"Is this all based on a dream about a giant phallus?"


First of all, love how it prompted “Your topic is similar to…” 4 other topics lol.

@supernokturnal posted this video

a while back.
In case you never had time to check it out, I think it’s quite entertaining.

If you ever get really frustrated by typology, I really recommend time you check out these time markers as he gives all the quotes you need to utter out loud in dejection

"this guy [Jung:)] puts the fruit in fruit cake" teeHEE

time marker 35:07 starts the description of the dream and lead in to…

time marker

“is this [mbti] some kind of jOKE?”

I fell in love with this dude.

His point of view is easy to understand (in case he should ever see this). It doesn’t take away from the mbti for me.

It’s beautiful man. So earnest!!!