Is Vagina Man an ISFP?! (Blake thinks so)


Okay, found this guy on a freaking whim while trying to explain to Stewart what sliding into DMs means.

Um he makes me laugh, so I love him now. What do you guys think about him? What type is this kiddo?

Help type these YouTubers


Hahaha this guy is funny
he reminds me of many ENFPs I know
my guess is ENFP


Well, he is hilarious. My panties have dropped. And I can’t stop watching him now. But I have to go to bed!!!


I keep seeing ENFP
he has to be ENFP
he jokes like ENFP
and he has that pretty Fi look in his eyes where I associate with Fi users where I often think they’re bisexual or gay.


Strap-on, here I come! That’s interesting though. ENFJ and ENFP. Gets me thinking about other ENFPs. Comedians…hmm.


their jokes are so random and they get so personal and it doesn’t really make sense but it’s hilarious.

when he mentioned his ex and three guys, he said something like "she probably blew them all"
that’s like his Ne over thinking coming up with crazy possibilities which I see often from ENFPs.

and him recommending to unfollow social media account is something ENFP would do if they’re butthurt but he makes a joke out of it which is hilarious. also reminds me of ENFP

and the way he erases his board with that bunny,
Se user would freak out.
I almost felt uncomfortable when he was doing that, like ‘now that bunny is dirty. and has all these markers and smell all over it.’


Awww. Bunny. I think it’s funny. He’s very like, “if you don’t know this, fuck you.” Did you see the other video on the private message thread? That one is funny too. I’m out for the night. Have a supernoKturnal time.


ICANDY? Is that a type?


THANK YOU!! I KNEW I was good at typing!!!


You should have posted a warning about watching these while drinking coffee.

It’s funny!

They don’t grow up, do they?


Could he be ENFJ? That’s the only type I can guess for someone like him.
I love ENFPs, but rarely feel physically attracted to one. It’s more of a connection of the souls.
But ENFJs are like magnets. I get mentally and physically hooked. Even when I don’t like the person. And this guy is not really my type physically, but those eyes!!


So funny. I was dying by the last one.


Sup, Nur.


Hehehe, I want to be like you when I grow up. :smile:


Be you! It’s better :sunglasses:


“I wish my dick had a maid.”



“And lastly, and most importantly, don’t listen to me. Why the fuck would you listen to me?”

Erases whiteboard with a teddy bear

This guy is funny.

O, and I think he is an ISFP.

This type of humor is very Se, folks, not Ne.

Reminds me of the Russell Brand controversy dealio.

Or Joey from the show Friends (which by the way is a good show to get a feel for Se type humor, albeit, a bit on the lighter and genteel side of the spectrum).

I think Joey is an ISFP (and by extension, the actor Matt LeBlanc who plays him).

I’d say these are the type of ISFPs who could be mistaken for ESFP, or even ENFP, as was the case with Russell Brand as can be seen through the comments on that article/typing challenge.


I’m out of likes. But I have fucks to spare, so I am now typing that this comment of yours made me laugh out loud and I appreciate this.


So, why when you go to the bathroom to take a dump, why do they call that taking a shit?

Isn’t that giving a shit?

The toilet is taking a shit.

Just a thought. :grinning: