Is she an ISFP (instead of INTJ like Blake says)?


I’m not really sure about anything, really. My type code is from consultations with Blake. I never typed as an INTJ on the MBTI test. The very first time I took the test I actually got an ISFJ. Which at the time made sense(only to me). Then it was a switch off between INFP/and ENFP. (Though I think it was because ENFPs were cool at my school, and my subconscious just reacted to it.) But the more I read about INFPs, it didn’t feel right. They were genuine and had a ‘light-air’ quality, and I was manically tortured at that point. So I contacted Blake and we went through the ordeal. I pose the question of what am I between INFJ and INFP. Mental breakdown, yadayada Now I’m a INTJ; maybe.

When I look at Prax, I think she’s more organized and more level-headed than I am. A lot of what she writes comes off as well-thought out with a hint of detachment. A “matter of fact” sort of thing. Or at least that’s my perception. I’m not as coherent or lucid in my responses, half the time I’m unsure if I have anything to add to the conversation. Her art is also very congruent and consistent, which is something I lack. I have to rotate different form of expressions or I’ll become stuck and irritated with it.

Your reasons for me being an ISFP is probably more substantial than anything I have.

Base on the description in the link, I don’t know if I agree with the Pros, but I do agree with the cons. Especially the fluctuating self-esteem and unpredictableness. I also went back and re-read some of Blake’s posts on ISFP and Se in general.

[They kind of see themselves ultimately as some rogue that only belongs to themselves at the end of the day. They are not whiny about their ideals being broken like some NF type.

Many ISFPs are dropouts from things. They quit the system or group when it becomes too perverted and distorted from its pure beginnings. They just won’t have any part of it.](

I believe that I only belong to myself, but I’m also super whiny about my ideals being broken. I also am the first to drop out or get bored of a role, but then I meander around and can become resentful. Hopefully, I’m not taking it out of context.

I am deeply moved by Se. Or fascinated. Or obsessed. There are certain things in life that have become really simple. Like, I want to be pretty. I want people to think I’m pretty. There’s value in that. Or sex is healthy. Sex should be healthy and there’s nothing wrong with it. (But I am strictly monogamous). At some point, it came down to the pure enjoyment of youth. I’ve agonized over it for a long time. What is pleasing aesthetics? Who am I trying to please? What’s the point of it all? Is it worth it to be beautiful if it all fades? Isn’t that just tragedy? If it’s not forever then it’s not worth it. But I’ve changed my mindset a lot. Pleasing aesthetics brings joy. The point is that it’s fun. It’s only worth it because it’s finite, and all we really have is the here and now. So basically I’ve adopted, if I like it, fuck it, I’ll go get it. Who’s going to stop me? And can they even? If so, damn. If not, well now I’m content.

Not sure if any of that is useful, but I tried! Also sorry for derailing/rambling about myself. I intended to be more clear, but I’m bad at sticking to plans. Even writing outlines. Lol!

TEST/POLL : how well developed is your Se?
Meanings behind names

try reading isfp in
and let me know what you think
I’ll come back with more questions

edit. check out the relationship and growth part too


i hear phrase quite often from isfp women.
first question. are you indecisive? do you tend to have hard time choosing or even planning things?

and let me add. i’ve NEVER heard INTJ openly say "i’m not really sure about anything, really."
are you kidding me! hahahaa
INTJs take pride in ‘knowing’.
even if you prove INTJ wrong, they won’t openly admit that they were wrong. they’re usually silent about it.
matter of fact, i don’t think NTs can easily say "i was wrong"
but from my numerous experiences with INTJs, they are not the one to say, "i was WRONG"
they will have REALLY humble themselves and put down their guard down to the ground.
and they’re definitely not the one to go out in public and claim they’re not sure about anything.

i’ve only heard those phrases very often from Fi-doms. ISFP and INFP.
it’s because they have Ti in 8th function and they can care less if they don’t know stuff or not.
it’s like how i don’t care and don’t have any pride in having Ne.

