Kristen Stewart (ISTP) : Type Interactions


Taking my current Kristen Stewart obsession to the next level…

I guess it’s safe to say that Kristen is ISTP…

And I thought it would be fun to see how different types bring out different sides of ISTP… here goes…


It’s almost like the inferior Fe cancels out when they are with each other…

And then things get really awkward when they have to talk to other people…


I think Robert Pattinson is INFP… and this is pretty cute, although she seems kinda conscious around him… (what type is Stephanie Meyer?)

ISTP-ENFJ (and xSTx?)

Charlize Theron seems like an ENFJ to me… and you can totally tell that she turns Kristen on…


I still haven’t figured out Juliette Binoche’s type…But i’ve narrowed it down to IXFJ… and I love how comfortable this is…


I think she is cool too. I went through a phase with her lol:)


What did you like about her? :smile:



This chick is apparently one of her best friends… who knew these two types get along (unless suzie is another type)…


What first got my attention was some interview where she was struggling to talk quite a bit. It was so fake to her. Guess it was Fe strain maybe. Anyhow it made her seem so real in a way. Not usual Hollywood behavior. She is also kind of striking looking. Cool eyes. I had seen that interview with Binoche too and had been interested in their chemistry as well:)



this lady looks like Kristen! Not sure if it means anything mbti-wise, but at least physically.


Welcome back lunar! :smiley: i missed you!

She’s attractive… I like her… and she’s got that weak Fe vibe too… something hard but kind…


Missed you too piggie:)


Charlize Theron!!! What a role model hahahh…she’s so awesome… :kissing_heart:


Agree! :smiley:

Have you seen the Atomic Blonde teaser? She’s so badass and yet so feminine… haha love her…

(A teeny bit NSFW…)


Ahh I love her in the trailer!! Also I opened this in the lab anyway and I think my PI saw some of it as he passed by loollol I am the model grad student :stuck_out_tongue:

But onto the original topic: Thanks for compiling intp interactions! It makes me think that engineer was definitely istp instead of isfp…so cuddly I just want to smother it all…


Lol i figured you were on this thread for that reason… :wink:

My ENFJ friend is married to (i think) ISTP boy… its a nice combination… he has the patience to deal with her quirks… and he is following his dreams only because of her motivation/support… and they have good sex (i get a lot of deets i’m sure i could have lived without)…

(Things with her hot PI are getting a little tooooo clearing my throat… I know she won’t DO anything… But she’s such a TEASE and i’m pretty sure its working on Mr. PI… i really hope ISTP doesn’t find out about it… he’s doing field research half the world away from her… and i am the only one who knows about the flirting :crying_cat_face: )


Yes of course I play obsessive girl nostalgically looking back to college so well…also my parents keep on telling me to marry soon (and that I really should have landed a steady boyfriend in college) or I’ll be a spinster for life :smirk_cat: Guess I should’ve found an istp for my nerdy self!!

Haahahhh get your enfj friend on this forum so we can talk about being enfjs in science together and I can get all the deets!! :stuck_out_tongue: And lool at enfjs being a master tease…I don’t really think I am one but you’ll probably tell me I am so…


Thank god i am not the only one who thinks ENFJs are nerds… :sunglasses:

I would die of embarrassment if she read half the things i’ve written on this forum :see_no_evil: i spoke to her about MBTI once and she hated it… The only question she asked me was why i think it is better to be an I than an E (which i never said! probably thought i think I is better because i am an INFJ or something)… She ignores anything i say about it, but tells me to take it up seriously (like take a course on it if i want to do something with it)…

Hahhaa no i think you try to be a nice girl… Its not a conscious part of the persona anyway… It’s more like an energy field that attracts people… You might not even be aware of it… Or you might learn to be… And then things could get really interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

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