Introduce Yourselves!


Welcome, Sydney!



Hello everyone! I’m Scandinavian female (English isn’t my native language, pardon me)

  • INFJ (enneagram 4w5 or 5w4)
  • cancer (no idea about the rest)
    -reading, taking the dog out for walks, drama, German and Swedish
    -many (Klimt, Chagal, many writers)
    -too many to choose from
  • to have a good relationship with loved ones
    -informative and many times spot on about INFJs (funny in a rude way too, which makes me laugh and that’s what I need the most)

  • Katri
  • To improve my marriage and communication skills (Fe?), special education
  • violet, haha


Welcome, Katri!


Welcome Katri
To the devil and the deep blue sea :scream:


Nice to meet you, Katri!


Welcome katri! Yes, laughter and the lightening comes with it is very good for darknesses.


My astrology birth chart is a tough one, that when I look at it I start to cry: “my inner world is so fucked up! Why do I have to be such a complicated person!” All the beautiful stars have these challenging aspects and they’re all like saying, “we dare you to live this life”…
And I picture myself as this poor and naive Jewish girl, walking hand by hand with this SS soldier and I’m giggling (I always giggle even when I cry) as he says, “watch your step!” before he leads me down to the gas chambers.