Jordan B Peterson


There’s enough interesting in JBP to start his own thread as suggested by @schlopadoo. I’ve been following him for a couple of years now since all of his lectures we’re free, prior to his protest against Bill C-16.

JBP is a psychology professor at University of Toronto. He came into the spotlight after this video where he debates with a student on whether pronoun usage should be mandated by the state:

He has a series on the psychological impact of the bible which I find fascinating. They’re very dense and run for about an hr and 1/2. I wanted to post some clips but at the same time I don’t want to take things out of context.

Originally, I thought he was an INTJ, but I’m probably wrong. Here are my reasons:

  • He’s much more interesting in questions and probing which seems more like INTJ’s mercury in Scorpio than INFJ.
  • In a few of his videos when interacting with other people, like Paglia he oscillates between intensely concentrating on her and almost disconnecting.
  • There’s a heavy emphasis on orderliness, such as “Clean your room.” Or sorting out chaos. But this could be a Te superego.
  • He focuses a lot on Big 5 and IQ, though this may not be an INTJ trait, it does tend to break the INFJ psychologist flow.

@geneva and @schlopadoo, what do you guys think? Why is he INFJ over INTJ? Also, everyone else as well.


I could see intj. He has a bit of that rougher brow jaw that I think Blake described once and he sort of lacks color but not soul. And yeah what Shlopadoo said. He can be forceful and does seem to talk a lot about how not to muck up. He feels political as well.

I’m curious so I am going to see if I can find those videos.

Okay but at same time he looks like a very professional individual who makes a good teacher so I could see infj working his butt off

He reminds me a lot of Joe Navarro, FBI body language expert. I’m watching his bible video. Really enjoy. He Also reminds me of Sam Harris.


In a few of his videos when interacting with other people, like Paglia he oscillates between intensely concentrating on her and almost disconnecting.

Why is it more INTJ than INFJ trait? I’m an INFJ and experience this as well. Maybe it’s just Ni?

There’s a heavy emphasis on orderliness, such as “Clean your room.” Or sorting out chaos. But this could be a Te superego.

But look how emotional he is when talking about it:
And he mentions symbolic order, personal cosmos, beautification. No only Te.

But I only discovered him yesterday, so not sure what he really is either (-:


Fair enough, it’s definitely in the realm of Ni. Well, here goes an essay :stuck_out_tongue: (Which will mostly be a brain dump…he… he. nervous laugh)

Yes both INFJs and INTJs inhibit the beautiful world of Ni and it’s often reflected in their gaze.

“She seems torn off from reality, in her own world. If you notice that Judy’s eye movement is often looking up into space. It is almost as if she could be having an interview (or monologue) with herself. This is a trait of introverted intuition and Judy seems to have it to such a degree that she could not turn it on and off if she wanted to. It’s just the way she is. She inhabits a world of introverted intuition.”


Alternately, introverted intuition, can suddenly fix on the interviewer and is very intense. It has that “burning through” or “looking through” quality to it. Depending on the mien or comportment of the INTJ at any given moment, they will show one or the other or both. I think some INTJs when they are in a more defensive mode such that they truly do not want to talk to the interviewer/potential conversationalist will have a very burning and penetrating stare of disdain, condescension, and judgment.

I’m trying to illuminate the difference in their intense gaze. INFJs can be intense in their gaze but it’s in a more softer Fe sort of way, or avoidance Fi. In the video between Paglia and Peterson, Paglia has more energy and spunk but she remains softer. Look at JBP when he’s talking in a debate. It’s acidic and he bites. He looks you directly and doesn’t evade any questions or comments from his opponent. He enjoys the verbal battles.

(Though Blake has mentioned before she’s mostly Libra which is an uncomfortable position for INFJs, so I’ll use a different example.)

Check out Jung in this video: His eyes light up at 2:33 and there’s some intensity, but it’s softer, more open. It’s not fixed and cold. There’s something fluid about it, a dreamy quality.

Anyways, let’s move on from the eye thing, it’s just a theory.

Okay so, is JBP an INFJ exuding his Fe personality, an INFJ with Fi evasiveness, or an INTJ exuding his Te personality? I’ll provide evidence for INTJ exuding Te.

Are you saying INTJs can’t get EMOTIONAL?!??!!?! I jest~ I think his emotionality from from tertiary Fi. Referring to your video

“A room is a place to sleep. If you set your room up properly. You figure out how you sleep, when you sleep, when you wake up…if the room is not set up properly… because the way we see the world is place to move from point A to point B in.”

Moving from point A to point B is a Te orientation. He’s concerned with the most efficient way to get somewhere in life. In fact, I would say that’s one of his greatest concern.

On top of that, INTJs are clear. They are concise and they can take convoluted idea and present them in simple manner. They break it down into components and hierarchies, which JBP focuses on a lot. The dominance hierarchy, “how does one move upwards within it.” Though he greatly admires Jung and Nietzsche, his goal is to make their ideas tangible. Nietzsche said “man must define their morals.” JBP goes “How does one apply that? How should man define their morals? Let me make a system for that.”

