Is your brain a Democrat or Republican?


Here’s a quiz that uses 27 nonpolitical (like very much nonpolitical) questions and tells you whether or not your brain is democrat or republican:

What were your results?? What did you think of the rationale behind the quiz?? I don’t know how much I believe in these kinds of tests that supposedly predict your traits using something completely unrelated but somehow correlated…as they always say correlation doesn’t imply causation :smirk_cat:

My brain is apparently 52% republican and 48% democrat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s loosely based on the idea that political ideology can be predicted by people’s disgust response.

The question I have is whether the current democratic shift toward social censorship and anger at traditional worldview would code for high or low levels of disgust. I think leftists safe spaces and trigger warnings reflect a “disgusted” worldview that would possibly not be properly attributed to a leftist by this study.

Responses to disgusting images could predict, with 95 percent to 98 percent accuracy, how a person would answer questions on the political survey.

The results suggest political ideologies are mapped onto established neural responses that may have served to protect our ancestors against environmental threats, Montague said. Those neural responses could be passed down family lines — it’s likely that disgust reactions are inherited.

“We pursued this research because previous work in a twin registry showed that political ideology — literally the degree to which someone is liberal or conservative — was highly heritable, almost as heritable as height,” said Montague, who directs the Computational Psychiatry Unit at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute.

Conservatives tend to have more magnified responses to disgusting images, but scientists don’t know exactly why, Montague said.


I think that’s a very good point…I saw this on my very democratic Facebook feed so who knows?? There may be a bias in the survey design lool :wink:

It was confusing for me because I was trying to figure out how the survey analyzed our answers while taking it and I didn’t understand why it wanted me to rate my level of disgust because I could see how it could lead to the conclusion that I was dem or that I was repub imo.


72% Democrat, 28% Republican. The eww of the worm was tactile, because mostly I felt bad for killing it. Same with the gut spilling, just a kind of horrified compassion.


this test is as good as ‘which Disney Princess are you?’


So I’m not really an Ariel? I just died a little bit inside.


I just laugh-snorted my energy drink all over my desk when I read that! :joy:


Almost fell out of my chair from laughing thanks a lot yo :pouting_cat: haahahaha the lab technician just asked me if I was ok or in the middle of a mental breakdown from the stress of the last week…


Your brain is a Republican

Conservative (72%)
Liberal (28%)


Heyy homegirl you too?? :kissing_heart:


Yes! :smile:


Wait are you conservative? I thought you were liberal! How are you surviving academia as a conservative? I work in a similar smotheringly liberal environment and it isn’t the easiest. While conservative ideas are blatantly criticized and frowned upon… I just go with it :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts on this big Google kerfluffle going on?


I’m obsessively clean and sensitive to my environment, so many of those questions had me at Extreme Disgust or whatever the most extreme answer was. I’m not sure what that has to do with being Conservative or Liberal? What a strange test???


O I’ve been found out!! :scream:

[spoiler] Yea I grew up conservative, became a raging SJW when I started college, took the red pill junior year after a huge nervous breakdown…it’s been a fun ride. My go to strategy these past couple years was to avoid any mention of politics but after this year that became impossible…I’m too much of a people pleaser so I’ve cowardly pretended I was as more liberal than I am irl loool…

I don’t really see the logic in identity politics but that’s just my personal opinion…the Google situation reinforced that for me…[/spoiler]

What about you?? What’s it like for you to be in a sea of blue? :surfer:


Can’t quite spoilers so it was something like:

To modify this a bit because my Fe is killing me: I’m very tolerant and I’ll go along with a lot because I don’t wanna fight. I don’t really like disharmony. Intellectual debate is fine, bit I’ve found out very hard to really debate about politics in academia…

I don’t judge…I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum, I know what it’s like…

And I’m pretty much the most un-rpw ever lool…I have a pageboy cut and fake lip rings…what can I say the sjw in me lives on…(is it too early to joke??)


Hahah no that’s great! Yes, I too used to be a raging SJW liberal :confounded: I never realized what an ideologue I was back then. I’m pretty conservative now, basically a libertarian.

Sometimes it is annoying in the sea of blue, but really I am a bit of a rebel at heart so I actually enjoy it in a weird way sometimes.

Kudos to you for keeping your mind independent! It’s ok to pretend sometimes, too. It’s scary how damaging it is to just express opinions which go against the grain. Like if you said something “wrong” totally unrelated to science, it could hurt your career path as a scientist. There was a speaker where I work and people wanted to disinvite him him from speaking because of views he had unrelated to what he was speaking about. This was a major career scientist too. It was actually chilling. The really ironic part is that liberals still think they are the ones fighting the machine, but they have no idea they are the Borg now. It’s kind of sad.

What is rpw? And no it’s never too early or too late for jokes :stuck_out_tongue:


YEA haahaah I agree with this…

That’s really really troubling :fearful: I haven’t heard of that in my school but mainly because I stay out of this, keep my head down, and drone on…

Red pill women…do you know what the red pill is? It’s kind of anti sjw, anti feminist and anti establishment…I don’t support everything 100% but it’s refreshing to read about this when I’m surrounded by liberalism :wink:

(What do you think of the riots in Charlottesville right now??)


Ah I am going to hold my tongue about Charlottesville for now.


60% Republican. Good.