Isfj: different vibes


Additions in bulk. I like it.


Oo thanks… except huh, not what I was expecting (though not sure what that was exactly)

geez ok I think I’m having trouble with understanding ISFJs altogether. Male & female. There’s that humour that I just didn’t expect to come from that type.

I wish I could just kidnap you for a day, point to people in my RL and have you say what type they are, then I’d get a sense of type and a baseline to work from. I think I rely a lot on how someone makes me feel & interactions. Online stuff ends up too cerebral for me!

What jumps out at you most to ID ISFJs on initial glance?


Actually, Degeneres might be an INFP, in the sort of Helen Slater vein. The other three I’m pretty certain about, especially Hepburn and Fisher. I’m not as familiar with Sally Field, except to say that she looks like an ISFJ, and my memory of her in whatever 80’s movies I saw her in.


Um, ISFJs are often stand-up comedians or writers of comedy (Seinfeld, Louis CK). I think Woody Allen is an ISFJ (with maybe an ENTP moon). ISFJ, as a general rule, is at least, gently humorous. Johnny Carson. They make good talk show hosts, which requires that sort of light, palatable humorous touch. It comes from Fe aux.

ISTJs are the ones who aren’t funny. But, there is actually quite a bit of difference between ISFJ and ISTJ.


Yeah, I see the connection.

I get caught up with what people I know have tested as and although they seem to ‘fit’ interweb generalisations & functions, they don’t seem to make sense in light of the continuums here. So trying to make sense of that. And I want to because I find that what you write gets deeper to the crux of type/psyche which resonates more, and is ultimately more useful to me, so…

I want to nail my sister’s type as there’s so much weird tensions push-pull “stuff” there that gnaws at me and I gonna make sense of it somehow to be released! Insidious tenticles pulling at me. Ugh!

Any way thanks!


Test results are highly inaccurate and a bad way to gauge type, at least exclusively. If there is a range of test results, I like to know that, but I use them as a sort of tertiary backdrop, if you will. I think its funny when I talk to people and they tell me that they, or someone they know, is x type because they tested as that. In my experience, test results are wrong most of the time. I don’t take them seriously at all, except in a distant kind of sense if there is a range of types they have tested as. That can tend to rule out certain possibilities.

But, why would I rely on tests when I can type most people just by looking at them and hearing them talk for a while? I hope in the future self-reporting MB tests are outmoded.


Thank you Blake. and yes I had a great time at Italy! :slight_smile:


I realized that I got ISFJs wrong the whole time…those motherfuckers!

I just don’t mingle with ISFJs in real life…I mean they’re nice, but my first urge is to ignore them as they seem too different from me. I mean similar on the outside but different on in the inside…

I’ve often envisioned most ISFJs to be the diligent types, more close to ISTJ but not socially inept…but now I see what Blake means when he says “ISFJ”… I would have never typed Audrey Hepburn or Ellen Degenerate as ISFJ but I think I see the continuum…especially for Carrie Fisher…they all have a slightly similar look going on…sort of INFJish. Warm, open, malleable, potential to be highly expressive. But not dark, unlike many INFJs. And more down to earth.

As for Mary Berry, I agree her pictures seem ISTJ. I got the ISFJ impression from her “nice granny” persona from Great British Bake Off. Always very balanced and kind in her critiques. Starts off with a very kind Fe-ish remark after Paul Hollywood’s disparaging critique and then eases into a subtle critical comment conveyed in that very British, polite manner. Sometimes even very harsh critique masked as something so kind, polite, and granny-like. Americans probably wouldn’t even pick up on the criticism, as it all really sounds so nice on the outset. Some of the best moments of that show are the faces she makes for the first 2-3 seconds when she disapproves of something…Its not a blatant look of disapproval, but something restrained, very British, and rather funny. And the last thing any contestant wanted was to disappoint Mary Berry…simply because of this nice granny persona she gives off. This ISFJ, “don’t disappoint me,” vibe closeted under all this “niceness.”

But no, I get it. I think she could just be super British. I can’t think of a woman more British than her. I guess there is this stereotype that ISTJs are borderline socially autistic (sorry, not sorry!) But I guess Libran Te aux at its heights is this balancedness of manner. Visually appealing but not overdone (in craft or style) and polite, gentle, and restrained in speech. Very British. Nice but reserved and to the point. Many foreigners are fooled by this politeness, seeing it as genuine Fe when it is not.


I don’t know your sister, but I do get the sense that you have some tension with her. I don’t have that many ISFJ people I know in real life as I avoid them instinctively, but I don’t really have issues relating with ISFJs (not at the deeper level, at least) as I think INFJs are more similar to them than we’d like to admit. ISFJs hardly piss me off, and they act with the same sort of empathy and consideration that I’d like from others. We seem in tune with them in that sense. I had one ISFJ friend who seemed very different from me at first but the more we talked the more we saw a lot of similarity between one and the other, and we had a good time as friends chatting about a lot of things. It was only difficult if I started elaborating on my problems and all the obsessiveness that comes with it. She didn’t get it, obviously, but she’d put me down in a very sensitive manner…Well she DID get the pain that I felt and why I’d feel it but she would softly and sweetly tell me to get the fuck over it! :smiley:

I have no idea how ISFJs would behave to their own family members. Fi id in general comes across to me as pretty selfish actually, but a push-pull dynamic does not sound like one that I’d imagine for INFJ-ISFJ. The same id, the same aux/term. I’d imagine they’d be in tune with each other in shallower relations, until you start digging deeper. Then one would find a bit of incompatibility as if the two inhabit completely different universes parallel to one another, but this sort of difference is not what I think would contribute to a push-pull dynamic (for example, I think id dynamics contribute to some tension, eg ENFP and INFJ relations although I wouldn’t call it push-pull, maybe another tense dynamic is ISFP and INFJ - that might be push-pull but I have no experience?). Anyways with ISFJs, we might both feel immiscible differences at the core (completely different perception axes, and the immiscibility of Ni/Si) and just not go down there, just continue and carry on pleasantly with no hard feelings. I’m just hypothesizing here.