Jung's description of his type


Why is this video not Jung spelling out that he is a thinking type with inferior fe and weak sensing? I just want to understand why he would answer things this way if he is an infj who gave the world a definition of each function.

If I assume he is being literal, I hear a) thinking best b) intuition also strong c) feeling a definite problem d) sensing not that great. Should we interpret it as a) thinking and intuition good b) feeling and sensing not so good. And so infj still works. Istp? What does he mean by reality?

I just realized it must be the that typing “system” wasn’t cleaned up like it is now.

Does the guy below look istp?

I think Jung talks like the man in the photo above but has a less hard stare than the man in the photo. Which is supposed to be about Se. But some pics of Jung he has a decent stare. Other pics he looks pulled backwards away into his sockets…more dreamy. Overall he comes across extremely pensive.

Jordan B Peterson

Yeah, Jung basically said in his book Psychological Types (where all this Myers-Briggs stuff evolved from) that he was an introverted thinking type with auxiliary intuition of some sort.

But, apparently he has also stated other things in other places. Kind of vague.

He definitely had very strong Ti. And an INFJ with strong Ti can easily think they are (and test as) an INTP or INTJ.

Also, due to the nature of the tertiary function (which Jung didn’t come up with), it has become evident that any given Myers-Briggs type can fall in love with the cognitive function at the tertiary. It is what I would term “very classical” in my observations of MB types. Like, it’s so “classic” when I meet an INFJ that is very Ti. It’s like “by the way did you know that I like Ti? I’m very Ti, ya know. Ti, Ti, Ti!” etc.

The tertiary is the one function that is what I would call “a pseudo-self-identification function”, whereas, the dominant function is the “self-identification function” proper.

It’s classic. One of the most helpful ways to identify who is what type is to look for that characteristic pulling towards the tertiary function. Assuming that is going on in some degree, it is very telling. It is like a person that is playing poker who gives away their hand, or something like that.

Guy in the picture? I see Te, not Se. And I see thinking over feeling. Looks more ISTJ than ISTP. I see Si-Ne axis over Se-Ni axis, so if he is intuitive of some sort, he would be more Ne than Ni. And probaly not a dominant intuitive, so Ne in the aux. perhaps. I see J over P in his projection. There is a closed look in his eyes and they are radiating a sort of “I know better than you” arrogance. Not a guy who is going to be too open to input from most people whom he probaly considers to be beneath his station in learnedness or practical experience. He has the look of some one who takes pride in some kind of small knowledge that he possesses and is not aware of the bigger picture too much. I see Ne echoing (inferior position).

Yeah, ISTJ is what my first impression is. Runners up: INTP, and yes, maybe ISTP a little more distantly. He looks Te aux. though. I think that is the projection of hardness you are seeing that you are associating with Se. But, Se aux. projection looks more like Eminem or something. It’s more sexy and dangerous in a visceral way. I don’t feel that from this guy. I feel a projection of “competence”. That’s more Te.


Lol, love how I can never get Se right. Like every time I venture a guess I don’t get it.
Well, just for private reasons, I’d love if this guy is istj, just because it would fascinate…he is famous for lectures that proceed very slowly and have no connection to the syllabus:)
Man…he does kind of have a look like my mum’s istj stare. I never thought of it. Slitty eyes. Kind of like weary…of whether he can be bothered…


Well, there are some similarities between Se and Te. A certain “hardness” I would say. But Se hardness is more visceral and instinctive. Te hardness is more, well, kind of like the guy in this picture, a projection of formidable intelligence and competence. Se isn’t intelligent. It can be arrogant, but, more in a thuggish kind of way. Like, I’m stronger or more attractive than you. Te is more like “I’m more capable and intelligent than you are”.

Also, this guy has thin lips and a certain quality of skin that I associate with Te types, particularly in the aux. position. There is a lack of lushness. You’ll see lushness of features more in the feeling types who often have bigger and more liquid eyes, plusher lips and skin. Also, the eyes of feeling types tend towards bigger pupils. This guy has very focused and small eyes.


Thank you for the description. It’s so true.


Keep in mind that there are exceptions to those rules.

You’re welcome lunar! I’m happy to discuss with you.


Actually, I’ll just go ahead and say it: Te people tend to have that type of skin that is considered bad skin. It tends towards the drier and thinner side.

However, please note peoples that doesn’t mean that EVERY FUCKING Te person is going to have that. It’s a tendency that I’ve noticed, that’s all.


I’ve also noticed the opposite tendency for Fi in the aux. ESFPs and ENFPs tend to have the lushest skin with the biggest eyes (and pupils or irises compared to the white portion of the eye and also the eyes to the face as a whole are more noticable).

And ISTJ and INTJ, who have Te in the aux. have the anti-lush tendency in physical features and energetically (projection-wise).


I’ve had the same thought for istj. It’s a duller grayer skin…For stj I further associate something else with the bones under the eyes…but wouldn’t be able to put into words.

It’s just remarkable though…what are we :slight_smile:

It’s as if istj looks anything but flashy precisely because they are anything but flashy personality wise…

And…yes exceptions as you can see by seeing all the gorgeous famous stjs…


Exactly. Form follows function.