Is it Possible to Offend an ENTP? Yes and No.


What offends me? I have to ask this out of fairness because I love to offend people’s sensibilities. Not people themselves but what they’re sensitive to. I like to stir shit up. Pop fucking bubbles. Throw grenades. (I blew up the toilet and wrecked the plumbing at my highschool as a kid by flushing a firecracker with an under water fuse. Just because I wanted to see what it would do. But now I take more responsibility for the tangible and physical effects of my actions). Nonetheless, this is the kind of shit I like to do to people’s minds. Fuck 'em up and scramble them. Funny how this is seen as demented yet I watch people connive, lie, cheat and posture in all kinds of scenarios just to protect the very sensibilities I seek to offend. In fact, I think I blame the sensibilities people possess for their shitty nature. Human sensibilities are completely nurture dependent and manufactured. The self-seeking of mass appeal. The need for validation and approval. Don’t get me wrong. I too venture out to be adored and lauded by the vapid herd but not for my sensibilities. I could give a fuck how I feel about situations so why would I care how other people feel about situations, including me? Feeling shit doesn’t have any discernible effect on reality. Actually, feeling shit is an effect of reality. Nothing wrong with feeling shit. Just something wrong with thinking you have to change reality for your feelings instead of the other way around. So why do I want to be adored? Because I want an external metric for how good I am at things. I want to objectively know that I’m the best in the room and have a stronghold on truth. Which leads us to what offends me. Sycophants, fucking servile ass kissers. Lickspittle cum drainers. Emotion hags. Trump supporters (that’s not to say Obama lovers are any different). I’m offended by the irrational and ignorant. The flippant dismissal of empirical and logical truths. The substitution of reality for “The American Dream”. What is the American dream? Well, a nightmare at this point. Self-flattery and self-aggrandizement aimed at “feeling good” about oneself. Pill popping, dopamine leaking speed freaks. All things I do in my spare time. But because it’s fucking fun. Not because I need to escape or feel different. What happened to intellectual competition and challenge? Has it ever existed as a value in mainstream culture outside of the marginalized and exceptionalized intelligentsia? It’s not that academics and scholars think they’re superior that they isolate themselves. They isolate themselves because of football season and the Kardashians. People don’t believe in intellectual competition. They want physical and emotional competition. They loathe and despise thinking and intelligence. It’s too esoteric and metaphysical for them. Too difficult to parse down into a meme or post on Facebook or self-flatter prolifically on Instagram. Waxing philosophically is to wax indignantly. Feelings are fragile things to be protected, loved and cared for. Intelligence is an existential threat and must be caged, abandoned and abused. Murdered, even, if necessary. So what offends an ENTP? Human nature.

ENTP Trapped in Ne-Fe Loop. How can I bring Ti into social interactions?

I can’t read everything you wrote but there is one thing I’d like to say. One of the reasons that led my husband to hit me is my 15 years old ENTP girl.
No offense, no arguments.
Just take it easy, buddy.


Interesting, let’s talk about that.


Your mother doesn’t love you.


She loves me too much. That’s the problem.


I’m kidding. I love my mom. She’s the reason I am who I am. I have a lot of respect for her.


Well. I tried.


That’s what my mom said.


Quick with it! Bravo to you sir. Glad you’re here.


Glad I’m here too. Haha. I like you.


Ooh! A challenge; how to insult an ENTP?

How about this, @LifeExamined:

“You, Sir, are prosaic, dull and utterly uninteresting!”



Well, this has to be a farce. Implied by your urge to comment and await my response.


Busted! I don’t know why I bothered with my little experiment; how can you offend ENTPs when they don’t actually exist at all…


Haha. Was hesitant to like your comment…but I can’t resist flattery. You, I think, were my first “like” on my first post ever in this forum. I wonder if you recall which one it was? Cherry popper.


wow. my type of guy.

i like everything you said here.

so here’s my question for you.

how often do you help them wake the fuck up when you stir shit up and offend them? how do you feel when you see them hurt?
does it work for everyone?


Who, whoa, whoa! Are you a sadist or sumptn? I don’t like to see them hurt! I just want people to realize that their emotions are separate from their nerve endings and that they can transcend them with a little humor and motivated purpose (which usually manifests as anger). I’m just a crazed clown dude. Not a psychopath.

Jordan B Peterson

Can’t think of a better description for, like, every ENTP ever…