Introverted Thinking id (Ti id)


Oh I wanna write about Ti id a bit more, while I’m thinking about it. (Maybe this will get split off. Hmm.)

I’ve noticed in INTJs that they, like…it really annoys them on some visceral level when people around them aren’t being logical. Not in like an “I don’t like this, it makes me feel bad, it upsets me” way - although I guess that happens too, but it’s more like, the end result of their Ti annoyances, rather than the cause. For example, if you take an F-type, especially if they’re an FP, they will usually feel upset about something first, then figure out the reasoning for it later - and whether or not those reasons make logical sense to, say, a T-type is a crapshoot.

INTJs are more like, “This person is making no sense. They’re trying to do/say things that run counter to reason. They’re an imbecile. I need to exit this conversation and never interact with them ever again if humanly possible.”

Like if you take a lot of other types (and I’ve seen this in INFJs, ISFJs, ISFPs, ENTPs, ESTPs, and INTPs) they will often keep arguing a point beyond the time it’s clear the person is never going to “get it”, whether it’s because they enjoy arguing, or because it really matters to them if the person agrees with them or not so they want to keep trying, or because they want to be perceived as having “won” the discussion, or any combo of those things. This isn’t true of INTJs. They will drop a discussion as soon as it seems like there’s no point in reasoning with the other person - and they tend to decide this really quickly.

ENTJs are a bit like this too, but with them it seems more like a Te thing - “this is a waste of my time”. (Or they just yell you to death or something.) INTJ impatience with and quickness to dismiss discussions seems a lot more rooted in, like…just this inability to bear having to listen to people being illogical. And they don’t care if people come to understand them or not (which is why people often end up calling them shady). Like they just really hate being forced to deal with other people’s illogic.

And yet they still have the compulsion to, as that annoying meme goes, Read All The Things. It’s just that they end up not responding to it after a certain point. It’s like they can’t help but subject themselves to it and end up just making themselves feel even more annoyed than they usually are (which is saying a lot).

Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?

It is true that even when I find the person incredibly dumb and will not longer waste precious Fe energy on interacting with them, I may still “keep tabs” to witness their continuing logics for a long time to ensure that my initial judgment was accurate. I think I am being “fair” when I do this in case they turn out actually insightful, but just as often, I am being mean and am collecting evidence for future use haha…

But that still means I am wasting energy on a “dumb person”, so who is really the winner after all…