Is the main site down?

Getting a 500 error.

Me too, but it’s a recurring issue and it usually starts working again after a few days.

The site is up again but boy what a clusterfuck! Anyone know a Wordpress developer that wants to work for free?

Thanks all for your patience. Mine personally has been severely tried dealing with the following words and terms that tech support and my security provider like to throw at me:

  • PHP version

  • .htaccess file

  • A records

  • dedicated IP

  • firewall bypass prevention codes

  • .js files

  • plugin compatibilities

I need a Wordpress developer because I’m tired of dealing with this shit by myself.

Anyway, rant aside, have a nice day!

Good job then!!!

tank yoo!


I have way too many projects (unfinished and unstarted) on my plate now to add another major obligation to my list … but I’d be happy to lend a hand and help you navigate the web-o-sphere and all of its sophisticated terminology.

Do you do Wordpress development?

I’m a pretty general web developer. I deal mostly with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript), but I also have some pretty significant experience with PHP and mySQL – technologies that Wordpress is built on.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a wordpress developer, but I have managed sites in Wordpress and mucked around at the code level before.

Most of the terms you mentioned have more to do with servers and domain name configurations than the actual Wordpress installation itself. But I understand what they represent.

Cool, I’ll reach out to you if another kerfluffle arises. :grin:


403 Forbidden

Main site down or an issue from my end?

Oh back online :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, the site was experiencing a kerfluffle due to some .htaccess file permissions, which my host insists shouldn’t be there but my security provider does.

I wish they would just talk to each other. :roll_eyes:

Webtech soufflés :roll_eyes: :triumph: