Is LifeExamined an ENFP?


Sure you’re not ENFP?

Jordan B Peterson


perhaps that’s plausible. ENTPish ENFP?

i don’t get the same vibe as @johnonymous but because he’s probably INTPish ENTP.

maybe the way LifeE criticizes INFJs is similar to what ENFPs do typically.
kinda like a love-hate relationship?

and the way he was holding onto the “westerner” remark for too long seemed a bit odd for a typical ENTP to me.

maybe you’re noticing something here


My mom’s an ENFP. Maybe some of her shit rubbed off on me. Who knows?


ahahaahhaha :rofl:
hey. maybe that too!
my mom’s an ENFP too. i’m not sure how much she rubbed off on me tho.
are you close to her?


Yeah. In the only ways ENTPs can be close to anyone I guess. My mom doesn’t have my penchant or desire for argument which is enough to rule out ENFP for myself without going into it another 57 comments. I for real gotta go now. It’s been a blast!


Well, @LifeExamined said he was in some kind of Ne-Fe loop a bit. He definitely seems like that kind of ENTP. I think johnynonomous was using Ti more actively. (I can never spell his username…)

For every type, there’s a big difference between those using the aux actively and those who are not as actively. But you all know that already.


hahaha you may go! i’m not holding you back. but i’ll proceed to make further assessment as i please.

well i wouldn’t even say ENFPs don’t like to debate.

or you could be an ENFPish ENTP.

but idk. your Fe seems more id to me than tertiary.
because tertiary Fe comes off a little more smooth even if you are looping per se.
your Fe feels really sticky. which is something i often get from ENFPs. this sticky gooey affection.
oh and i don’t mean that in a degrading manner. just sticky.
ENTPs are pretty selective even if they are Ne Fe looping.
and it’s more or less charming in a seductive way.

if i tried, i think i could try to break down why i think you’re an ENFP rather than ENTP.
but i’ll just keep it to myself as you are still viewing JBP as ENTJ.


Haha. Well you all have plenty to look at and spin your little wheels over now. I’ll check back in to see what you all come up with. On this topic and others! I see some contradiction arising in @nirdre where she mentioned I seem to prefer Ti before. So I don’t knoooow…haha. I suppose that could mean I prefer it but don’t use it. See! All these interpretations. They’re endless fun!


Yes, you “prefer” Ti definitely over say Te, because as ENTP that goes with your type. Actively vs passively using it is something else.


i’m just gonna post a collective comments that you have posted on here.

hoping you will take your own advice.

and i’m just only gonna post them because the following to me sounds like an ENFP more than ENTP. yeah. even looping.

i just picked up on so much Fi reading these comments. is it possible for an ENTP to engage Fi in this way? like…this?? Ne-Fe loop will lead to Fi-ing like this? i don’t think so.


or are they Te id? idk. it just seems a little flamboyant for Te id.

btw i’m not trying to disrespect you or anything. you just happened to be my subject for analysis.

and i can tell you i’m not trying to disrespect you because i actually like and agree with most of the things you say here. it feels very raw and genuine. i like that a lot

ENTP vs. INFJ or similar:

and to add. i didn’t CHOOSE to see you as ENFP. it just makes more sense to me

when ENTPs are combative (which i’ve seen quite a lot), they tend to be more cunning and sly with how they debate than how you’ve been doing with Te bitchslap.

it’s just weird that a looping ENTP is capable of being so raw with their expressions as much as you do.

i don’t even see a HINT of subtle manipulation that ENTPs typically do when they’re unhealthy. you are just so raw man. wtf. SO RAW!


He doesn’t have a lot of competitive Ti to Slice and dice and analyze on here. His expressions are more like frustration at not being able stimulate his Ti.


I just started getting a bit of brain ache reading some of the posts.

I attribute that to lots of Ne, not enough Ti I think.

I get that with (what I think is ENFP) style enthused debate style. But I’m not that familiar with ENTP (real life or virtual) so who knows.


Perhaps my manipulations are more subtle than you are giving me credit for. How do you know that what you confuse as demonstrated Fe-Fi oscillation isn’t just applied Ti in respecting and understanding the structural motivations of the audience?

Furthermore, I think it’s slightly stupid to type other members within the Maze given that the only context supplied is what they have offered and want you to see.

If you’d like to see the kind of evolutionary dialogue that I’m looking for on this forum I would refer to the argument between @Spice and I Here. (And actually read it…)

It began with an emotionally triggered assumption (actually from @Spice in this case [The initial post was deleted]). Then a subsequent emotional reaction on my part which was presented in an errant yet logical form (Te).

After some back and forth @Spice and I hopped onto the same logical train of thought which led to increased understanding, revelations, and then eventual total concession on both parts once I realized my error.
As the more informed party, she was ultimately correct. But she didn’t present the best case initially. So I had to lovingly provoke her to make her argument sound. And boy did she arise to the challenge!

This showed that through argument - mutual learning and respect could be achieved by setting emotions aside and not allowing ourselves to be ruled by our baser instincts (The Id). Which is sensitive and subjective Fi for INFJs and pragmatic bullying self-righteous Te for ENTPs. (Seen largely in Te doms, eh? eh? *cough Peterson!) BTW, this understanding of the Id as a cognitive function is no where near singularly unique to @Blake’s conception. However, I do like his description and placement of it.

I like to debate rationals and most NTs agree too readily on technical matters and are in fact a bit closed-minded toward more interesting possibilities in a way that INFJs aren’t. They challenge me. And I like to reciprocate. But they are arrogant fucks nonetheless. Which just adds to the fun and makes them a perfect match for the alien ENTP!

I have been inspired and introduced to some fascinating other types here as well which has been nice.

Since I don’t expect my values to be shared by everyone I will single out the more rational players I’ve enaged with so far. It doesn’t mean they’re my favorites @TinyYellowTree is but they are providing the stimulation I seek.

In order of logic @Spice, @nirdre (when she’s in the mood) and @batshitty (she may be the most intelligent however on this forum). I think @Ignas fits in here somewhere too but we haven’t flirted enough yet.

The mysterious and intriguing members have been @Stewart and @Sammy. These two also show high levels of inutive intelligence but they are also the sage and silent observers. They’re here to watch and clear up the stupid shit.

Finally, since it is his forum, @Blake is thoroughly interesting himself, highly informed and rational.
In fact, it is for these reasons and these reasons only I even follow the site and joined the forum. What’s better than an orgy of INFJs for an ENTP to party with!?

So, for all you know, I could actually be a devious and maniacal INTJ with detached emotional analysis who’s wearing many different masks and adopting the persona of an ENTP as a natural extension to get a rise out of everyone, learning their triggers and biding my time until I meet that perfect idiot to utterly destroy!

But I’ll leave it at that for now.


Haha! I like your style @Blake!


Makes sense too as the topic had morphed.


Exactly, people ain’t talking about Jordan Peterson anymore, they talking about you. So, I split the thread.

Have fun! :grin:




I see minimal to no Fi in @LifeExamined. Sorry @sups, I actually don’t understand how any of that is Fi.

If LE is an ENFP, then I’m an INTJ.

Maybe I am! :open_mouth:

Nah, as LE astutely pointed out, I’m too moody and fickle.

And Super, perhaps LE’s Fe “manipulations” aren’t on your level, but I see the attempts all over the place. That’s why all the INFJs (ok fine just @schlopadoo and me) were getting so irritated. I mean that whole spat was a great example of tert Fe and tert Ti trying to out criticize each other.

In other words, pretty juvenile and pointless in retrospect. :stuck_out_tongue: But perhaps a useful lesson in the pitfalls of ENTP and INFJ relations…