that’s because ISFPs usually don’t acknowledge themselves.

remember how you were very susceptible, or happy about my comments in your other thread about work and personal stuff?
that’s because ISFP NEEDS to be acknowledged and that’s one of their biggest motivation.
the way you responded is very similar to many ISFPs i know.

and i don’t know any INTJs who can come out in public and share their personal life like that.
but i’ve encountered many ISFPs who’s comfortable sharing their lives to people.
NOT to get pity. but to actually get real help and advice.
ISFPs tend to be ‘open book’

oh, and you referred the ISFP bully article,
okay, it’s pretty obvious that he’s talking about ISFP male, and it’s pretty clear he’s referring a LOT about few people he know which is specific musicians in the rockband.

my wife could not resonate with that article. maybe ISFP male would.

like do you think ISFP themselves , especially women, would read that article and be like 'oh yeah that’s me!'
i don’t think so.

yes. ISFP women can get very whiny about their ideals being broken. but usually to themselves.
they don’t complain and whine to the public.
why do you think you collapsed? that’s because you suppressed it so much to yourself.
that’s a very ISFPish type of act.

this is also VERY Se users thinking.

of course other types want to look good. but for you to flatout say "i want to be pretty"
it’s highly likely that you’re ISFP.
and they are good at looking pretty.

that’s very here and now mindset. like some type of Se dom or Se aux users.
i don’t know about ISTPs though. not much for them.
but it rings to me that you’re ISFP.
like at this point i’m almost certain that you are.

and Fi dom usually apologize often even if they didn’t do anything offensive. for example.

like… that is very Fi dom…again. ISFP.

another ISFP trait.

ISFPs are comfortable admitting things like these.
it’s not attached to their ego or pride.

but wouldn’t it hurt you if someone called you ugly?

and you’re the only one who voted "sex gives me energy"
i know other types can have sex multiple times a day.
it threw me off knowing that you were INTJ.
but it made sense that i always doubted if you’re really INTJ or not.

and ISFP women are usually good at Se stuff in more of an artsy way.
another question. do you decorate your room?

so it didn’t shock me that your reflexes were on the weaker side.
ISFP women are not martrial artist. that’s more ISTP.
ISFPs, they’re more of a dancer.

and another thing. you said you feel like women hates you.
if it’s true that you’re ISFP, it’s most likely because they’re jealous and envious.
and what you’re feeling is probably not wrong.
ISFP women gets hated on by other women. but of course, men flock to them.
but i’m pretty sure you’re not even aware that men flock to you or not.
it’s the other girls that are aware of how men act around you, and try to make you look stupid and dumb.
or they try to degrade you somehow with their side comments or whatever they do. catty stuff.

let me know what you think.
i’d be really happy if there’s another sensor on this forum.

another question. what do you think about my writings?
i guess this is me asking for ISFP’s approval because i look up ISFP to naturally hahah


@anhydrite if it helps, your new profile pic seems definitely more isfp than intj haha. very scorpio fi on the forefront?

changing profile pics in general seems like an FP-type thing to me, but maybe I am weird in that I usually just choose one pic and stick with it for 5+ years until I come up with a new art asset.

And super is generally right about his explanations about isfp. idk about the “why women are jealous” part though. Half true! I can definitely see why some women would be jealous of ISFP natural body/aesthetic ease. Other half of the time it is because some isfp women show some of the worst “strereotypical irrational manipulative women” traits and make everyone groan lol.

The ISFP I know is very self-conscious about coming across as “dumb” even if she will admit to me that she knows she kind of is shallow and empty-headed, but these things are “not ok” to be, and she doesn’t want to be judged for it. It’s that kind of thing that I think make ISFP either keep to themselves (and thus has that cool aura of silent mystery lol, the Se aux “shiny coat”) or they overcompensate in some ways to make sure everything they say is “smart” even if it’s not thier natural communication style? It’s probably something like that. ISFP can be incredibly intelligent, it’s just that in the end, their emotions and mood will win over their logic 90% of the time.

