Is this gal an INTJ? What about this one!


Here’s a random one that I got linked to. This Tumblr-famous girl has typed herself as INTJ:
I don’t think she is just from her image. She looks some heavy Fi to me (Maybe ISFP or INFJ!). Maybe a bit too sultry for an INTJ?
What do you think?

Also there is this web-prolific artist also as typed herself as INTJ:

  • (artist id meme)
    I like her stuff. It looks like she has a general “style guide”/consistent formula to her artwork even as she experiments (also she knows how to monetize enough to make I living? lol), so I think maybe she has more of a chance of being INTJ than the first girl. But who knows!

Finding INTJ women is fun! Especially if they are more on the art side, since it seems so rare for INTJ to decide to pursue the creative field instead of just… min-maxing money in corporate or something.


The first does not come off as INTJ to me, nor INFJ. I am a bit overwhelmed this morning so not energetic enough for long explanations. Just no, not these types. Maybe someone else can place her. I see enneatype 3. Enneagram is what is rattling loudly through my brain today.

The art in the second example is worth more exploration. I will go back to that link and consider the work farther.


Any chance she’s an E? EXFP or ENFJ?


I think an ENFJ would relate and identify more with introversion than an ESFP. However I would not discount the possibility of ESFP.


Yea I agree the first girl does not strike me as intj…I see Ne and feeling in the posts you linked so I’m thinking enfj or enfp?? I think I saw somewhere on the Stellar Maze that enfjs can commonly test as intjs because we like to pretend we’re more cerebral than we are loll.

Twitter keeps crashing on my phone so idk about the second girl…


@Prax I get an ISFP vibe from the first woman and INTJ vibe from the second. I’m not some type expert over here, but I do try to type almost every single person I meet. Do you do this as well?


The first one doesn’t seem INTJ at all. I’d think ISFP more likely.

I like the second one’s art. A sense of playing with color and design with some underlying emotional evocation, but mostly calm and cool to look at. Her tweets are sort of cringy with !! and emoticons :sparkles:, but maybe that’s the nature of twitter. I think she could be INTJ.

The third one seems most likely to be INTJ.


INTJ in my experience look fierce in their selfies and can’t figure out how to take one where they don’t look like they might be angry. I had to help an INTJ make a profile on okcupid that didn’t make them look like a serial killer once. IRL he is very mild and gentle. idk what it is about selfies and INTJ (but maybe this is just a male INTJ thing.)

The second person doesn’t feel INTJ to me. The first obviously is not.


@geneva I’m glad you see ISFP for the first person as well! Makes me feel like I’ve absorbed MBTI a bit… :grin:


Yeah, ENs seem to often test and identify as “I”.


I see enfp for First one.

Isfp is more formal usually in my view. Not as funny.

This is funny and on her blog

here’s my idea for a fun & ethical new video game: a very grizzled and muscular man with stubble has lost everything and the only way to get it back is to reblog my selfies. i think it would be very immersive and impart a positive message to the youth of today

Second one,

Odd how similar the tool inventory is to this one:

By McKay felt who I referenced in this one thread that I don’t wanna go look for. Maybe it’s a thing that artists do or an allusion to some cultural thing I don’t know? I think I ended up believing he’s an infp for what it’s worth.


Oh yeah, first girl definitely seems some kinda Fi. Though I think John’s ENFP conclusion is interesting! He’s right that ENFP tend to have more immediate sacrcastic humour than ISFP (who are… more funny because of how they deal with life more than purposefully funny).

As for second girl… could be true! Some INFP definitely focus a lot on the Te aspects of themselves and might feel T-type because they don’t “express” their feelings as outwardly as Fe types. But I think INFP still infuse a lot more emotionality and sensuality to their works.

@geneva yeah, makes me wonder! but maybe she just knows how to market herself. lure in the F-types who like emojis. Her stuff is very iterative but she tries to put in whimsy of playfulness, but it’s quiet and clean (like maybe it’s Fi-tert infusion?). The “3rd” one was just her artist card. Her art and herself are kinda different! lol But maybe she is a very F intj or very T infp.

