ISTP's raw MBTI draggings


@Prax I’ll start with INTJ, and feel free to fix my title.
I’ll add more later. for other types. if they wish.

INTJ - are so afraid of being wrong, they have too much pseudo-intellectual tendencies. Believing that if they fit the hollywood nerd stereotype image then they are fucking smartest. Intellectually arrogant, sarcastic, feels chronically empty and lost and has trouble with making decisions. perfectionist ocd. narcissist or borderline. even when they would be wrong they would try to sound like they are smart and it’s the true thing. make others feel stupid just to make themselves look and feel smarter. cynical and mysogynistic. emotionally sadistic and has passive agressive tendencies. loves to label themselves but it’s mostly all talk. feeling stupid is like a life threat to them, they instinctively become defensive. they think they bare super logical while they are instinct powered humans like the rest of us. INTJs ironically are prisoners of their own primal desires.

so… yeah there is a ‘taste’ of ISTP’s bluntness. hahahaha
shall i continue?

i’ll just finish it for now with what ISTP said about ESTP.

ESTP - cunning. likes to steal. and trick for their own gain. thinks they’re fucking cool. THUG LYFE style. even when they’re old. they got the fucking nerve. portray themsevles as accepting sometimes. very loud, big mouth. tends to boast and lie. trolling thugs. confrontational.

if you think you can stomach something like this. let me know.

Round 2.

INFP - overly paranoid, zero logic, doesn’t learn from mistakes, is psychotically paranoid, self righteous, thinks they’re good person and ‘dindunuffin’, knows they can be annoying with some things but does yet annoys anyway, thinks they see ghosts, weak, lazy, addicted to comfort, acts as if they know mysticism but is superficial. nothing is their fault, just a victim. selfish but act like they’re selfless so they could guilt trip of boast about it. believes in supernatural. no real social life. very passive. “why do i deserve all this… i didn’t do anything bad ever to anyone!” . super crybaby.


you feel alive now @prax?


hahahah i think maybe mixed some INTP in with INTJ, but it’s all good.

What does this mean!! Like glasses nasal voice nerd? I think INTJ wanna be Batman or Tony Stark lol. Hopefully this is what he means. Like “You think you’re Batman, but really you’re Alfred. smh!”


it’s a SHE btw! hahaha


Oooh… even better…!
Die she also make the images… lol


Idk, I’ll check with her. But it’s pretty hilarious hahahaha

she’s also an artist and makes funny memes and pretty fucking smart so i wouldn’t be surprised.

any requests for other types?


I definitely wanna hear about INFJ and INFP! All the NF types! And ENTP–
Also herself of course. lol ISTP drags ISTP.

Just do all of them!!! But she can go from most annoying to least annoying for her hahha.


i added INFP. i’ll add more later. going on a date <3

oh and i edited INTJ cuz there were more that i forgot to put.


I think she means we wanna kill anyone who thinks we are stupid. ;-; it’s true. very tragic.


ISTPs are wrong about things really often, but they’re adorable. I’ve heard so many head-holding things from ISTPs I’ve lost count… but it’s always funny, and has a certain truth despite how hilariously surface level it is. I’ve learned to swallow my impulse to correct them.


sure but she’s right about INTJ and their draggings huh?

feel free to correct it if you don’t agree with her.
cuz I wanna know what she’ll say to your reasonings if you have any.


It’ll ruin it and spoil the mood. Here goes then!

No, not at all. Of being ignorant yes, but being wrong is the road to knowledge. I’m very happy when someone proves me wrong. It’s almost an ecstatic experience. Of course, that’s when someone actually does it. I don’t think this person sees when the INTJs she deals with don’t make a fuss, they only see the conflict from their perspective. That’s the main problem with dealing with ISTPs, lack of perspective.

This one I’ll grant.

Don’t even recognize what she’s saying, so don’t know what to say. I hate this stereotype and I don’t think I’m alone.

When I talk to ISTPs they are always making it personal somehow if I disagree with them about something. If I stop to explain that its not personal, it sounds patronizing. Playing devil’s advocate is something they don’t seem to understand. I don’t know why they do this, but they do it. Arrogance? I’m at your service, just talk. Non-intellectual arrogance sure :smile:

The second time for this broken clock.

I don’t know what kind of people this chick has been dealing with. It’s just wrong. Trouble making decisions, is this serious? INTJ? As for feeling chronically empty and lost I don’t recognize this at all but I can grant that its at least possible for plenty of INTJs to be in this state.

My attitude towards perfection is more of a lack of motivation if things cannot be right rather than “OCD”. This just seems like a misread.

There we go, the projection. This is what I always get from ISTPs. Tell them they’re not right, take the opposite position and suddenly its war. I’m not out to make people feel like I think they’re stupid, I hate it when this gets in the way of communication, but it happens.

Amping up the projection to superhuman levels. I don’t care about you, other person, I care about what I’m (or we’re) talking about. Do you really think INTJs literally go out of their way to make you feel stupid? If you come out of most of your interactions with INTJs feeling stupid, of course its them.

Okay yeah, that one is right.

Upside-down, inverted reality. INTJs can seem sadistic but are generally not inside. Like I said before, extremely surface level appraisals. I mean, I’m so nice.

Probably true, but in light of the rest sounds more like projection.

Don’t know what this means.

I think INTJs fully realize their humanity, they are logical and that means a lot to them, that’s just true. Last line is totally wrong, if anything INTJs are the least beholden to their desires, but that’s with respect to other types. In absolute terms, of course they are, like anyone else.


Yeah you did very good explaining and spoiling the fun hahaha

maybe this dragging shit is kinda pointless.

of course I don’t agree with ESTP stealing shit either haha

but I can see a lot of truth in other things that were said.

but I can also give reasons from my perspective as you did.

and it was ISTP observing INTJ from how they interact with other people too. not just herself.

but yeah like you said it’s mostly projection


Can someone explain the word dragging to me? I think I always figure it’s a typo but it appears to be like some version of “applying hate”