It could also be you are an emotionally messed up INTJ (stuck in Ni-Fi loops) in Se grip most of the time haha.
But I think when it comes to typing, it’s usually what you feel comes most natural and seems to put you at a feeling of “I feel engaged with the world”. The id and inferiors are more masturbatory and stress coping mechanisms in general respectively.


very true.
although isfp can admit they don’t know stuff, also aware that they’re not naturally leaning toward being intellectual, they don’t want to be called stupid for it.

one isfp girl I met recently changed her major into math because she wanted to feel smart.
which proves her point

and she’s not good at math. she understands the logic. but when it comes to actual problem solving, her logic is kinda flawed… probably the Ti at 8th.

and isfps are not into intellectual debates. they take almost no interest in it.

but it doesn’t mean isfps are bad at learning.
they’re pretty good at learning if they like it. And can very well understand logic. just they don’t care so much about it.

and Prax said you might be in Se grip. But your Se cannot be that strong being in inferior position. so… Yeah. I disagree that it’s in your grip.

and INTJ and ISFP both have Ni-Fi or Fi-Ni loop.


I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to other people. I don’t like choosing places to eat or group activities as much. Mostly because my taste can be odd and I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable. Their uneasiness ruins it. As for my career, the things I was interested in when I was younger didn’t seem profitable or it didn’t fit into the vision my parents had. So it was pretty easy to just to go along with it.

Haha, maybe? I can be pretty combative, but I try not to eat my words. Then again, I also say a lot of stupid things that don’t make sense, so I also like to cover my bases. Plus, I think ‘knowing’ is weird, to begin with. Most of the time, people assume. We don’t really know much even as a collective. That’s my overall gripe with science. There’s is this popular opinion that we know, and the arrogance bothers me. If we look at discrete math or logic, there is always an assumption and we build based on that assumption. So overall, it’s just observation.

This is true. I really resonate with this.

Yeah, but I think it’s because deep down I would agree with it. I mean I have a pretty fragile ego, so I would be hurt at most comments. So I wouldn’t have a problem admitting I’m not very pretty either. Ugh, Idk. I’m good at admitting things, it’s almost like confessing. For me, it’s like a safety net. If I say/insult myself first, it won’t be shocking when someone else does it.

As far as the sex thing goes, I chose that answer specifically because of the energy portion. I feel revitalized afterward, it feels cleansing almost. Like my body is brand new. So if that a higher function Se trait then yeah I would agree.

My room is actually quite empty. I’d like to decorate it, in fact, I actually buy things for it. But it never seems to fit right. So instead, I find really valuable pieces(to me) to fill it. Like a piano, or an easel, something that gives it vitality.

I like your writing! I like your analysis and when I read it, it has a feeling of both excitement and quality. From my point of view, you’ve put a lot of effort in it, and I really respect that. It’s also usually very refreshing. You’re not scared to suggest different hypothesis and defend them. Overall, I think it has a refreshing quality to it.

Meanings behind names

Haha, I don’t think it’s weird. Your avatar really captures your essence! If it represents you and feels authentic then there’s no point in changing it. For me, I just feel like trying on new looks. Like if I dye my hair, I want to change my avatar because the old me is no longer me, sort of ordeal. I hate misrepresenting myself, but I’m not good at distilling it down.

Lol! This is probably very true. I can’t say I’m above irrational manipulation. Though it’s never because the opportunity presents itself, it’s more of a defense mechanism to get to safety.

Honestly, I don’t know. But I really appreciate all your insights and theories :slight_smile:!! A lot.

