Is there ANYTHING that an INFP is GOOD at?


I appreciate this advice, but there’s still a problem: How does one get a job/make money with an invisible function? What jobs exist where strong Ne is an advantage? (as opposed to every other job which demands Te and Se)

Travel is great for INFPs, yes, but travel also costs money. Where the hell am I going to get this money?

Sorry for necro’ing this post, but the OP hasn’t fully been answered yet. How can I get paid for being good at SEEING? Most jobs want me to DO.

Is there ANYTHING that an INFP is GOOD at? I don’t want an answer like “if you work hard you can become satisfactory at this thing,” I want “INFP rocks x job that most other people struggle with.”

How does one Ne?

Hi @LilRachelK
you’re not gonna like my answer, but I think sometimes infp is good at living in spite of not being good at anything.
How come we still manage? I think we’re so tough in a way.
If I think about my job, if I think about how much I have to dissociate to tolerate it, it’s amazing that I don’t already have a heart attack.
I really think infps are tough tough tough. It’s just that it doesn’t feel good.
Let me see if I can write this out more properly later. Got kids to feed.


I’m going to jump in here based on my experience with four INFPs and tell you what they were good at. I do agree that INFJs are very tough and can handle a lot.

Many INFPs get PhDs. My grandfather had one in religious studies. He worked at a very small private university and took groups of college kids every other year on a tour of various churches in different places in Europe. He loved his job, great teacher, kids loved him.

One is a psychologist. He is good at listening and empathizing. Not as good at solving their problems (like an INFJ), but his clients love him because he makes them feel good and listened to. His office is a cozy comfortable homey place that’s lovely.

A friend of mine is an internal marketing? person (can’t remember her title) at a large engineering firm. She puts together the company picnics, the internal monthly magazine, the annual fundraiser, charity work, etc. Most large companies have one or two people in this position. Lots of creativity as well as interfacing with charities in the community. She is awesome at it.

My mom taught at a small private school and did a lot of curriculum development. The pay was awful but she thrives at the ability to creatively come up with coursework. She taught me 4th and 5th grade and I learned so much. Once she retired, she volunteered to teach ELA to Chinese women. She made a lot of friends that way, loved doing it and now gets to travel to China twice a year fully paid for.


Sorry for these half assed got no time quick replies but that flow state…
If you can get into a flow state once a day, then it doesn’t have to be at work, it would be nice if it can be though man. But if you can’t get that at work try to get it somewhere so you can tolerate stuff. I don’t mean it in the Fe flow of Blake’s site kind of way although maybe that could be it but I mean more like “in the zone”. If you can do something here and there where you get into that amazing zone that life peaks at. Whatever takes you there… drawing or dancing or listening or nature or sightseeing whatever it might be. If that doesn’t happen then at least sufficient amount of downtime to recharge is a must.
As for jobs, it is kind of my blind spot so I got so few recommendations. Education, math, design of some sort? A job that won’t wipe you out ideally.
I don’t know if all infps are like this but I do better with day broken up. Can’t be dealing continuously with people at work. Takes heavy toll. So high school teacher for ex sounds a nightmare. Gosh elementary teacher sounds hard but maybe the ‘potential’ of kiddies is worth it. Sounds hard. Sigh


I have answers for you

I believe the INFP is good at entrepreneurship. There are a few things that have to happen though:

  1. They need to do it in a thing they are already good at. So, you work as a parts supplier for some company and start to imagine how it could be done better. Start a company doing it better and just tell everyone what you are doing. Don’t recruit people to work with you just tell the vision of what you are doing and make sure you are visible.Try to do everything as small as possible.

  2. By doing it as small as possible and being visible and telling the story again and again you will drive people who want to build big things insane and they will try to come into the company and push you to make it bigger. LET THEM DO THIS. Never act excited about it just let them push the company along and push you along. These guys are your courtiers. As much as possible just keep doing the same stuff you were doing before. Bit by bit you will get shoved into “leadership” roles that you will hate so much but whenever any new employee wants time with you just take it, and when they ask for advice, say “I dont know! I think I’m just getting lucky!” Everyone will think you are magic.

  3. Make sure to get funding from investors around this time.

  4. Make sure to pay yourself a lot and save a lot of money.

  5. The more that people want to know how it is you are leading the company, the less you should talk and the more you should shake your head and say “I really don’t know I think I am just getting lucky.”

