John Koenig - What's his type?


John Koenig is a modern day neologist…

From the About page of his webpage :

"The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is a compendium of invented words written by John Koenig. Each original definition aims to fill a hole in the language—to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yet have a word for.

All words in this dictionary are new. They were not necessarily intended to be used in conversation, but to exist for their own sake; to give a semblance of order to a dark continent, so you can settle it yourself on your own terms, without feeling too lost—safe in the knowledge that we’re all lost."

What do you think this man’s type is?

Here is a video of him giving a TEDx talk…

Here are some of the companion videos he made for his words…


ENTP: Unapproximately


What a lovely endeavor!

@Blake, I can’t tell if you’re saying “unapproximately” as a synonym for “unequivocally” or if you’re referring back to your Bob Dylan article, which I believe is where I first read you discuss that INFJ, when integrated, resemble ENTP. Is this mastery of reconciling with one’s Fi Id or the greatest display of Fi minimums of all time? I mean… well, I don’t know, ha. Either way, I wanna do that.



Exactly! I’ve been jealous and smitten for years… I want to make up words that fill holes too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been confused… there’s definitely a lot of Ti Fe going on… I thought INFJ initially… but I didn’t see the id angst (i.e flow > depth, in this case)… and there was a lot of aspirational Si nostalgia/sentimentality… but then I saw the Ted talk and the nervousness was not typical of ENTP… so I almost considered INTP (:dizzy_face:)… and then INFJ again… but the videos… the obsession with photographs and the past was more Ne-Si… he kinda reminds me of an emotionally fluid David Foster Wallace…


[quote=“Blake, post:2, topic:134, full:true”]
ENTP: Unapproximately
[/quote] <------- thanks for stellarmaze


Does he have the teeniest little hint of imp playful? That is what I always look for in entp…a sort of tidy glint. There were times I expected audience to react to what I thought was amusing and they didn’t kind of surprised me.
I can see entp due to the amount of connecting he does.
And he is definitely pushing with Fe what he has enthusiasm about.
He has a repetitive phrase I just noticed which is “I think” bla bla.
He is very excited to see his words having spread wide
I also wondered about intp too but his connections seem very loose. Free.
Infj? I thought his interests in how words define us how people are more than a label etc sounded a bit infj and he has good delivery but his way of talking sound like a mix of exercises more focused on the defining aspects than people. In the same way anthropology can avoid talking too much about the actual people. But still be somewhat perceptive deductive etc.
Love the first of his videos. Very “original”.
It is like also he has some desire to be enlightening. But also like he is playing around as well. Each word is a new little project.
I wouldn’t know this is not an infj that is like an entp but Entp sure fits.

What type was James Joyce out of curiosity?
I got reminded of him tangentially because didn’t he just make up words as he wrote?


“the great northern douche”

his sense of humor reminds me a bit of infj color. wow infj and entp really do MEET

so funny…

“The Dictionary is a compendium of the aches, demons, vibes, joys and urges that roam the wilderness of the psychological interior. The author’s mission is to harpoon, bag and tag wild sorrows, then release them gently back into the subconscious.”

wouldn’t he and James Joyce get along


Oooh… that’s almost how I imagine @Stewart would sound while reading one of his stories :smile:

And your analysis in the previous comment seems pretty on point… I think I have made peace with this one… ENTP it is :slight_smile:

Next time I find someone’s command over language admirable, I’m typing them ENTP by default (look at Stephen Fry and Carlin!)… I’m so jealous… they are so productive… little projects always on the burner… some burn out or lose steam… but something always gets done… I would trade my feels for this kind of clarity of thought any day :stuck_out_tongue:

And dunno about James Joyce… but coining new words seems like a Ti + Fe thing (Shakespeare INFJ?)… wouldn’t be surprised if Joyce were ENTP too (I haven’t read Ulysses though)…


GET OUT of here. That is exactly what I thought when I heard that. GET OUT!!!
I thought of @Stewart. He is so delightfully funny and endearing. But you can also imagine how maybe if he wanted to he would be able to wield the same language talent to shred someone.

It shows how infj and entp meet. HAPPINESS.

I have tears of joy about stellarmaze today. Like I simply can’t get over it. I am freaking out. Like I can hardly contain it. Help.