“I feel distant from the world, but I desperately want to take part in it.” Would be my natural drive.


something isfp would definitely say.
this is ISFP over INTJ statement.
seriously. @wendy, @johnonymous. wouldn’t you agree?
am I crazy here or does she sound like isfp?

wow. such an isfp statement.
do you at this point think you’re isfp? or are you still unsure?

but I like what you said here in this paragraph. very interesting point of view.

this is very ISFPish statement. Not INTJ.

you know what’s crazy?
even if 99% of the people they counter thinks isfp is pretty and comments on it. that one person saying “I think you’re ugly” can literally ruin everything.
instead of thinking ‘you must be blind. everyone knows I’m pretty’, they think ‘maybe this person is actually speaking the truth’ and they start doubting.
if you struggle with that, you’re probably isfp.

that is very fascinating to say the least. but yes that’s definitely high Se.
I’m almost the same way. it’s strange. sex gives me energy.

the fact that you put “to me”. that’s very Fi.

this is something ISFPs say very often.
they never say things as a "matter of fact"
ISFP usually always state things as their own opinion and they let it be known clearly.
it’s very rare for INTJ to say this. they usually say things as if it’s a fact.

ISFPs are very considerate and they include ‘from my point of view’ to let people know it’s not something that should be taken very seriously but kinda like ‘hey, this is what I think, I hope you take it’ attitude.

and thank you very much for your kind words.
it means a lot because it’s personal and not so matter of fact. hahah

are you convinced that you are isfp?
i almost cannot consider any other option at this point.

have more questions for you.
what’s your hobby? like what do you like to do in your down time?
and what kind of people are you usually drawn to?
also, what makes you happy in your daily life?
what makes you angry?
do you have problem turning people down especially if you’re friends with them?
is it easier to turn strangers down than someone you know?
oh, and now it makes sense that you don’t really have friends that you really open up to.
isfp usually don’t open up to anyone especially about their feelings.
my advice is try opening up just a little to someone and don’t fear that they will trample over your emotions.
and I’d say talk to someone more sensitive than someone so cold and harsh.
and since you can afford it, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you go to emotional intelligence seminar.
treat yourself to it. I promise you won’t regret it.
one thing I know for sure is that they help you get better at understanding your own emotions and gives strength and motivation to get through with it.
it’s a place where you will be very comfortable and probably find a lot of good potential friends.
the type of people that go there are like-minded and they’re all working towards being the better themselves. and they all usually deal with their emotional problems and hoping they can change. so it’s a nice support group too.

there’s three program but you really don’t even need to go to all three. some people recommend first two. but I’d say definitely try the first one and you can decide to go to the second. and there’s no need for third one unless you really want to.

seriously consider it. And go there by yourself. it’s better to go alone than with a company.

and I’m recommending because you can afford it. And it’s worth a try.


I’m pretty unsure. The only thing I’m sure of is that I’m intensely moody. The reason I bring it up is when I read Jung’s Personality Type, he stated that Feeling is a rational function. When it orients away from the object, as an introverted function, it’s mostly undisturbed by external stimuli. That’s not true for me at all. I’m very volatile. I’m an emotional person, but not necessarily feeling oriented.(Moon in cancer in the 12th house, touching all three water sign). As far as ISFP goes, sure. That could be true. It does have the same functions as an INTJ just in a different order. Personally, I’m okay with being either one or even neither one. I’m more interested in understanding who I am. MBTI is mostly fun, categorizing people is fun. Blake once asked me, why any of this is important, or why having a type assign is important… and I’ve given it some thought. Whether you call a pine, a pine tree, it will still be a pine tree. So in a sense that doesn’t matter. But perhaps if the tree is a pine tree, then the person assigning it knows something about the tree itself, that it doesn’t. If the tree was sentient.

This might be a terrible assumption. But INTJs can defend themselves, so I’ll just state it. I think INTJs are very sensitive in a way, and if they get hurt, their way of dealing with it is to destroy the opponent. It’s almost like a matter of dignity. Like they would rather die than feel humiliated. But it’s more likely I’m just making an asinine remark.

For me, it’s rather I want you to feel bad. I want you to feel as badly as I do. So, instead, I just tell them they’ve deeply hurt me. It does something odd. Maybe this is the irrational manipulative trait Prax was talking about.

I do struggle with that, so if that’s true, then I probably am.

As convinced as I’ll ever be. Lol.

I like to read and study. I also like playing my piano or painting. It really depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I like to work on programming. Or play a game, but they’re usually story-oriented. Whatever takes away the existential dread, haha.

Losers with potentials. Losers, cause I’m bitter, or disagree with their life choices. But they’re not really losers. I like people who have potential and someone I can learn something from. People who can show me something I didn’t know about myself.

My cat. She’s really cute and fluffy. She’s more of a lazy cat, and looking at her makes me happy. It’s like nothing in the world can disturb her and I like that. Drinking water also feels really good. Or learning something new.

When people act like their life is so hard and being self-absorbed in themselves. Basically when they waste my time. Often with my friends, they’re whining about the same thing, but in a guise of trying to find a solution. They don’t care for the solution, but they don’t want to admit they’re just being a child. At work, it’s usually, I’ll bring up a problem and everyone thinks it’s trivial until it’s not. Or when people tell me what I should do. Actually, I’m slightly aggravated right now, so probably most things. It’s when I’m angry, I’m angry at everything. The world, myself, God.

I have a problem turning down anyone. It makes me feel really guilty. I’m susceptible to guilt.

Also, thanks for the recommendation. I’ll definitely look into it! Overall, thanks a lot Super. :slight_smile: I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into this.


I asked Wendy because she knows quite a few ISFP women and she says this is definitely ISFP train of thought lol.

My initial reaction to being insulted is more along the lines of “HOW DARE YOU?? Clearly you are a stupid person and your opinions don’t matter! BYE!”. The first reaction is to dismiss or condescend, make them go away. ISFP tend to do the more “sticky” guilt stuff in a scorpionic fashion “I will make sure you regret stepping on me…!”.


ISFP is moody.
his choice of word ‘rational’ doesn’t convey the same thought as we use now.
here’s a quote.

Jung described the psychological functions of thinking and feeling as rational because they are decisively influenced by reflection.

yeah he expressed the same sentiment to me hahah
but to me, it’s VERY important. and it’s VERY useful.
i like your tree analogy, but let me give you a different one.

there is a toxic plant, called pokeweed plant, and it looks very much like blueberry.
so if someone couldn’t really tell apart between the two, especially a child, and the child decide to eat handful of pokeweed plant, that child would die.
it’s an extreme analogy. but what i’m trying to say is that it is important to differentiate the two because a ‘tree’ or even a ‘person’ can look so similar but we must not assume.

like for example. if you are an INTJ and you are highly sensitive and emotional,
it’s likely that few people might say , 'is there something wrong with this INTJ?'
and i know that’s unfair, but because most INTJ are not highly sensitive, relative to other types.
so you’re like the 'ugly duckling’
why am i this way?
that’s because you’re not a duck. you’re a swan.
so basically what i’m saying is for ISFP, you being emotionally sensitive and having a fragile ego is more of a ‘good thing’ than a ‘wrong’ thing.
and also because it sounds way more fortunate to have Se aux, than Se in their grip.
and it sounds way better than INTJ being in her loop, to ISFP with Fi-dom.

yeah sure. it’s true. at the end of the way, you are still you.
but from INTJ’s perspective. it comes off very fucked up and unfortunate.
but from ISFP’s perspective, you have way more potential and there are things you can just embrace.

like i’ll give you a specific example.
if you are INTJ, you won’t be good at looking pretty as much as if you are ISFP.
it takes WAY more effort for INTJ to get to ISFP’s level on aesthetic.
but for ISFP, it’s their natural talent and it is rather effortless.

imagine. what is dog start meowing like a cat? and cat start barking like a dog?
wouldn’t that be weird?
so how you react and feel is all a projection to what you are.

another ISFP thing.

i’m not even kidding. my wife(ISFP) talks about her cat the exact same way.
and she loves that the cat is fluffy. like it almost seems like she’s obssessed with soft, fluffy texture.
this is hilarious.

i think that’s Fi-dom problem.

