Jennifer Lawrence?


Jennifer Lawrence…

Enfj? Isfj? Isfp?

Those types are so different but sometimes some people can seem either to me until one day it clears up. Help. :dizzy_face: Is she enfj well behaved or is she Isfj or isfp. Sometimes when she laughs I think for a moment there is something goofy there, as well as edge, she seems strong, but then I watch an interview where mainly she just sounds grateful and polished, playing down almost everything and anything and there is a kind of hesitance. Shoulder shruggy. It’s like she can seem to have conviction and not to have any all at the same time.


I’d guess ISFP.


I had always assumed enfj. Then watched her on Charlie Rose and she seemed so goody goody!
But now watched her with Jimmy Fallon and her personality is huge so back at enfj or esfp or something. Enfj.


i don’t get any feminine energy from her that i get from a typical ISFP, so i want to discard that.

she seems a little out there. so i’ll probably go with ENFJ with you.

cuz she got that kind of a ‘bossy and controlling’ vibe.

she’s definitely not your typical ‘bubbly’ girl.

she seems very grounded.

yeah. ENFJ i think too. out of the 3 you presented, i’d pick that.


Cool. Jotting your association of feminine with ISFP into bag of tools. :slight_smile: I think I know what you mean. Hopefully:)
I think of enfj as feminine too but it is wilder. Comes sweeping in. ISFP is like free and finer whatever that means. Shoot. Words fail again.


hahah yes, I have vibe for each type that I pick up on.
INTP and INFP both have quirky vibe but one is intelligent and the other is fragile.

ISFP and ISFJ are both feminine but one is more frail and the other is more… sassy? in a bitchy way. But not like in a bad way. frail being the ISFP

ENFP and ESFP are both bubbly but ENFP is warmer and personable but ESFP is slightly more distant and shallow

ESTP and ENTP are both charming but ENTP is slightly more talkative and nerdy and ESTP is more aloof and simple minded

ESTJ and ENTJ are both bossy but ENTJ seems like they have more heart and ESTJ seems more traditional

ENFJ and ESFJ comes off very friendly and outgoing when you interact with them but ENFJ seems more hipster and old school, and ESFJ is more up to date with modern.

oh crap, I left other four hanging and idk how to compare them with each other hahaha

INFJ and INTJ both have this deep elegant vibe, but infj seems wounded and INTJ seems to be standing strong.

ISTP and ISTJ both seems cold and unapproachable but ISTP is cool as a cucumber and ISTJ is feels a little straight edged

you got me talking about vibes outta nowhere


I think I know what you mean for ISFP and ISFJ from what you wrote before, but sometimes those would be flipped. Because some isfjs are very even the way they present. Like if Obama is isfj. You don’t see sassy. And some isfps definitely get sassy.

These are cool thanks! Love the simplicity.


This clip…

She reminds me a lot of how my sister behaves once it’s in her head someone’s being rude.

Makes a lot of the same expressions. Very similar to my sister here.


My take

Isfp wouldnt be radically different as a person in a zombie apocalypse. Isfp does pretty good in the zombie apocalypse. So does istp. Isfp does so without having to kill as many people. Istp kills exactly the necessary number of enemies in a zombie apocalypse.

I think they have an interesting balance of existing in the real world that is and stubbornly carving out space for themselves and things they perceive to be extensions of themselves. Much of what they do well they are not proud of, because it happens by accident, as far as they can see, so, when they are successful and public, they become extremely attractive, and people ascribe a certain ease and flow to them. I expect that they will stay above the fray of most things political and fucked up. Jennifer Lawrence has no problem speaking her mind on any subject, and doesn’t tie herself in knots ethically. She doesn’t have to stop and think about what’s right or wrong to say or do when somebody puts naked pictures of you on the Internet, when someone’s talking to you with the phone in front of their face, or when your little sister gets picked as tribute.


So Katniss seems like an isfp role kind of?


I would have pegged JL as T-type actually, even though she has a mush face lol. Just very pliable and almost indistinct and blobby even when emoting a lot. But maybe that’s a T-thing… unclear emotional expression. And an introverted thing??

I would have said ISTP, but not sure! lol I don’t know much about her except seeing Hunger Games and maybe some interview snippets. It seems like she is a “lazy cool girl” in personality, so my reasoning fits I think. lol


Yeah a little bit goody goody. Her interview with Charlie Rose is one statement after another of having gratitude, appreciation, admiring her coworkers, she is still growing and learning, etc, she doesn’t say more than that. She wants to snuff out any hyping of her specialness as a star but wants to convey that she is grateful for her success. Hmmm.

Female istps…the example from Blake is Jodi Foster. Hmm.

Thanks for the input!!


Sounds ENFPish or a sweeter type than ISTP in your description! Her humble bragging and being oh so gracious lol.

I asked Wendy and told her people’s answers…
She says:

she is an EF type FOR SURE
Jennifer Lawrence is extroverted to the extreme
I wanna say enfp
runners up: esfp or enfj
but I think she says too much stupid stuff to be an enfj. enfj are pretty mindful of what they say. Jennifer is constantly accidentally offending people
enfj may offend people, but if they do, it’s on purpose
enfp will say stuff that’s embarrassing and hurts others…but unintentionally
she COULD be esfp but she’s kinda too clumsy to be esfp I think
I think Katy Perry is an esfp
like Katy Perry is a total dumbass
but if you watch her carefully you can see she charms people by her physical presence
if you actually listen to her words, they’re idiotic

Here is me clapping because I think her response is very funny. ^-^\

"John, Wendy knows you are not an imbecile at all, but the idea of j-law being an isfp was just too outrageous for her to stomach."
Even though we all know… you are a bit of one actually. Lovably, endearingly so.
Please do not be mad us! lol


@lunar the vibes I was talking about was for females.

i don’t like isfp guys.


Good to know :slight_smile: jotting down:)


Wow so guesses have been isfp enfp istp (esfp) enfj…

Hmmm. I’ll give enfp a thought. Did not consider her version of “shiny” could be Ne. Not even once. I could see it as explaining the some kind of space cadet thing. And the sometimes loud in a way some people don’t appreciate.

She can sound very polished sometimes too though. So I will try to listen again to when she sounded polished whether there was anything faux about it or if it was more an Fe kind of thing or just friendly etc.


She looks a bit like Renee Zellweger vaguely but her voice hurts the ears so much less. I don’t know zellwegers type.


Still not convinced that prax isn’t a projection of my mind into a fake site called stellArmaze my brain created to protect itself from reality and introduce itself to reality bit by bit over time and that therefore my suspicion that Wendy is actually (one of probably a few of) prax’s imaginary friend leaves me wondering “but did prax make Wendy up or did I?”


Oh by the way I still think she’s isfp. I think the dif between istp and isfp is like: give them your messed up I phone and ask if they can troubleshoot it. Isfp i see as like Chelsea handler, always feeling technology is about to gobble them up. Istp is like “I touch softwares and they troubleshoot themselves, can’t explain how it happened.”



About Jennifer Lawrence, the fact that she falls down so often makes isfp seems harder. She fell down at three public events. That seems kind of a tiny bit head in clouds, some version of it. I don’t know tons of isfps. Unless it’s just that she absolutely never dresses fancy so that is hard to get used to. Guess that’s possible. I’m sure walking in heels must be hard with no practice. It seems that whatever she is she isn’t so much into acting girly girly. She doesn’t communicate that at all.

Chelsea Handler I have been wondering about her too:)