Is ESTJ/ISTJ a trigger for INFJ


Infp is kind of natural born sinner. We have as dominant function a sinner. An ugly monstrosity. Like a deformation of personality. And when you become aware (awareness taking hell long of time) of this fundamental sin composition, well, speaking for myself here, but you wanna…go bad…can’t explain.

I’d like to go bad…real bad. Have a field day of it. Say some fuck you’s. But like purely live out the bad is what I’m trying to say.

Lol, well instead I’ve got nice list of bads in my history. I’m definitely one for hell.

But you get so unhappy you want to live out the bad almost plan it.

See? This post is a nice dose of bad.

Yeah what’s a nice outlet for the bad in one?


Whatcha into, lil lady? Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (taking breath) ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!


nothing. i’m just gonna embrace actively disliking people. i think it will feel good. like truly actively disliking. it’s not that i’m a huge people lover, but liking people is hard and it’s dangerous. i think it’s going to work better than a failed experiment. when experiment fails, you gotta change something. i tried it today. this guy in my class he signed in and snuck out. i usually pretend not to see because who cares, and at the same time, i would have done that as a student if i changed my mind after the sheet went out. but i purposefully crossed out his name from the roll sheet so he would know i saw him. it felt evil and i enjoyed it. i’m going to embrace THAT feeling. and practice it. later today, i actively ignored my daughter’s classmate’s mother, i just purposefully walked a huge circle around her. i don’t think she and i would have a relationship anyways, so i literally acted like she didn’t exist. that kind of thing. reason? one time she had this look of disgust on her face. i see that look i’m out of there. i just X the person. you gotta embrace the evil stuff or else you just forget that we all have evil in us and the most important thing is to remember we have evil in us.


I stopped being nice a few years ago (I really don’t think anyone’s noticed, yet :wink: )


It’s interesting. I think that what INFPs label as “bad” or “evil,” INJs just see as a normal part of human existence. All of those actions seem fairly neutral to me.

(And this is not meant to single you out. I’ve noticed this with lots of INFPs I know in real life as well.)


Completely agree. It’s incredibly difficult for me to deal in absolutes.

“What’s the context?”


My exact relationship with my ESTJ supervisor, and I believe that to be an accurate assessment of an ISTJ. A younger ISTJ in a corporate environment will obsess over rules and finite details, but at least that’s typically the extent of it. An overzealous ESTJ can be quite the problem. In workplaces, say…competitive, commission based environments where they have been successful, and then given subordinates, you have the makings of an ego-maniac. They want people to do well, and are helpful, as long as you agree with them. They can very easily become closed minded and micro-manage the hell out of everyone around them. If they have access to statistics…it gets really bad. Their helpfulness will give way to a significance they place on numbers, and outside of the numbers, there is nothing else. To them it is fact, and testimony to the value of those that they are tasked with helping. Too short sighted to recognize, or give value to any method, perception, or view outside of their own, no matter the effectiveness, or success of it. All of this comes from someone lacking a basic understanding of math.


This sounds like my manager. I wonder if this person is ESTJ rather than ENTJ. But then this person also resembles Trump (blatant lying, put-downs, regular indignant denial of having said/done things, and Blake reckons ENTJ for him so…
I’m good at my job and colleagues like me, like working with me and know they can rely on me to get things done properly but I cannot do anything “right” in my manager’s eyes. And knowing this I do 2-3 versions of something knowing it will change its mind and say that’s not what they wanted etc.


My manager is very much like this - ‘where is Sacha? I haven’t seen her all day, she comes in, puts her bag down and then she’s off again…’
[as if she doesn’t know I’m 1 floor up because she made our team move away from the rooms we need to work in so she could keep an eye on us.] [and also we can’t work from home 1 day a week because our job role means we “should be” in the very room she’s moved us away from. !!*@!!]


Everything here resonates. My possible ESTJ manager and my ENFJ team leader who has stepped in and basically acts as the translator between me and manager. A shield. Distance. Good. Though I know she has got my back 100% (hmm 90%? I’ll allow some room for self preservation if push comes to shove].


INFJ here- I had a supervisor whom, I suspect, was an ESTJ and there was this element of suspicion that got on my nerves. Like I might be secretly trying to get away with something or be lazy and was just putting on an act. If I asked a genuine question I got a vibe like, “What are you trying to get away with here? You can’t fool me!” Which is hilarious because I am very much a “tell it like it is, take it or leave it” person and really have no energy or desire to try to manipulate others. I feel like I unnerved him somehow.

When I would make a suggestion or ask for something, my words were taken so completely out of context, it was amazing. As if my history and record as an employee and overall nature were totally irrelevant. And on top of that, the way in which he would understand the context of my question was just so completely off base. Exasperating. I feel like we both saw each other as being rather “dim,” but in different ways.


Lol. Suspicious. Yes. Weirdly as you say, dismissing relevant information about you and your background - probably just ignorant of it.
Not relevant in the here and now.

A military approach with employees. Barking commands with misplaced urgency and expecting everyone to jump to it.

Suspicious of anyone who doesn’t fall in line. Suspicious of (prejudiced against?) intellect, higher education (you don’t need a degree to x,y,z), illness (mental weakness), independence (slacking off), questions (dim, challenging authority), creativity (airy-fairy, ineffectual)…

You both look at each other like you’re something from another planet. An interpreter is useful.

The video clip that @Stewart posted, The Expert is funny for Te-Ti language barrier.