Introduce Yourselves!

Welcome, Sydney!

Hello everyone! I’m Scandinavian female (English isn’t my native language, pardon me)

  • INFJ (enneagram 4w5 or 5w4)
  • cancer (no idea about the rest)
    -reading, taking the dog out for walks, drama, German and Swedish
    -many (Klimt, Chagal, many writers)
    -too many to choose from
  • to have a good relationship with loved ones
    -informative and many times spot on about INFJs (funny in a rude way too, which makes me laugh and that’s what I need the most)

  • Katri
  • To improve my marriage and communication skills (Fe?), special education
  • violet, haha

Welcome, Katri!

Welcome Katri
To the devil and the deep blue sea :scream:

Nice to meet you, Katri!

Welcome katri! Yes, laughter and the lightening comes with it is very good for darknesses.

My astrology birth chart is a tough one, that when I look at it I start to cry: “my inner world is so fucked up! Why do I have to be such a complicated person!” All the beautiful stars have these challenging aspects and they’re all like saying, “we dare you to live this life”…
And I picture myself as this poor and naive Jewish girl, walking hand by hand with this SS soldier and I’m giggling (I always giggle even when I cry) as he says, “watch your step!” before he leads me down to the gas chambers.

Wow… My first post in what might actually become my new home.

I’m an INFJ. Libra. (I don’t know much more about astrology).
I’m a 31 year old boy. Obsessed with thought and learning. Heyoka Empath. An English teacher at a rural school in South Africa.
My religious views are reformed, Calvinist, theonomic, Presbyterian, preterist, postmillennial… as if anyone cares.

My interests are diverse… a jack of all trades. Though I stick around until I master one before moving on. Usually I have several going at the same time though. I’m hard to please… as my ENTP twinflame would tell you.
But these are intellectual as opposed to physical activities. Philosophical.

Bleh… how does one summarise an entire existence in a few words like this.
I’m already tempted to delete it all and try again. Imperfect. Inadequate.
But alas. Then I’d get nothing posted at all.

Oh well here goes…

Be welcome jaryd😁
…spends forty minutes looking into heyoka…
and no, nothing ever feels adequate.


Hey now!

Hi Jaryd of all trades, I’m intrigued tell us more.

I’m making another shift into a new trade. So much to (re-?)learn so little time.

I also had to look up Heyoko Empath as it sounds good. Like Rafiki in the Lion King or more sober?

Man oh man. I think I find this even more frustrating than relationships:D

I used to learn enough of a skill ‘just incase’ I’d ever need it to escape some imaginary scenario. (Eg ride a horse, drive a car, translate a foreign ancient transcript, badminton…you know the sort of thing)


Thanks guys. I’m still getting the hang of this online-community-forum-thing… I’ve been rather out of touch with the world this past decade.

And I don’t want to drift off the topic of this thread. So…
Ask me anything… I love questions.

Haha- more sober @sacha .

Same here, hey. :relaxed:

hi everybody :slight_smile: Italian fellow here
-mbti type INFJ I think
-astrology sign (sun&moon) aries
-rising sign ?
-age 29
-hobby videogames
-occupation guitar instructor, music teacher
-favorite artist lately Brian Eno makes me calm
-favorite book lots of self help books actually (Wayne Dyer ). Then some German authors like Hesse or Mann
-goal in life: to be able to listen to myself more
-what they like about this forum: I’m new to it
-favorite quote
-name Andrea
-current interest self-discovery and self-heal?
-favorite color blue