His interest for Big 5 lies in it’s ability as a tool to help people. There’s a theme with JBP, “how can I use this.” Tools vs obstacles, assessing each one and finding the optimal path to take. Pretty Te, in my opinion. Most importantly, he focuses on repeatability. His success and methods can be reproduced, not to say INFJs can’t, but definitely not to the degree of INTJs.

He has a new book coming out called “12 rules for life: an antidote to chaos” Rules. Steps.

Lastly, his relationship with his wife. INFJ moves towards Ti, while INTJ moves towards Fi; in a positive manner. This is not an insult to INFJs in any way! More like an unverified observation. JBP married his wife in his 20s. This was a woman he knew since he was a child. They have a successful marriage. A feat, I rarely see INFJs do… okay. It might be an asinine statement, but ya’ll complain about your relationship struggles on here all the time.

Your second quote is actually my consideration of JBP being an INFJ. Since INFJs have Te-superego so he might have that par excellent. @lunar mentioned he could just have mastered it. I’m not oppose to the idea.

He could be an INFJ. I can be convinced. (Pretty easy) After all I’m just moonlighting as INTJ. What do I really know? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Everything you wrote is a good point.

As for intj getting emotional it usually looks very glassy. It’s almost like fervor. I’m always very moved by it because it looks somewhat sealed which is a tiny bit poignant

You’ve got me wondering which is fine and great because I am very interested in what he says. So don’t mind thinking about his type in background.


I agree with most of your points @anhydrite and think INTJ over INFJ, definitely Ni dom. Plus, I think refusing to use custom gender pronouns on principle a total Fi move. I think it really is on principle not grandstanding for attention, his primary interest isn’t in this area, and there’s compassion without turning stingy for people.


Yes, I got that from your but (-: Anyway, what I wrote regarding the second quote was hasty and silly - I thought of Fi id in INFJs but managed to forget about Fi tert in INTJs. Of which I am rather ignorant anyway. Should have limited myself with that Ni remark. Regrets regrets.

You seem to know JBP well. Married in his 20-ies and still OK. Oh my (-:


I keep staring at his face. Lol. I see hints of isfp. Yikes. Wheezees.


:scream: Ahhhhhhh~ Do tell! Another INTJ vs ISFP debacle. Perhaps it merits it’s own thread.

But seriously, your observation are usually on point!

Edit: I wonder if INTJ vs ISFP is actually due to ISFPs and INFJs resemblance?


These 3 types share lots of functions. This isfp I know gets a very dreamy look similar to a look Peterson gets, maybe it’s just Ni/Fi.

Edit: just listening to him talk about the importance of noble aims etc as the way to deal with existence I could definitely see intj. Ties in with tertiary Fi and how Blake wrote intjs see themselves as aquarians.

I remember typing up these one liners about the types and for intj I wrote: to have a reason. And I think that’s how I kind of see moving toward Fi.


ISTP. I don’t like Peterson so I hope it won’t get in the way, but all I see is IxTP-ness. I don’t think INTP because he doesn’t have the thoroughness or consistency they have when it comes to theory. I don’t seem him as an Ni dom either. He seems to be a bit wish washy picking up other people’s ideas here and there, nothing really original, and then spurting them out.


P.S. the state of the academy in America is a disgrace.


I don’t get why you even think he could be an INFJ in the first place?


Wow interesting.

I wondered if he had tertiary Ni because he gets this look like an isfp I know.

And you know this video right here. I watched it last night and got completely lost on him because he gave a different impression:

What I was most surprised to learn from this video (or maybe it was another) is that his speeches are kind of spontaneous. He says he likes remain spontaneous and had to take some drugs to maintain energy since severe depression sucks all energy out.


I like what he says here


Younger Peterson

He likes to just talk freely it seems.


Darn! I read “consider” instead of “think” on my phone. Now my joke is ruined.

Honest answer? I want to be respectful to people who claimed he is previously and engage in discourse. My first impression of JBP is an Ni-dom, leaning towards INTJ. However, there’s that whole INFJ-ISTP mistyping Blake went through a couple years ago with Jung and Jodie Foster. I wouldn’t say it’s completely out of the field to consider JBP an INFJ.

ISTP is an interesting one. I don’t think he’s an INTP, he has a hardness which INTPs lack. I don’t have man references for ISTPs, maybe you could provide some? This way we can establish some sort of continuum. What exactly is the IxTP-ness you’re picking up?

Side note, I think ISTPs are capable of coming up with original ideas. I’m not sure your statement was directed towards JBP himself, but wishy washy and not original is not how I would describe a Se-Aux user. But I did admit to being a JBP fangirl, so I too hope it doesn’t cloud my reasoning.

Edit: @lunar as well. I though about it some more. When R-dawg said “wishy washy” and “lack thoroughness”, plus lunar’s videos. Maybe you guys are picking up his mercury in gemini?


alright nothing feels right for Jordan Peterson.

nothing settling.

enfp? lol

enfp-ish intj or intj-ish enfp haha

anyhow he draws me in. he has a personality I want to crack. he makes me feel like how Obama made me feel where he seems hidden


Don’t say it Lunar! Don’t say it… ISFJk.

I’m just waiting for RumDawg to come back and destroy my arguments~


pic of him at his house

his daughter is named after Mikhael Gorbatchev.