Lady Gaga - typed?

There been some discussion snippets in threads but has she been typed? Did @Blake commit?

I haven’t read the forums or threads, but my personal guess for Lady Gaga would be INFP. An alternative would be INFJ, though.

She is famously introverted and dispays strong idealist tendencies which seem to genuinely reflect her true self. Very strong Fi, for sure (just check out her remarkable performance in “A Star is Born”).

Auxiliary Ne strikes me as the primary way she relates to the external world. The quirky outfits and chameleon-like shifts in persona, her genuine curiosity towards other people regardless of their station in life, and her championing of life’s misfits and outcasts (who she calls “Monsters”) all point towards Ne.

Oh interesting, INFP hadn’t crossed my mind, her music & video feel less odd and playful than I would connect with Ne.

My initial impression connected her more along lines of ISFP or ENFJ (or yeah INFJ now that you say) but these are purely based on music/videos. Haven’t given it any thought yet and haven’t looked at her outside of that! Her top 10 hits were on late last night and had me wondering :laughing:!

I think she was officially typed as ESFP. She’s on Blake’s list!

I never watched her interviews, so I can’t be sure if she really is…but in terms of her music and stage performances, ESFP might make most sense. ISFP, second. ENFJ, third.

She has a Scorpio Moon, btw.

That meat dress though…

mmm, interesting

Ah ok good, I did a search and it never came up.

So would that relate to the strong expression of Fi that @Stewart attributes to INFP?

Hrmm. Maybe? I’m no astrologer…nor a Gaga expert!

I have very little knowledge of Gaga as a person but she comes across to me as a bit more introspective and dark than the rest of the ESFP cohort. Scorpio Moon just seemed to me the most obvious emending factor for the manifestation of her MBTI sun type…

I think people back then typed her as ISFP because she seemed introverted in interviews…

Lots of sexuality theme stuff going on in her work too.

And yeah, I do see a lot of Fi in her. It looks mostly like ESFP Fi aux to me, though. Pure sexual fun, feminine power, and a show of individuality and uniqueness…But she like da fame! And the glamour! Sounds like ESFP Fe-id <—> Fi aux to me.

But yeah with the Scorpio Moon stuff, who knows? The Supreme Leader doesn’t want to share us his secrets about astro-MBTI type interplay. :woman_shrugging:

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