Kaya Scodelario


What about beautiful Kaya Scodelario, she was on Skins (a teenage british show, if you don’t know about it). To me, it’s a real cool show that goes deeper within the teen characters. Anyway, there is this girl playing an INTJ girl (or at least, I believe she goes as this type). Here’s a short video of her doing an interview, she also stars in Maze Runner, I haven’t see or know anything from it except that she acts there.


I think Effy from Skins is a more reserved ENFJ.


I never saw Fe in Effy, never, never, never, but it could be my perception. When would you describe her using Fe?


She seems like an introverted ENFJ to me. Her entire character is a seductive manipulation of others and their feelings but also that she is lost in the desires of others. Just seems like ENFJ coquettery to me.

INTJs can have a really feminine facade, but it seems to me always just a facade. That underneath it they’re disjointed from that sort of thing.

Effy seems active-passive. Too active for an INFP, but still far too grounded in people, feelings, the social situation at hand to be an INTJ.


I’ve been forcing myself to watch the third generation recently, but I hate it. All the characters are obscenely terrible. Need more characters like Cook. Now he was something.


Haha, man I saw the third generation and it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t good, either. I don’t know, to me she always seems too split from reality and I never saw her invested in people, or at least not the way I’ll see in an ENFJ. Sure, she’s a character so it’ll take some type definition.


I see Ni-Se. I can buy RumDawg’s ENFJ typing. To me she just can’t be INTJ. So much danger and sexuality. She answers in a very straightforward way, but there are a few ENFJs who are known to do this. It stems from self assuredness, this projection of strong sense of self (Ni aux) than Te, and often they can be confused with the other. Some ENFJs present themselves as INTJ at first glance. I can believe ISTP for her as well. Or ENTJ, but I’m not really feeling it.

I never watched Skins.


Oh. And no relation but she is sooooo beautiful. I’m filled with envy.


Oh yeah sure, I think of her as an ENFJ, I mean INTJ as her character in Skins, but sure, Kaya herself has nothing of INTJ (at least not Te-Fi). Yes, I know, she’s really beautiful.


An INTJ in Skins would be that insufferable boygirl from season 5.


Franky? Oh no, she’s a fucked up ISFP to me


Finally finished the third generation (s5/6). Don’t know why I forced myself to watch that. It does get better. But not much.

They need to reboot it.


Totally couldn’t watch that. Had to skim through episodes just to get passed it then gave up.

Agreed. Cook reminded me of my ex at uni; he was whizz at Chemistry/Maths but had that side to him. I must be attracted to men with absent father rebel against society but clever and good to women sort of thing going on.