  6. Near this time the company is going to fail really soon. It will be right when everyone starts thinking it’s going to get good. They think it’s going to get good because the energy in the court is so high. the problem is it’s a headless organization because INFP sucks at being a CEO and is really only a Royal, which means they just need to sit there seeming to have power but not actually doing anything. This only works while the energy beneath them continues to rise but you will hit some roadblocks here that require real leadership and you won’t be able to perform.

  7. If you are ego-prepared you can tell your closest associates at the company that you think it’s time to “Find a CEO to take us to the next level” and everyone will think you are not only magic and brilliant but like, egoless. And you will take a new role called “Chief Creative Officer.” It’s very important that you don’t do ANYTHING in this role, are almost never seen, and that you make it super clear to the new CEO that you have litearlly zero opinion about what they do with the company. Otherwise your very presence will fuck everything up and people will keep looking to you for leadership. No. Just let them worship you now. Redirect every single question to the actual CEO and just show up once a week to smile at people.

  8. Hopefully you got a good CEO who can sell the thing before it crashes and burns and you’ll make some money. If not, it is going to collapse, but luckily you were saving money by overpaying yourself (still are overpaying yourself) and you can start another thing the same way if you have to. If they sell it you will make like $1 million bucks.

Be careful not to hire any family or friends into this organization as its doomed from the start

BTW I am not kidding about any of this.


Lol this is hilarious. Every step of this sounds so stressful though.

Dang. So this sounds kind of like infp can be like weepee whoopee get some people psyched up or at least driven to madness to put in some order. Teehee. Entrepreneurs of some weird kind:).


yeah the ceo of the company I used to work for was an INFP and my business owner sister is an infp. I mean they all absolutely hate their lives while doing this, but I think the main reason they hate their lives is because they get mixed up along the way about the ultimate goal, which is getting more freedom. They start thinking they have to Te do shit. And they never should; once things REALLY have to be done they should just step aside.


i never knew an infp could be a business owner but why not


INFPs more need to be in Fi careers, but they use Ne as a method to get places. And Ne is very hard to predict. It’s random, discontinuous, non-linear, synchronistic. Very hard for INFP to follow a straight line trajectory to anywhere. Fi doesn’t help this matter at all either because it too refuses to be straight for other reasons.

I think they essentially “rock” at careers that involve Fi, like, that’s where there heart is gonna be. That’s solar for them, the path of the sun. However, where you might recommend at set path career like nursing to someone with Fi dominance, there is still that Ne thingie that you have to account for in an INFP, which means they can easily jump into and out of things. They need a career that allows for a lot of flexibility and is open to inspiration and emergence.

This, of course, is difficult to find in today’s Western world. It’s kinda like they gotta make their own path, but then again, INFPs are often not too swift at sustaining the drive it takes over long periods of time to be an entrepreneur as @johnonymous was alluding to (I think). ENFPs are better at this.

INFPs have a spritely quality which makes them well-suited to be fairies or pixies or something. They dart in and out and put in the fire, so to speak.

Yes, there is something very discontinuous and unpredictable about INFP. It’s maddening. I agree. I find them a type hard to proscribe for and I have talked to a fair number of them in my consulting practice.

Another thing is that an INFP does respond well to being given directives. Like, if I give them a task to do, they will put all their effort into it, but, then, they aren’t doing it for themselves and they become reliant on this other person to tell them what to do. This is all their flip-side Te-Si receptivity. They are very receptive to Te-Si type people and environments (corporate, highly-structured) but then they get frustrated after a fashion with these sorts of jobs because they sort of go to sleep in them. They go on automatic pilot. Then they wake up a few years later and are like “wtf, I gotta make a change”.

Which then places them back in the same quandary as they were in - how do they find a job/career that satisfies their itch for authenticity and flexibility and vision (and other nebulous vaguely-defined fairylike things that they don’t even know what they are).

I’d say INFPs often just wanna float around, coming in here and there to add in some fire (quixotic pixie sparks) and then be gone to la-la dream-love land.

I’ve noticed that INFPs often have a poor sense of reality…eh, not even that, just pretty much an utter distaste and refusal to look at hard reality.

