Labelling things using MBTI


can we label everything using MBTI? and their functions?

is playing sports, Se?

what about 8-ball pool? do you need to use Ne? or Ni?

what about teamwork? Fe?

unity within the sports team, Fi?

what about cheerleaders. Fe, with Se?

what about referees, Ti, with Si?

what about winning, Te?

what else can we label?

i think Italy is ISFP.

that’s the vibe i got being there, experiencing people.

they turn on Fe when they do, but it seems like they’re driven by Fi,

it’s not like US, people in Italy actually seem to enjoy what they’re doing.

i love that term. Maestro. it’s not about status there. it’s about what you like to do.

art is everywhere, it’s expressed in everything.

their houses are so pretty, so artsy, definitely Fi.

everyone is so laid back, even in the busiest city.

they got fashion, they got style, everyone is rocking their own style.

i have not encountered any rude person.

they treat you like how they treat a family, so genuine. it’s not like a forced Fe, it’s like … Fi.

i love it. “Prego!” i’ve heard this word thousands of time.

it means, “welcome! here you go! please! my pleasure! after you!”

if Italy is not ISFP, then what is it?

their art is more Se than Ne,

like sculptures, buildings, painting. the accuracy. the detail.

i think Japan is INFP. their art is expressed in an Ne way, definitely. for sure.

@Stewart, you’ve been there, do you agree with Italy being ISFP?

what else can we label? using functions?

calculator, is it Ti? maybe the answer is Ti.

@lunar math, maybe math is Ti?

i hear people say they hate math a lot too. but i think it’s usually the people who don’t use Ti.

or maybe math is Te… or just. T.

i don’t LOVE math by itself.
but i love using math in Se form.

i like doing sudoku. it’s like you have to use Se, Ti. i think you have to use Ne, but i use Se to play sudoku.

i wish i was better at playing chess. but i just can’t predict every possible move. Ne.
i’m not good at one on one game where my destiny is depended upon my opponent’s move.

but i’m good at monopoly. monopoly i think is ESTP, you have to negotiate, using Fe, but have to make sense using Ti, and with hiding the Te-id. Se to read what people are trying to do.

is sci-fi NT? or is it Ne?
it seems like sci-fi lovers are mostly ENTP from my experience.
i hate sci-fi.
well. i don’t hate sci-fi, it’s just, sci-fi. it’s not real. it’s not beneficial. it doesn’t effect my life.

fast and furious, is it ESTP?
it’s so ridiculous.
it’s stupid and exciting. is that what ESTPs are? stupid and exciting? hahaha

what about other TV shows?

what about philosophy? people say INTPs are philosophers, but, i don’t think so.
because INTPs usually have trouble expressing what they’re exactly thinking into words that make sense to other people.
but they express it in their own ways that maybe other people might understand if you get their nuance.
wait, is that philosophy?

any idea how to label other things?


Blake says math is Ti and Ne.

To do math, I think T especially helps.


It totally is.


Dude, how could you NOT like sci-fi!!! The Blob, The Twilight Zone, Forbidden Planet, Star Trek…Starship Troopers…

I like fast and furious when it first came out. I just wanted to fuck Dom’s brains out, or his - mine. But now there’s like 50 of those movies, right? I like cars. Vroom vroom. Which reminds me, I gotta get back to the racetrack. It’s stock car season, bitches!

Okay, label -
Austin Powers
The Big Bang Theory
American Psycho
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

How 'bout Django Unchained?
Some movies…the script or plot itself may be one type, but put the script and the mind of someone like Quentin and that movie may look a little different.
How bout Quentin’s movies in general? How bout Quentin?


God, lunar, you’re like my best student. Yes, I did say this and I stand by it. There is no doubt that INTPs make the best mathematicians. And ENTPs make the best physicists.

True. But, so does Ne. Which is probaly the reason that an INFP can be into math. You talk about the beauty of the patterns you see in mathematics. That’s Ne.


Yes, very true. When INTPs start philosophizing, I start getting a migraine headache. And I don’t even get migraines!

