ISFP-INFP relations


Anyone have insights or a databank?

It’s not a pairing I’ve observed often, other than in my immediate family (mom and brother). I think INFP tends to enjoy, in a vague but genuine way, the ISFP’s performative flair and the vibing opportunities it offers. Keepin it light. They can easily share a social space because they have such different ideas of what’s funny, what matters, whether there’s a scorecard, etc.

INFP offers the ISFP radiant warmth and patience. Which I guess is what they offer everybody, lol. But it’s something ISFP really wants and may have trouble getting anywhere else.

ISFP’s shit-eating traitorous mode engages a kind of bemused wonderment, from what I’ve observed, but I’ve only seen this where the INFP has some authority (professor-student, director-actor, mom-child), and in a more equal situation I imagine the here-I-am-fucker Se would not at all be to the INFP’s taste. Certainly INFP has no weapons to cut any ice with. I presume INFP would be happier reporting to an ISFP than vice-versa, maybe because of Si grating?

(I know, by way of comparison, that ISTP typically gives INTP a quiet stare and thinks, “Yeah you tell everyone about your schema, I’ll just sit here in the corner and build the thing.”)

So, maybe there’s a tendency to be allies when things are bad or when the ISFP has a particular need, but probably not very close under most other conditions.

Does anyone know what socionics has to say?


ISFj is ISFP and INFj is INFP.

it’s kinda true. my ISFP wife have INFP close friend and your description is quite accurate.

i’m not sure what the reason is, but INFP girl talks about her problem a lot to my ISFP wife. but not the other way around.
but if my ISFP is sad, INFP is good at giving comfort.


I think it really depends on the health of the ISFP. Because if they are toxic or unhealtthy, they can completely overwhelm an INFP in a close relationship. ISFP are often bullies or abusive when unhealthy, and INFP are rather soft targets who won’t fight back and will take a lot of abuse before floating away, but ISFP are the type who might cling and give chase.

When they have a more distant relationship, INFP tend to be voyuers to the troubles of ISFP. lol INFP love watching trainwrecks because they are curious and yes, intrigued by ISFP authentic and familiar yet foreign dramas (like how INFJ and INTJ are intrigued by each other’s use of Ni). Usually, the ISFP craves attention and wamrth from INFP in this set up, but INFP keeps a distance and only offers small tributes of sweetness.

I think in healthier closer relationships, they offer one another authentic validation. ISFP just accepts INFP while INFP offers encouragement to ISFP.
I don’t actually see many of these neutral or good types of relationships happening despite knowing many INFP, so I don’t know how they truly play out.

Even if I were to use my characters as proxies, the relationship is strained. Often INFP would find ISFP morally repugnant in one way or another (i.e. too mean lol) or ISFP is digusted or pities INFP’s weakness… Hmmmmm Although I do have a lover pairing that might be INFP and ISFP? It’s like… pretty dramatic and toxic half the time… the other half super sweet though. Haha.