They live in an Ne bubble of protection and flight and don’t want to come down to earth. And it doesn’t even really suit them to come down to earth. Because it’s like putting a fairy in cage or something, it don’t work or feel right.

I really have little idea how to proscribe for INFPs. Just being honest. It’s almost as if the whole Te-Si (Se too) idea of planning out a vocation, making points for and against, devising a 5 year plan how to get to wherever doesn’t work for them.

And it has a lot to do with Ne as aux. And I’m convinced there is a method for INFPs in that function, but as of yet, I’m not sure what it is. And it’s primarily because Ne is unpredictable. It’s like the planet Uranus in astrology. Lightning never strikes twice in the same way. It’s hard to make a solid rule for how INFP should go about doing something because Ne defies those rules. Also, having Te inferior and Fi dominant amplifies that tendency. It’s almost like INFPs silently refuse to follow the rules. Not in a serious way, but in the playful sprite-like way.

I mean, fairies are after all mischievous. There is something in INFP that delights in chaos and things not running smoothly.

Yet, they can be quite plodding and dependable in a way, but, it’s not really their true spirit. They are never really happy and turned on in those roles. They have to do something to fuck that up, break out of, throw a little pixie dust in the works. Whatever you wanna call it.

Some seem to like the sciences. Ne is one half of the equation of science. So, I think many INFPs do work in biology, chemistry, physics, botany, and all those studies of the natural world in terms of patterns and what’s behind material phenomenon.

However, the Ti aspect of the sciences turns them off so bad. Ti is like their kryptonite. And Ti is the other half of the equation of the sciences. So, thus, INTPs can slot right into the sciences and maths, no problem.

Yeah, INFPs are in a weird bind that way. They got that Fi that begs to be in a field where there is true family and bonding and relationship.

And they don’t really like being homemakers either because then where’s the Ne?

I do think they need strong leadership. Or a strong and organized structure around them. They don’t tend to be able to provide those things for themselves, thus entrepreneurship tends to be unrealistic for them…unless they have a strong and dominant partner to do it with.

I also find that INFPs don’t care that much about career as I allude to in this article. They don’t care that much about this or that field. I just think that wherever an INFP is they want to feel that they can care and be authentic. They want to be emotionally engaged and invested in something. That brings out their best side.


lol so hopeless. it’s all “messed up”. when Lil Rachel K posted, I literally thought…there is no way as infp.
It’s something you grow to realize as infp that there is no way in this world as infp. You have to die slowly, and then you’ll notice you don’t physically die. I think that is what infp is here for. I don’t know why that is but it just seems to be. Or, you fight every day to not die and slowly ossify stonify. not sure what this shit is about or why types exist. but luckily life is short. all that Nietzsche heroic make your life the best is so hard for me to relate to even if i admire it or can see why infp is hard for others to be around.
if we weren’t NF type we’d be okay. i think it’s the NF that makes things screwed. that endless longing, awareness that things could be much better and that we keep making big mistakes. fucking annoying. i’m in a really cussy mood. especially because it’s like are you infp? if not, ignore, you probably think this is ravings of a lunatic.
but at least infp isn’t gonna be like “i bet that particular scab will make this person bleed, gee let’s see what happens when i lift it”. i’m gonna claim that one.
i don’t see what it matters though, since life is short. thank goodness to me.
why do camels exist. sometimes a person exists regardless of value. like elephants. what are they good for? infp has got this weird conviction they’re supposed to bring value, we’re aware that this ultimate thing exists, some people bring value, i feel that way, but why do i have to? really? why? i don’t. i pay bills, take care of family, all mediocre. it’s okay. i accept mediocrity in ALL AFFAIRS. that’s just how what it is. it is what it is. camels are camels. snakes are snakes. why you gotta question it. lions can go be lions. you can really only be what you are. regardless of whether it’s the best way to be. and yeah it’s not fun to keep hearing about how the lions are the best and to see them looking down at the sheep. but whatever…life is short. at some point lion and sheep die.

probably best to stop…

god if i really wrote what i thought all the time it would get scary.

i really hope i can take a break again. and um, i don’t want to edit this thing, tiring. bye.

the world is bullshit. if you think about the amount of bull you gotta wear, say, act day in and out just to be a member of this bullshit world. exhausting.


i did write what i think. i think the world is bullshit.
i know it probably doesn’t make sense. what can i do.
if i write what i think it has zero chance of being palatable.
hence all the constant not saying what i think.


