Jacinda Ardern

We are extremely fortunate in New Zealand to have a Prime Minister who openly expresses and champions the values of empathy and kindness. She has also risen to a series of extraordinary challenges in her first term in office that have demonstrated to the rest of the world that having empathy does not make for weak or ineffective leadership. Ardern also knows herself extremely well, as evidenced by her comments in interviews. I’m convinced she knows her own MBTI type (though she’s never specifically referred to it in public).

Here’s an excerpt of her words from a new book:

My take is that she is ENFJ, but it’d be great to hear what others think!

New Zealanders must be so proud of her.
Have to say, here in the us, things seem a little out of control right now.

I’m not sure of her type, but her eyes are very pretty and definitely radiate kind warmth.

Her Pajama stream definitely gave her an F VIBE

Does she have star power? Because I bet if she is enfj she has star power :smiley:

I briefly wondered isfp, but she seems more generous in her expression. I listened to her with eyes closed, and she is a very good communicator.

edit: after watching more interview, I think enfj as well. she’s a good communicator, seems insightful, always leaning her head I noticed like an Fe;)

I know almost nothing about her, but she looks like a perfect woman, perfect E3, perfect ENFP :slight_smile:
She looks like someone with high Fe indeed. Maybe ENFJ rising? First impression is a bit of a struggle between xNFJ and xNFP, but settles on ENFP.

I know a few ENFP women like that. Successful and socially gracious in a very ISFJ-ish(?) way. Very driven, perceptive of their environment, they have the perfect career, the perfect looks, they always know the sensible thing to say and don’t go too much overboard.

The book extract from the Guardian seems very Fi. “I know this to be true”.
Plus all the things she seems to stand for. Even when they are championing for social causes, I’m not sure ENFJs are that self-revealing.

She’s tricky though, the more I look at her the more I could be tempted to say ENFJ, but no, I’ll go with ENFP. No darkness, danger, mystery, seduction. She is just “perfect:slight_smile:

hmmm. I was going to write before an enfj on her best behavior. because I could not see darkness.

she definitely has elegance.

oh damm I’m sure I’m about to spend time on this and I shouldn’t. :grinning: :crazy_face:


I agree that E3 is strongly expressed in Jacinda. I have also considered ENFP as a possibility for her type.

She gave a TV interview with a well known local pop singer shortly after her election as Prime Minister in which she openly discussed how she relies on her strong intuition as a guiding force in her life. This is what led me to conclude that a) she knows her own MBTI type and b) that she is an ENFX (since she is clearly Extraverted in orientation).

can you link the interview? I want to see what she looks like “introspective”:slight_smile: if it’s easy to find I mean. I don’t mean waste your time.

And this is unrelated, but my ENTP partner (aka HaHa the Sun God) proudly claims her as a distant relative (4th cousin or some such).

Jacinda herself is blissfully unaware of this fact, and I keep telling him to write to her and fill in the blanks on her family tree. She went on one of those “Who do you think you are?” TV ancestry shows before she became PM but was unable to find out much about the line of descent she shares with HaHa. However he has diligently researched his own family tree and confirmed the connection.

It makes for a great story, as their shared great, great grandfather was forced to flee to NZ from London following a huge financial scandal involving the embezzlement of funds from the Great Northern Railway in the 1850s…

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It’s here, if you can see it in the US:

Here’s another quirky session with another pop singer:

There’s a definite family resemblance, particularly the ears!

I couldn’t watch in the U.S. but I think I found it elsewhere.

She definitely has some of that. She reminds me in that sense of a friend who has very warm warm eyes and radiates warmth and flashes larges smiles. My friend is esfj I think

So yeah maybe it’s not Ni-Se. But Si-Ne.

That’s the distinction I always fail to make too.

I REALLY want to get back to you guys on this.

Jacinda has a dead ringer ENFP look to her. No fucking doubt. Textbook example.

I need some time to do more research into her to come to a definite conclusion about her sun type. But on first blush, she gives off classic E3 ENFP vibes. BOOM.

Yeah, I’m swinging that way too. I think the decisiveness I was seeing in her is more tertiary Te than dominant Fe.

Yeah the generous flowy E3 look Blake describes. I’ve watched some interviews of her, not a ton and she doesn’t stick out in too many obvious ways. Except that E3 look. Sort of just kind of radiating. I don’t even find her that quirky.

For the most part, yes, for now. But modern politics is a fickle game and people have notoriously short memories…

Also there remains a hardcore of Anglo-Saxon right-wing “angry white people” in NZ, just as in other ex-British colonies. It’s much more visible in Australian politics but trust me when I say it’s far from dead in NZ too.

For example, the recently evicted Opposition Leader (of the right wing National Party) was openly questioning the legality of the Ardern government’s Covid-19 lockdown of the whole of NZ. Which stopped the community spread of the infection so effectively, that at last count there was just one (!) active case of coronavirus in the whole country. But poor big business suffered so let’s drag the government through the Courts ‘cos money matters so much more than human lives. Seriously?

I think that’s the classic E3 ENFP look you’re describing right there. There’s the hipster type, the goofy type, and then that type. The Iona Skye, Emma Watson types. Just balanced and perfect. They tend to look virtuous.

And yet even that idiot got bounced a couple of weeks ago by an ambitious cookie-cutter right wing ideologue called Todd Spud or something. He actually looks like a spud - another rich, white, middle-aged balding male. How original…

He’s almost identical to your standard Australian politician. Maybe there’s a cloning factory somewhere that churns out angry white male ideologues?

Okay so hipster type, get on your nerves like Ezra Klein type, radiating not too quirky type,…

It flashed “they tend to look virtuous” maybe why it has that sfj vibe

@schlopadoo lol sometimes you write a few words and it just brings clarity. I don’t know how you do it. @Nur you too