INTJs are good at politely turning down people.

OMG. this is how ISFP acts when their friends are being sensitive.
this is where ISFP comes off ‘cool’ relative to people that are constantly bitching about their issues.

okay. let’s do the math.
at this point you’re 99% leaning towards being ISFP.
and very small percentage of INTJ. almost none. unless you’re super unhealthy INTJ.

and does this matter? YES. it does.

you will understand things and embrace different things about yourself as ISFP than INTJ.

another question catered to ISFP.
if you are, the following might be true.

you tend to sleep more than normal people?
you feel like you’re anemic or have iron deficient despite actually being healthy?
you feel like sometimes you have lack of energy?
you like to work in your own pace at your own time. being rushed is never a good thing.
you often worry that you might be bothering people.
people often compliments your looks but it doesn’t make you arrogant.
deep down inside, you’d rather look pretty and be dumb, than be ugly and be smart.
when it comes to relationship, you want the other person to initiate.
i’m totally comfortable with people making decisions for me. especially when it’s trivial. like places to eat and where to hang out.

edit to add:
your picture when you’re hanging by the poll
if i INTJ women did that, she would usually laugh at herself and cringe and i would laugh and cringe with her.
but your pose is so effortless and gracious. like it seems more natural.

oh. and to add to the list above

  • ISFP don’t think they’re better than other people. (that’s why they don’t like arrogant people)


@Prax Hahah “How dare you??” That’s such a Leo response :stuck_out_tongue: My Mom does the same thing. It’s kinda intense and scary. She doesn’t dignify the comment with a response.

Fair point! To be honest, I use to hate being so sensitive. I think it’s mainly due to my upbringing, there’s a necessity to be more stoic and cold. I’ve been rather successful with the stoic persona, but more and more, I think there’s an advantage to be highly sensitive.

To be fair, I think it’s rather difficult for me than other girls.

Haha, yup! In a nutshell. But common! Look at her. <3 (Sorry, couldn’t resist the opportunity to post this)

Okay, that is abnormally accurate. I was diagnosed with anemia as a kid, but, I wasn’t particularly healthy. I had a lot of health concerns growing up. Is this like an ISFP thing? How do you know that it is?

Hm, I think I would rather be pretty and smart. But I guess if I had to choose, then I would choice form, so the former.

You got me with the strangely accurate health remarks. I believe you. I’m really interested in it. So explanation please? :slight_smile:


my wife is Leo and ISFP. she doesn’t respond that way hahaha

yes. absolutely. there’s an advantage for almost everything.

woah. what kinda cat is that?
she’s freaking gorgeous!!!
omg her face. and her fur.
i was looking into getting another cat and i can’t find anything that looks cute.

yes. it is VERY common amongst ISFP women.
i thought my wife was anemic too.
and this other ISFP girl told me she thought she was anemic but the doctor said she’s perfectly fine.

well then that makes it 100% that you’re ISFP.

i have this theory that the way your brain is wired, aka conginitive function, is directly related to your health also.
and in Eastern Medicinal science, it’s true.
they say your health and mind is directly linked to each other.

like i thought it was only me that was obssessed with meat. eating meat.
but later i found out it’s very common amongst ESTPs.
there’s a joke about ESTP’s diet.