God, I love you @Ankh, this’ll be a nice mantra when having an argument (not a fight, just a reasonable exchange of arguments).


This is a beautiful roar, Lunar! It’s like you have one foot in innate goodness and the other in wonder. How can everything else not be a bummer from where you stand? The struggle for territory and dominance that occupies the bulk of worldly concerns can never lead to lasting satisfaction. I think INFP are good at seeing the world as it really is and not becoming cruel despite what they see. I know one INFP in real life. She is good at being grateful when goodness presents itself and in taking pleasure as it comes. I enjoy being in her presence.


By the way, I’ve been close to a fair account of INFPs and damn. They’re hard to get, hard to explain and hard yo talk about. Truth be told they exasperate me as fuck, truly. Their inconsistency annoys me, maybe because of their Saggitarius Ne whichs fucks up completely to ENFJs correct? Anyway, as fucking annoying they are to me, and to plenty of people, they’re just good. I can’t explain it, I used to date an INFP and it was amazing the care he took with me, the tiny shows of appreciation, the sense that he acctually cared for me and the shy smile tore me apart, it was good, really good. Then my closest friend is another one, and he’s fucking clueless about things, but maybe because he fucked himself up real hard by drugs, not because he’s an INFP, but whenever you get close to him he’s just good. I don’t get his thinking process, I don’t get why he cares the thing he cares, I just like to talk to him and spend time with him, our senses of humor just click and that’s great.

Please INFPs don’t put yourself down, you’re good to whatever you care and want to do, because as stated above, you’ll find your way to it; you just need to want things to make them happen.

Btw, my closest friend, as much as he lacks Te he’s doing fine studying an engeneering, and although I don’t get what he gets he get shit done and does well, so yeah, it is. Also my ex date did a bachelor in linguistics, and he was real good at it.


i love infp they are best lol
they are very piscean to me. they are the ghosts of the mbti zodiac, around to haunt and remind the rest of humanity of the vanity that is being alive. :smiley:

anyway, they fall too much into the trap of te-grip and lusting for prestige that they don’t actually want, but think they “should” want because everyone else is lusting for it
maybe develop some better boundaries about your personal needs and what everyone (media) wants you to need.

here’s another solution: marry rich. then dick around doing whatever you want. infp would make for great charming artsy spouses. same with isfp except isfp are 1000x more materialistic lol.


I do value the stuff to write especially when you really do let go. Thanks!


I think it’s so rare I make it to one your posts before you’ve edited it. I’m glad to though. I always like your unfiltered stuff. ALWAYS!

And I’m gonna go with prax. And also Blake’s discussion about princesses. It makes sense to me. Royals. And I don’t think that’s an easy job. I actually think it’s an important and hard job.

I do think infp Can grow organizations but only on accident and yes it’s hard and probably not worth it.

But @lunar you could be poet or a writer of some kind I think. I know I know it doesn’t pay the bills. But what if you worked as a grocery store night shift Price tagger while gracing the world with your ghosty dreamy haunting by day.

Don’t ever think Ne is some soft useless thing—it’s a getter of big truths! Bring them out! I seriously think The world would be a better place if I could disable the edit button on your side of this forum. sometimes you say stuff and i notice some people don’t get it and some do. Thats fine. Some really do.


You can tell the same happens for johno. half the people can’t even read his posts or don’t understand it even if they do read it, but they’re great lol. Ne


Of course it is, some bullshit is inherently imbedded as part of life and nature, but much is thrust upon us.

Some people shovel it or even fling and smear it around, some wallow in it, some brace against it, some relax into it and let it the flow of bullshit carry them where it will, some try to rise above it, most do some combination plus more. Some see it as a minor inconvenience; some are horribly upset by the stench and lack of solid footing. Some take in stride, fall if they have to but keep trudging through.

The coffee’s quite tasty in spite of it all, and it does make for some lovely spring flowers.


interesting replies guys.
why not play in the mud. actually mud is nicer than bullshit. it’s a little harder to play in the shit of a bull. but if it turns out you are made of it or are walking in it anyway, might as well play. yeah i like that how you said it. spring flowers. i picture like some really smelly grass. got to chew that grass dumb bull. life. bull my new favorite animal.