Lauren Graham

Now I’m curious what you guys think of her type, and also impressions of her.

@lunar, I get the feeling you wouldn’t have considered her as ENFP? What do you see in her?

I see interviews where she does the Ne Fe or Fe Ne fun talk. I haven’t watched her in any acting shows and right now don’t have a definite impression other than Ne Fe twirl. Wait is she Gilmore?

Maybe I don’t see Fi

This is what I see in front of me lol!

Too much multitasking, but have to say didn’t find what I need till I found it in the pic.

Lol just saw this. I can totally relate with seeing the thing in the picture better than when it’s in front of you.

Yes, Lauren is THE Lorelai Gilmore! Gilmore Girls was a very ENFP show. Maybe 3 out of 4 characters were ENFP. It had an ENFP director, dealing with lots of ENFP issues etc etc. :slight_smile:
(There are also a few xNFJ masquerading as something else that I spotted more recently.)

Her character’s daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) is the kind of introverted ENFP (especially when she was younger) that I could’ve sworn was INFP. I related a lot to her character, but also the actress’s personality. We’re probably hanging right next to each other on the INFP/ENFP continuum lol. It hurts my brain to look at her and remember we are not the same type.

Hey look, I made it all about myself again! How ENFP of me! :crazy_face:

Nah, I think that is more universal. Or, well, me too.

I just remembered that my enfp bro is another enfp that views himself as introvert. What’s funny is that view happened on Facebook. He had a post about his introversion. Lol.

Haha. I knew a very Robin Williams kind of ENFP who’d also say he’s an introvert. Dude was literally jumping around and shouting in excitement all the time, everyone could hear him from the other side of the corridor, but sure, aha, introvert.

I watched an interview of her:

I couldn’t get to the end because I’m tired, but I couldn’t shake the impression that continues to confuse me. What end of the continuum is she on in your eyes? Anything come to mind about that?

There is something about how she talks that almost seems unintuitive but she is also nervous maybe so people just put on public face. Maybe it’s just the way she gives each sentence a sort of emphasizing strain. I don’t know if a function or combo would account for it and which

Man, sorry to confuse you, I just thought she would be a very clear example. But I’ve also known her from the Gilmore Girls times, maybe her younger version is more obvious.

She would be somewhere towards the extraverted end of the continuum. I was also wondering if enneagram 7 could possibly apply to her. She has this foxiness about her, flirty. More loose than some of the perfectly crafted enneagram 3s. Though maybe she could still be e3 and what I’m seeing is something else.

I don’t know, I find her funny and endearing. She can make fun of herself and is more real than most. This is what I had in mind for ENFP when I first read about the type. Like she’s the female version of the clownish ones. Not quite there, but the closest I’ve ever seen in a woman, I guess. Maybe she’s just unhealthy lol, that wouldn’t be surprising. There’s a lot of Fe id going on, I think. She seems aware of it, but knows that she can’t help herself?
//edit: uhm, actually, if I’m paying attention to what she’s saying, she’s not really that funny. It’s just her energy. She seems contagious and people find her cute and adorable because of her awkwardness and enthusiasm and forgive her for the id? :grin:

Ugh, she’s so nervous in that interview, sorry, I can’t watch this, it’s making me uncomfortable.
This is more like her:

She has a book called Talking Fast:)

There is this intersection of efp efj that is such a mirage of stuff I can’t see anything or rather see everything.

That’s a good way of putting it. :slight_smile:

So type 7.

I will go do some reading.

Then come back and share your conclusions with us, because I really don’t know what I’m talking about.

I don’t come to conclusions. :stuck_out_tongue::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I didn’t really watch the show. Might have seen part of one episode long ago so am not too sure what her character is like. She says she overlaps with her character to scary degree. Def shows lots of Ne and Fe

and this I admire greatly about you :slight_smile:
whereas I want to know the answer RIGHT NOW and throw thinking out the window



Feel like I’m looking at Ricky Gervais.

I don’t know if you know him from the British The Office

Good evening,
I came to a conclusion although I don’t mind it being busted.

I was able to map Lauren Graham onto Ricky Gervais who I didn’t even know was enfp.

I noticed similarities which I’ll exaggerate.

  1. Lots of joking almost as if filling the silence. Almost like a discomfort with being serious though. As a motivation. Although that sounds a lot harsher than how I see it. They both make me laugh.

  2. When more serious they tend to amp about being passionate. They passionately communicate. And their voices can sound strained. It dawned on me that the strain is actually Fi. Really indicating “this matters to me” to the outer world.

Plus I see a lot of similarity in their appearances. They’re both heavier set enfps with somewhat strong eyes (not as soft as some enfps). That sort of helped me actually.

Also The Office’s main character is basically someone who tries and tries to get recognition or basically accepted. Made me think of Fe id in some interpretation of it.

Then I realized that sort of you could say the Gilmore mom is basically trying to be friends with her daughter more than anything else and both should “follow their dreams” (I’m bsing a bit because I haven’t really watched the show). But that could be an enfp theme.

I saw Lauren Graham really stressing her identification with that role which didn’t feel that Ni of her. I don’t know how to put into words but I find enfps are non-introspectively introspective (I think I relate a little but only a little). Even if the role is a good fit it’s just a vibe I can’t explain. Also that show appears to be “sunny”. The way they even hold their coffee cups. Next thing I picture is gap winter hats or something which I bet they actually had.

So yeah I can see how they could be enfp.

Edit: BUT the illusion crumbles into pieces. I don’t like coming to conclusions. I can see anything in anyone.

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You mean this kind of thing? :grinning:

hehe :slight_smile: Yup, the entire show is ENFP lala-land. Pretty effective to get one out of a funk!
I think you are on point with the observations about Lauren Graham and ENFPs in general. Watching Ricky Gervais right now, I don’t know him well, but ENFP makes sense from the little I’ve seen so far.

I started wondering if maybe Lauren Graham could be a slightly less intuitive than enfp type.

She does a lot of chuckling that makes “no sense” to me. In any interview I’ve seen with her she laughs in places that I can’t ping with

Also she lacks the “grace” I associate to enfp ever since that Blake article.

Enfp doesn’t feel right suddenly.

She seems heavier handed in conversations than an enfp.


ex: in this interview she’s got all the appearance of bubbly etc.

but sooo instinctively @ 1:23 she looks to the audience, she turns right over to check with them what they think and sort of tells them she needs them to applaud, then they do. it seems more in control than playful/self deprecating. would Fe id look like that. hmmm.maybe, dunno