  1. meat
  2. more meat.

and i was laughing so hard because i can literally only eat meat and be really happy and healthy.
on the other hand, if i only eat vegetables and starch, i get sick.
like. i really get sick.

so yes. ISFP women and low-energy is almost directly linked to each other.

if one ISFP does it, sure.
if two ISFPs do it, hmm, maybe a coincidence, but i’ll take a note of it.
if 3 or more ISFPs have this. then i’m gonna come to conclusion that this is an ISFP thing.

so i don’t have detailed scientific explanation, but it’s just my observation.

i’m not saying all ISFPs are the same, but there are definitely similar patterns.
regarding looks, heath, how they talk, what they say, their interest, so on and so forth.

and i’m glad you said it’s 'abnormally accurate’
because it was catered to ISFP.

i used to think my wife was lazy. because she sleeps so much more than me.
but when it comes to doing housework, she does all the work. basically. i’m the lazy one afterall.
but, the difference is, i will get stuff done in 30 minutes, which takes her 2 hours.
she hates being rushed. and i hate taking my time.
like she spreads her energy out, and i burst my energy.
i can’t do things like crochet. i’ve learned it, i tried it. after 5 minutes, i get very antsy.
i have to use big motions. BIG motions. i have to blow up in my energy.
while she can crochet for hours.

when it comes to house work, i move all the furnitures. i don’t need help. i have to do it on my own. because i have to move fast.
and then she does all the cleaning, and decorating stuff.

i’m trying to explain how Se-Ti and Fi-Se is different.

anyways. i think you’re ISFP with developed Ni.
you said you like doing research/studying right? i think that’s your tertiary Ni.

omg. i keep looking back at how i thought you were INTJ and i was like 'i have no idea what MBTI is. fuck.'
and looking at your picture i was like 'what the hell? INTJ can post pictures like this?'
so i thought you were some weird case.

and you never really participated in INTJ questions of INXJ questions so i wondered that too.

so, again, if it’s 1 time, then whatever. probably an alien.
if it happens twice, hmmmm. i’m seriously gonna note that. but not SURE sure yet.
if it happens more than 3 times. BAM. okay. that’s the trait of XXXX.

like this is a little anecdote.
but i notice more than enough times. ‘sorry’ from Fi-doms. INFP and ISFP.
if i hear ‘sorry’ several times even if they did nothing wrong, then i’m gonna consider those options.


Thanks! She’s a long hair scottish fold. They’re rather expensive, but I really loved her from the first visit so I couldn’t help it. Plus, when we go to the vet she gets really scared and hid in my hair. I can go on and on, so I’ll just stop!

I think so too! I’ve always believed that form follows function. I mean, I sure Blake does too, since he types people by facial characteristics, voice, and etc.

That’s really cool that your wife can crochet! I tried knitting once, but I don’t like repetition very much. Or maybe it’s just not my thing.

Well, by the time I got there… there was a that argument going on, so I thought I should just stay out of it. Too late now! Hahah.

Thanks for typing again :slight_smile:


I genuinely can not imagine the isfp I know stomaching reading or writing on this forum, so I find it unlikely.


idk about that.
my ISFP wife reads shit all the time here and at one point she wanted to subscribe just so she can talk about something.
but she didn’t because she’s not interested. Idk about stomaching.


Dude they test as NT because they don’t know how to answer the questions honestly. IF it sounds negative they literally get repulsed into the more positive sounding response about themselves. INFP probably does the same thing but then is like “oh no, I’m the bad one, aren’t I, oh my god, it’s all so meaningless.” ISFP is like “who the fuck is this test to tell me I’m not easy going?”


ISFP is super whiney. But only admits it when they feel super safe, like post-sex or something. I am only part way down this thread but I think you are more like a depressed ENTP/ENFP than an isfp.


Hahahaha so true. She hates taking tests.
I have to be literally right next to her and be like "uh, I don’t think you’re that social. the question is not towards you hanging out with your friend"
then she goes "why are these questions so vague!? I don’t care. I’m gonna answer how I want."
then I go, "no! you have to be objective and honest"
her : I’m being honest.


interesting. I’m curious to see what conclusion you come to after reading everything