However, the philosopher Immanuel Kant was most likely an INTP and he is considered one of the greatest philosophers ever. He is most known for his book The Critique of Pure Reason. I’ve never been able to get through it, but, it is some seriously heady shit. To me, that book is basically an INTP in their most purest drive - analyzing the way the mind works to such an excruciating degree that it’s basically like “Fuck it, I give up.” Problem with INTPs to me is that they philosophize in such a way that I don’t care anymore about anything. And they definitely have the problem that their philosophies are divorced from real life (which is why they make such great mathematicians). INTPs also lack psychological understanding and in my opinion the best philosophers are the best psychologists. But, that’s just me.

Philosophy (as we know it in the West) started in Greece. What made Western philosophizing so different from Eastern philosophy is that the first Greek philosopher (Thales of Miletus) asked what the world is made of. And he came up with a hypothesis - it is made of water.

So, as you can see, that is really the beginning of Western scientific method right there. You ask a question and you come up with a concrete answer that might be testable as hypothesis. Very different from the Eastern method in that it is concrete and specific.

But, I think the basic drive of philosophizing is just to speculate about the nature of a great many things. To ask questions. To ask why. Why is it that way? For what purpose? What’s it made of? Why do we do the things we do? Why is the world the way it is? Why are people the way they are? What way are they? How do we know this? What is this thing that is doing all this thinking?

And that basic philosophical drive is an intuitive thing.

I think Western philosophy has a lot of Ti and Si mixed in there too. Thus, the concrete and specific aspect of questioning that gave rise to the Western scientific method.

But, the basic philosophical drive is the intuitive function in both its forms par excellence.

I’d say the best philosophers are N doms minus ENFP. Which basically means all the types that have a primarily intuitive outlook with Ti facility.

So, philosophy = N + Ti.

Without Ti, I’d say you can’t really arrive anywhere because you are gonna be fucked up at the semantic level. You won’t know if you are right or wrong because without Ti you can’t formulate any basic propositions. It’ll be mush. You see a lot of this highly intuitive thinking minus Ti in the New Age community. In New Age thinking in general. And it exactly problematic because of the lack of Ti. It’s mush.

Personally, I’d rather see an ESTP philosophize than an ENFP. They can arrive at clear premises and conclusions. Because they got the Ti. You can see what they arrived at. It’s refreshing.

It’s like when you say “I think Italy is ISFP”. Bam! That’s a clear statement. I don’t know how you arrived there, but, it’s a clear formulation. It can be argued and debated, but, at least there is something to argue and debate.

With many ENFPs, it is hard to know what we are debating or arguing. They have trouble stating clear premises or formulations. They also have often arrived at their own definitions of words, for example, so if they do state a strong proposition it will often be highly personal. In short, ENFPS have trouble with being objective in the way that philosophy demands. I never get in philosophical discussions with ENFPs for this reason. It’s maddening. I don’t talk about art, science, politics etc. with ENFPs.

To top it off, ENFPs are generally very confident and certain in their views such that talking with them is pretty much futile. They’re not really open to thoughts that go against their implicit personal biases. And to retop it off, they can’t even see that this is the case.

And to make it really insufferable, they’ll lecture, preach, and proselytize to you as if you were the one who just can’t see the light of reason.

Well, it looks like I have some resentments against ENFPs! Jesus.

Wiki: Typings By Blake

I lived in Italy for around 8 months and I agree with ISFP. And I was thinking Si, and I looked and was puzzled for a moment until I realized Si is the Id.
There is so much memory there. Intense fondness and pride of heritage. Moving forward individually with art, in keen reverence and adulation of the past masters that surrounds them.
They care about their image, but unlike here with the fancy cars, they tie it to themselves, which I really appreciate, their endeavors. They drive around in dinky little practical cars that get them to the next art show, where they kiss and drink wine and luxuriate in aesthetics, their own and each others, whether it is food or quality shoes or everything else there. Best coffee, pastries, fantastic food.
I lived with an intense artist [may be ENFJ], a hard working and somewhat distracted winemaker and next door to a {puffed up} photographer. The couple I lived with, had a daughter, and there is a good chance she is ISFP, though curiously she lives in Brazil. Went to see it and never returned. Artist at heart, I knew her when she was nine.
I absolutely love Italia.
Dang but I want to go back again.


