Jordan B Peterson

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INFJ vs. ENTP coming up.



Cambridge had invited him to visit then took back the offer, which seems extreme.

I’ve been watching a lot of zizek lately and am curious to why you think he’s an ENTP.

Hey, Ms. ENFJ Moon.

Let me see.

When compiling the Blake’s List, I noted this comment and asked Blake whether he had checked Žižek out. To which he said: “Very briefly. I buy the ENTP typing.” That’s how Žižek got into the List.

Now I myself am not that familiar with him. I mean of course I know him and have watched him doing that hand-T-shirt-nose thing of his. I really like him in this regard. But as far as his ideas go, I have nothing to say. Even though I have watched that debate! Which felt kind of like watching a Black Hole (Ni) debating a Supernova (Ne).

To put it shortly - I have never doubted that Žižek is ENTP (from what I’ve read about them), but I’ve never put him to a test in my mind either.

It’d be interesting, if he had some non-ENTP subtypes going on.

Also, I have a problem with ENTPs, namely that I cannot identify a single one in my own NF-dominated surroundings. Thus I have virtually no experience with them.

Anyway, what are you thinking?

I totally agree with entp for him! He’s Ne to the max and he’s got the Ti for sure because I’m always puzzled/surprised by everything he says which doesn’t happen for me with Fi.

Ah! I didn’t even see Luka’s comment on this, but I’d definitely take her word on it.

I’ve been avoiding responding by binge watching everything Žižek made, mostly Pervert’s Guide to Cinema, and Pervert’s Guide to ideology. (As though by consuming everything it will make me more assured of my assessment.)

He’s definitely funny, what I think most identifies him as an ENTP is his lack of prescription. He critiques and pokes fun at all these systems and model of world but he has no real solution. Don’t you think it’s funny how we are so idealogical that it permeates in everyday things?!

And what are we to do about it?

Nothing, or something. Who cares. Lol

Is the impression I get from Žižek, though I haven’t read the book Luka recommended and I definitely should.

The one thing that trips me up is his face is visually heavy. Does that make sense? It different than the vibe I would get from Einstein or Feynman. Maybe it’s his sub-type? WHO KNOWS.

“Let it float.” :smiley:

Yeah, his face is heavy and rather fierce. Kinda ENTJ face? Which could be explained by a Rising subtype, of course.

By the way, have you seen the alternative for Einstein? INFJ Sun, INFP Rising, ENTP Moon and INTP Mercury. Don’t ask me! :grinning:

There is a breed of ENTPs that looks like him. Usually fat, don’t give a fuck how they look, and Te-iddish. Quite greedy and gluttonous looking.

[Just conveying the message I’ve received:]

Hey, I couldn’t help myself, but you’re talking about Žižek and I was dying to throw ENFJ in, if anyone cares to consider it. :grin:

That’s all I wanted to say :zipper_mouth_face:

INFP anonymous


@schlopadoo The way you phrase that is so lol. I guess, what I’m getting at is there something heavier about him not just fat. He seems weighted down, burden(?), more tied down by humanity than most ENTP. @Ignas’s anon tip makes sense to me, there is something ENFJ about him, but not in the type 3 way.

A similarly burdened ENTP, I submit-- Robbie Coltrane in the excellent series Cracker.

Hehe, yeah I got the gist of what you meant when you said he looked “heavier.” :smiley: It’s just that I noticed there are a subset of fat and “greedy”-looking (meaning beyond merely fat, more like behavior and attitude) ENTPs out there. Could be id and/or tertiary-tempted, but not sure. They are also more likely to be mistaken for assholes, although not all the time. Depends. All of them project an ExxJ vibe (strong extraverted judgment). Slight Harvey Weinstein vibe (don’t know his type btw). ExxJ Se-pigness (again beyond just fatness). I think what I’m seeing partially overlaps with what you’re seeing, too. ExxJ seems a likely rising type. As for “Tied down by humanity”…I’m not sure, as I barely know anything about Zizek except for small bits, but maybe. Sounds melancholic and/or choleric, though - ENxJ then?

Anyways, I don’t know nearly enough about Zizek to make a proper judgment, so I’ll let you guys finalize his subtypes. I ain’t got time or brain space to research Zizek in detail. I was just chiming in to say that Zizek really strikes me as one of those fat ENTPs that give off extraverted-judging vibes and seem gluttonous in attitude. Some type 8-ish vibe? I dunno. I’m judging off of very cursory impressions.

OK I’m off to wank my pseudo-dick to Blake’s beautiful, erotic poetry about BJs and ass-pounding.

(Sorry if I sound rushed. I’m on my phone, and still at work!)