My husband made up a word once: “worrified”. You can figure out what it means:)


I’m doing those things SisterJ88! How nice of you to notice…and remember. :innocent:


You’re confusing me! :frowning:


Synchronicity rears her beautiful head again :smiley:


Reasons! O, yes, um, well, gee…here goes:

So, when I turned the first video on (Ted Talks), the first thing I noticed before he started speaking was his comportment, the way he carries himself. Also, his appearance in general. So, this is all visual whole-typing and it just comes in a flash without me thinking anything.

Here are my honest first thoughts that led to me typing him an ENTP:

  1. O, he looks like Matt Damon (who I think is an ENTP)
  2. O, he looks like my friend Joe (who I think is an ENTP and you can’t see)
  3. O, he looks like David Foster Wallace (who I think is an ENTP)
  4. Piggie is probaly thinking he is either an INFJ, INTP, or ENTP
  5. Piggie probaly thinks he is an INFJ (but, she’s wrong, however, I see what she’s getting at)
  6. However, yes, the Ti-Fe axis in the aux. or tert. positions (which I spoke of in my Bob Dylan Approximately article). It’s an INFJ-ENTP thing, this sort of neologistic thing, a sort of playful jousting and jesting with words, fucking with language.
  7. However, there is no way this guy is an INFJ even though he includes the word “sorrow” in his dictionary title (see my Bob Dylan Approximately article for my reasoning on that).
  8. I don’t care, I’m right. Piggie’s wrong.
  9. Voila!


Hahaha thanks :joy:

Well I did think he was INFJ or ENTP or INTP… so not completely wrong… but… you’re right :stuck_out_tongue:


No, you are not at all completely wrong. As a matter of not-fact, you are mostly right. In my book of non-sorrows, that is.


You’re very welcome! And thank you for being a part of it. :kissing_heart:


Joyce had this word in Finnegan’s Wake:


the sound of thunder…

So free.


I haven’t read his crazy works, but I admire anyways


Lovely :smile: almost sounds like an NFP thing… my ENFP used to love Joyce… sigh…

Hmm… Making me wonder what type Anthony Burgess might be… he made up the fictional language of Nadsat for The Clockwork Orange…


Ooh, I love this. I love linguistics and making up words!! This reminds me of that discussion with supernocturnal lol. Language being windows/keyholes to lights of truth.

I do not know if he is ENTP for sure (I was going to agree at first since ENTP do seem to enjoy language and rule-play and open to chaos, but then I watched the TEDx). I would have offhanded labelled him as INFP from the TEDx.
To me he looks like a soft and insightful guy struggling to communicate “meaning” and “obscure sorrows”, and in his struggle, creating new words convey his personal truth. To me, these are very Fi things, fine searching/definition of personal experience (especially because the world does not have words for them, rendering them mute). Very sentimental videos too, which I enjoy lol.

I guess ENTP to me would have seemed more “bright and dry” rather than “light and soft”? But I guess he seems too eloquent for you guys to think INFP?

Contrast with someone like Vic Berger from Super Deluxe (dunno if any of you saw those half-obnoxious and half-hilarious edits), who conveys a more sharp wit that might be more what I think of when ENTP lol. They are a bit roughly edited, but in a very fine-tuned way for… max meme-ing, max fight of logic against logic.
Here’s himself in a video:
Also soft-spokenish. Looks like “kooky INTP”, but cuts to things with such deadpan-yet-aware “enthusarcasm” that just makes me wanna choke because it’s so smart-dumb. This is the first time I’ve seen him too actually, but do they appear to be the same type of guy? If not, is Vic INTP? lol


His demeanor isn’t very hard edged but he has sharpness of thinking. Infp can’t think (ask my intp husband…) If not out right sarcastic Koenig is pretty lampoony in the Mac students video.

But yeah Koenig is inviting us, letting us participate. It is really fun.

That is several reactions of “wait but isn’t he soft?”


People that are confusing like that are alluring:)

I find his videos sentimental in a completely Un-infp way. infp sentimentality hijacks infp. this guy is far from hijacked.

“the conquest of new words” <---- that right there…
words having revenge
he seems fairly extroverted
his voice is so “tidy” no matter how free he is (Ti is very tidy)

he was “beset by melancholy” like he can’t help himself talking like this :slight_smile: which is so AWESOME love it. gotta love entps.

he talks about the power to change it, putting his hands through the walls (I picture this as an actual description of Ne!!!)

when he bridges from words to categories that shape people…it just has that distinct flavor to me of not quite psychological (guess the difference between infj and entp…) perceptive check psychological not quite. finding the meaning of life in a dictionary?