Yes, I like Italy as ISFP. Especially the quintessentially Italian word sprezzatura. That’s a good word for ISFPs, who always seem so effortlessly cool.


sometimes i feel like i capture so many information with my own Se that it ‘feels like’ an intuition.

but i know it’s an Se, because i can describe and you can see it.

but sometimes i feel like when i have to use Ti, i have to switch Si(recalling) on and it’s somewhat tiring.
so i’d rather just simplify it and just say it as i see it.

is that what 5th function is? a switch function? it seems like dominant function cannot coexist with 5th function.
it’s like i have to turn off Se to use Si.

but if i had to break it down a little,

i went to three cities, Rome, Florence, and fuck… yes, i went to fuck, no, i forgot the name.
it was just a regular ol Italy with no English speaking residents.

look at that small tiny car next to the scooter, it’s parked PERPENDICULAR to the sidewalk, not parallel, i’ve never seen that before in my life until there.

first, buildings,
i live with an ISFP, my wife is so detail oriented in an artsy way it throws me off , like

wife: can we change the cabinet knobs?
me: sure why not? but dang, a cabinet knob? i would’ve NEVER thought to change a cabinet knob.

like coin jars for example,
look at my coin jar,

i just throw it in there for convenience, i want the opening to be big so i can just toss it. i don’t care how it looks. it’s about convenient

and this is her coin jar…

i asked if she wants to combine our coin jar, to make it simple, but she doesn’t want to, she wants to keep her coin jar…
she didn’t even like the fact that i lay it on the ground and took a picture.

i see a lot of these in Italy,
no matter how small or cheap, there are always small little decorations to make the place look pretty.

i didn’t take any pictures of it because it doesn’t really fascinate me or anything.
it’s just, ‘oh cool’, if i even notice it.

like this is not even any special place. this is just random sidewalk in the country-side.
if you decorate sidewalk like this in my neighborhood, people will think, ‘what’s happening in here?’

in Italy, nothing, they’re just chillin.

my wife likes shopping at ‘cute little shops’ with ‘cute little stuffs’ and there are many over there.
not even neccessarily the tourist area.

in tourist area, there is like 3 on each block.

the cool thing about these sculptures, is that even though you don’t see the eyeball, you can still tell the difference between each one. like how do you even do that? isn’t that Se Auxiliary?
i like details, but don’t have the patience to go over everything in detail.

the Fi kindness,
unlike Fe, i think Fe is more like 'i’m being nice because i have to’
but Fi comes off as ‘i’m being kind because i want to, and i want you to do the same for me’

like, people don’t say hi to each other, it’s not phildelphia, the city of brotherly love, where random people just greet each other. Philadelphia Italians are way more aggressive than Italians in Italy.

and people that work there. nobody seems to be status-conscious about their job.

in a small dinky restaurant, where coffee is like 60 cents, the waiter looks so cool he should belong somewhere in NYC.
but no. everyone is so ‘professional’. idk if they love their job or not, but they ‘own it’.

and it’s not about money, some artists sell their art piece for really cheap.

since i’m a business guy, i calculate numbers.
‘this guy took 4 hours painting this thing, probably more, and he’s selling it to me for 15Euro? is he insane? that means his hourly wage is no more than 4 Euros per hour… what??’

they don’t do art so they can be rich and famous, they just like what they do, and they just want enough money to buy themselves some food.

i love that mentality.

and it’s so easy bargain with them. sometimes i feel like i’m robbing them.

one guy was selling leather wallet, priced at 45 euros. and he eventually told me he gets it for 14 euros.
i said i don’t want it, and he said "fine, i’ll give it to you for 15"
oh my goodness. i bought the damn wallet even though i didn’t need it.

but it feels like it’s the whole culture there.

the Vatican City doesn’t even feel like some hardcore religious place.

the art is breathing and living everywhere you go.

oh, and music.
they don’t care about ‘trendy’ music. just like ISFPs, i don’t think ISFPs like trendy stuff.
they like what they like.

they play all kinds of music, depends on what they wanna play. you hear music from classical to 80s, to 90s, to early 2000s.
i feel like i was going through time machine.
is that Si-id? idk.

and nobody drives a car that goes “look at me i’m rich!!”

they just drive a car that’s convenient, that takes them places, but they’re cute, and pretty.

i don’t think i saw ONE car with dent or broken lights or bumper falling apart.

it’s easy to see messed up looking cars with dents in the US.

