Is it really "spot on"?


OK, I’m coming clean - I hate the phrase “spot-on”.

Every time I see it in a comment or a post, I want to murder someone.


Because it’s a stupid term to start with, and to compound that, everyone in this day and age (internet age) uses it.

I’ve tried to analyze exactly why I have such a problem with this phrase and here’s what I arrived at:


I think in essence, I have a problem with the word “spot”. Don’t think I like the word “spot” too much. It’s kind of like the word “squat”, which is definitely an ugly word.

So, just the sound alone is kind of irritating. Try saying “spot” a lot of times and see if it doesn’t irritate you.

A spot is a particular area that is being designated out of a more general area. For example, a hotspot is an area where the internet signal is really booming. This differentiates this spot that is hot from other areas that aren’t.

As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing hot about a spot.

Then, there is the concept of something being spot-on. “Man, that’s spot-on!” I dunno, that just doesn’t sound right. I know it’s supposed to be flattering, but, it just sounds clinical and strange.

It used to be people would say “Right on!” to indicate something of the same nature. In my unhumble opinion, that’s much better.

To say something is on a spot isn’t particularly flattering. Plus, how big is this spot?

Which brings me to the next problem I think I have with the phrase “spot-on”.

A spot isn’t that precise. It’s like saying “Man, you are blotch-on!”. Well, I think that is more indicating the sound association of the word “spot” again. “Blotch” is another definitely ugly word. But, if something is “blotchy” it is also kind of vague.

Spots are kind of vague too. Plus, how many spots are we talking about? For example, how “spot-on” am I really if I have just managed to land on a spot on a leopard? See, we need context here.

For example, if a person said “Man, you hit the fucking bullseye!”. Or, “Man, you hit the nail on the fucking head!”, fine, OK, now I have a context. There is one bullseye and one nail. I hit them. Cool.

Like, is there this one giant spot somewhere that is waiting to have someone on it?

What is the nature of this spot? Where is it? Why would I want to be on it?

Seriously, I don’t know that I want to be on a spot. What spot? Which one?

Which reminds me…I think that is where “spot-on” must have come from - the phrase “on the spot”. Which is much older I’m sure.

Um, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I like “on the spot” better. I would never say it, but, I don’t find it nearly so offensive for some reason.

Spot-on sounds kind of like “spit on”. Or “spittoon”. It just has an ugly sound to it. Actually, I like the word “spittoon”, but, it is defined as “a pot that you spit into.”

I know spots are supposed to be kind of cute. Like “Gee, look at all those spots that leopard has. Dreamy.”

And I think that’s just the thing. Spots are cute. But, A SPOT is not.


See, that’s cute. But, it’s really designating the opposite of what the person who says “spot-on” is trying to designate: precision, accuracy, nailing it.

Or, it’s like a superhero that needed as many spots as possible to be turned on before he could go off into asskicking mode. Probaly a girl superhero, actually.

So, in sum net total, if you want to compliment me, do not say that something I wrote is spot-on.

It’ll only make me want to murder you.



here are some results after searching ‘spot-on’ in this forum in the little search tool.

so it seems. you guys are on Blake’s murder list.

i haven’t read the whole post yet. but i thought this was funny.

i was thinking ‘hmmm, where have i seen this phrase? oh, there goes the search bar, let me type it and see what comes out!’



Someone’s gotta be number one on Blake’s hit list.

Strangulation, here I come!

I just hope his murdering techniques are spot on.


Yeah, they really hit the spot.


What a spot on analysis!!

Sign me up for the hit list :smiling_imp:


I think it’s Ti that Hates it. It stops making any sense the instant it’s said. It just feels like a phrase that’s meaningless, like a bit of noise that muddies up the convo maybe. Like internally contradictory.

To be honest
Truth be told
Spot on
Long story short
= their opposites?

The gap between minds is too great to imagine such precision!

Meanwhile when I say “exactly” I mean “let me talk again now”


I know people that start a high high high number of sentences with

“Don’t be offended but”

What’s funny is that it can kind of have opposite to intended effect


OP is on point. I hear the preface , “Just a heads up.” from millennial girls at work a lot and it grates on my nerves. I want to reply something like, “My head wasn’t down bitch, and I probably already know whatever you’re to tell me, but just say it already.”


Yikes!! I wonder what people think of me!!! I say that sometimes. Or “FYI”. This is all via email. Maybe relationships are just mirages. We see what we want to see.



Haahaha I think you’d probably hate talking to me irl truth be told :wink: but frankly, I bet you do these same things too :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep I say this too :kissing_heart: often it’s when I know I’m going to offend and I gleefully hide behind the platitude…


I want you to say that to me…it’d really make this millennial girl’s day :smiley: because I really don’t want to read the PhD fellow’s idea of a scientific journal article…


Caption contest

“Just a heads up: the British are coming. CC’ing everyone.”


“You know, if you get there in time to see the redcoats…maybe you can post a photo of them to your Snap story. It’ll be the shot heard round the world.” :sunglasses:


Are they, um, like literally coming, because FYI, that might leave a spot on.


Lol well yeah what did those brazen teabaggers expect.