@turtle hahahha! probably true! i wish i were more photogenic! do i look like serial killer or angers in the selfies topic? :9 i think maybe women tend to have “resting bitch face” or even “bitch face despite trying not to”.


lol you look fierce in your pics in a leo way. I like it! “bitch face” does not mean not photogenic! Beauty is not exclusive to looking friendly or happy.


Is this girl an INTJ??

This was the first song of hers I heard… I thought it was about beautiful and about vulnerability in love or something… I was wrong… lol…

Here’s an interview…

I think she’s INTJ… but @Prax @Spice @geneva @anhydrite what do y’all think?


I think she is. She definitely interested in tech way more than I am. I notice that a lot of INTJs have this romanticization with it. She also has this, standoffishness? It’s not necessarily unfriendly or cold, in fact, she seems pretty nice. Rather a coolness.

I also like “So of course if I have some romantic entanglement in my own life or my friend’s life” <— the way she says it is so detached. In a, well, of course, a matter of fact way.


Hmmm, it is possible, yes
But I see a case for INTP…

Like the way she describes how the Hymn of Acxiom came about. She starts with a specific technology/instrument (Ti), and wants to explore possibilities with it (Ne). And the way it pans out, with the idea to write from a machine’s perspective and then her summer internship at Acxiom giving her the material for it… It seems to have a Ti-Ne flavour…

Also she describes herself as a geek…
I read some interview of hers… where she describes she loves to go into the details of things and geek out on stuff like music theory or music gear. She also said that she was comfortable being “girlie” once she realised how getting into the specifics of buying make-up stuff was also a geeky thing to do!

Also, she seems kinda chatty…like she takes a while to get started with her actual performance… and has a penchant to explain quite a lot, in a goofy way… which also seems like an INTP thing…maybe it’s also their inferior Fe that makes them want to do that, and sees that as a way to connect with the audience (in this case)…

:slight_smile: but thats beautiful isn’t it, so many perspectives can exist, and we hear what we want to… but she ruined it all by explaining it :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder if that song (the way she envisions it), is a bit of Ni-id – > Ne aux expression, under the umbrella of Ti.

What do you think?


I sort of want to be a contrarian and make a case for some type other than INTX because the AI/robot/INTX correlation is so cliche, but Hymn of Acxiom seems definitely written by a Ni dom. Effect of a simple and elegant song, but a lot being synthesized into that. It’s sensual and ominous, some insight on human aspirations, and sly, dark humor compounded by irony since she used tech to create it. Maybe she could be a cerebral INFJ, but the interview seemed much more Fi than Fe, so I do think this one is INTJ.


Haha… i laughed when she said that…

I always wonder how INTJs get away with the standoffishness without seeming offensive!

This is an interesting perspective… I can see what you are getting at… Although her style of communication seems more Te-Fi than Ti-Fe to me…
What would you expect from an INTJ communicating with an audience?

This is exactly what is beautiful about all art… (:

Yes that elegantly sums up my impression too…
And i always find that INTJ art is somehow more beautifully crystalline than INFJ art… it’s got well defined edges that reflect… with more clarity…


I don’t know… maybe a bit more brief and impersonal?

true that the piece is Ni, but I just wondered whether it needs to be by an Ni-dom.
She is obviously very intelligent, but that could be other types too…

It’s also… she seems to display so much clarity of thought in the interviews…and never really needs to search much for an answer, which I feel an Ni-dom would do…
But maybe that is the format of the interview and editing of it as we never see the question being asked…

She just seems so well-adjusted (at a fairly young age too) that I feel like saying “Not INTJ!!”, maybe I’m jealous haha.
She is Libra sun, maybe that would mean something to you @piggie

This also reminded me of the “find the INTJ woman” article by Blake…


I really miss those challenges. Then again…they’re dangerous temptations.