even old cars are kept nice and clean in Italy.

and food. ISFPs typically enjoy food, but they don’t indulge it heavily.
and that’s exactly how they serve you food.
it’s very delicious, but they give you small portion.
it’s enough to make you feel satisfied, but not full.

at first i thought i was being bias because my wife(ISFP) was pointing things out that she likes.

but i knew i wasn’t being biased as soon as i stopped by Germany.

damn. is Germany like IxTJ?

my first instinct was INTJ, because their engineering is insane. and great machine comes from NT’s mind right?

idk. IxTJ. Germany just seems … 'flawless’
so ‘perfect’ that it’s scary.
and their ‘friendly questions’ doesn’t sound friendly at all. it sounds like an interrogation.

but idk. i wasn’t there long enough to completely assess it but that’s the overall vibe i got from it.


that coin jar!!! some isfps are fascinating with their interior design. our preschool nanny for youngest is an isfp. she has so many little corners in her home. little touches. everywhere you look she did something out of something. and it’s always being refined. she can take an abandoned mirror and turn it into something else, by adding a reclaimed wooden frame, painting it, hanging in the right place, etc. like it’s work. I’d never have the patience…but anyhow you step into her house and it speaks louder sometimes than her words. it’s like oh so this is what is in the mystery dancing in your eyes. like it helps to understand her to see her house.



are you friends with any istps? am curious…I’d love to hear your perspective on them as an estp.


why ISTPs in particular?
what about them?

i think xSTPs are similar in many ways.
they are the introverted version of me.

although they come off more mature, sometimes i feel like they’re my younger sibling.

we think alike, but they are way more calm about things. they’re not reactive like me.

they’re tough. ESTP might be more pysically tough, but ISTPs are more mentally tough.

ISTPs don’t really talk a lot. they’re not the type to go out of their way to express their opinion like how ESTPs would.
but if you ask them they would readily tell you straightforwardly and bluntly.
like how ESTPs would say what they’re thinking even if you didn’t really ask.
ISTPs will only tell you when you ask.
but basically what ESTPs are saying is what ISTPs are thinking.

i asked one ISTP girl, about me being outspoken compared to her,
and she said “sometimes you say exactly what i’m thinking, but i don’t say it. and i’m like omg why is he saying that lol but that’s what i was thinking so i can’t really be mad”

like if someone smells bad, i would be like “yo you stink!” and ISTP does the facepalm.

i’m like the immature older brother to them. but they don’t hate me because we see the world practically the same way.

although the ISTPs i know are older than me, i just don’t know why i keep using the word ‘older’ brother.
the Extroversion makes me feel like that for some reason.


hey Tom! do you think Japan is INFP? since you’re an INFP,

i lived there for about 6 years. and because Japan is like, filled with weird things, i think they’re like INFP.

i haven’t been there in so long so my memory might be off.

but Japan is such a cool place with bright lights at night and anime, anime, anime.

and the way they dress, so quirky.

it seems like many INFPs i know are in love with Japanese cultures for some reason.
like they feel ‘at home’ with Japanese cultures.

like Japanese snacks, they’re all so quirky. and crazy flavors.

their Samurai culture has so much Fi in them.
honor, family, respect.

Japan is definitely introverted though.


omg Lunar, my wife just crocheted this after her laerning that i posted her coin jar here.

but she tells me she didn’t do it because i posted here,
she did it because , she felt like it.

ISFPs make me laugh


Wow I think that is amazing! See what she did with just a coin receptacle.


Because I am really confused about the istp type like REALLY confused. :wink:


And what does their face palm look like? Does it just look like more staring? And…where are you running into these istps? Like where can one find an istp to stare back at teehee.


this was difficult to find but find it more fitting than others

ISTP, doing the facepalm laugh while ESTP is like, ‘??:slightly_smiling_face:


well, i just happen to run into them here and there through knowing people and whatnot.

but, i gotta say, ISTPs are the hardest to find for myself too.

if i have like 50 examples of ENFP, i only have like 4 for ISTP.

seriously though, you can find them doing mechanical works.

electrician, HVAC, car mechanics, martrial art dojos, maybe even a plumber.

and sometimes yoga classes.

stereotypes are pretty close to being real.


All quite physical activities. Cool. Thanks supernok. Gives an idea.