Introverted Intuitive Woes

Life isn’t always easy for introverted intuitive types, our relative rarity can leave us feeling misunderstood and different from other people, leading to loneliness and a growing sense of isolation. Our intuitive gifts are poorly understood and frequently undervalued, and our innate sensitivity leaves us vulnerable to physical stress and emotional distress. As perceived outsiders, we may become the targets of superstition and persecution, and in the worst cases have fallen victim to witch-hunts and similar atrocities.

Even in relatively enlightened societies, we may pass unnoticed and invisible, expected to be like everyone else, but left wondering why this is so hard for us to manage.

And so many of us never have the opportunity to practice and develop our typological strengths, let alone learn to appreciate and value ourselves.

I have tried my hardest over the years to counteract this unfortunate disadvantage, by learning to accept and understand the nature of dominant Ni and also how to make the best use of its particular strengths. Although I believe I’ve been quite successful in this endeavour, there are still plenty of times when life and work can be pretty heavy going for an INFJ in our modern world.

Or perhaps the increasing pace and intensity of modern living has similar detrimental effects on all personality types? It’d be great to hear how other forum members cope (and possibly thrive?) with the demands of modern lifestyles and particularly with the expectations and demands of the workplace.


The expectations on me are family centered as I don’t bring in monies, but stay home and curse and struggle with what many working people probably wish they only had to contend with, and yet if you’ve got kids you do both… and I say if you’ve got kids because if you don’t have little [or juvenile] elves undoing your work faster than you can possibly get to it and needing massive supervision for years and… I’ll leave off there except to say I am not cursing and struggling because I don’t want this, I am cursing and struggling because I don’t seem entirely fit for it, or not as all the expectations of the tribe would suggest must be done -so I look around me and cringe at myself in comparison [the destroyer of happiness]. And in fact I’ve kinda given up. I’m too tired. In too much pain. No longer give two fucks about the mess. Fortunately for our household, my 20 year old son cares and puts in mucho effort on the homefront. And my kids are big enough to scrape along now with little intervention though plenty of needs to be met still.
So I was not at first sure if I should respond. But as I am botching the homemaker job I took on, I guess I will.
I am an information junkie in my avoidance of whatever. Most of my time is spent with headphones on, inhaling youtube or books, movies, documentaries. I laugh at myself because though I will remember the gist, most details just fall away sooner than later. It is most definitely an escape as much as it is a want for all this information.
Yes, the world is moving way too fast for me. Leaving me in the dust. Leaving me feeling defeated and failing, inept. So what do I watch? Primitive survival strategists [it’s like asmr for me], and of late gathering prep info for walking one of the great trails and this is where I am focused now. In three years I want to walk the Pacific Coast Trail. Or four or five as I have family and a long way to go to get in physical readiness… but family means one may need a little window rather than a specific year. I would like to do a walkabout in NZ, but want to wait for that till my husband is retired and can do it with me. It is the one I think he would truly enjoy as walkabouts are not so much his thing as mine. He does love a hike, just not keen on the discomfort of six months of rough sleeping/eating/walkingforever, whereas I yearn for it, I want to feel my trail legs. I am a bit afraid, of course, but honestly what I am more afraid of is fucking dying here in these four walls of sloth and depression. Now I have something to strive forward to. Something I have in fact wanted to do for like ever. Something I set aside a long time ago and to any seeing me now, would surely think I had entirely forgotten about if I had ever even thought of it, cause yeah… it was dusty and lying… in wait while I neglected myself to the point of desperation.
This is how I intend to cope and [maybe even thrive?] And if I die, at least it will be in the midst of trying. Even if it is just in getting to the place where I am strong/fit enough to set out.
So I guess my answer is having a goal that is exciting enough to move me, one that suits my nature.


And then he said,
“this one’s for you, based on Woody Allen: life could be tragic. One day you’re here, the next day you’re here as well.”
And then I laughed.