Let's Play Sabian Symbols


Hey all, I have a game for you. Something for us to do while everyone’s waiting to get their charts read.

(Yeah, who says INFJs can’t like games! We can! As long as they’re esoteric and have profound existential implications for your life! :laughing:)

Do you know about Sabian Symbols? I don’t know that much about them, except that it assigns a symbol to each degree of the zodiac so that each sign can be further broken down into more nuanced archetypes.

Ok here’s the “game.” (Fine, it’s not really a game.)

  1. pull up your natal chart
  2. write down the sign and degree of your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Chart Ruler (placement of the planet that rules your sign; if you don’t know this, look here)
  3. look up the Sabian Symbol for each of these – you need to round up, so for example Aries 1 degrees contains everything from 0-1 degrees Aries
  4. post your results, and what you think of it!


(I will post my results as separate response.)

(Those of you who actually know about Sabian Symbols, forgive my misuse. I just thought this could be interesting.)


Sun: Aries 26


KEYNOTE: Obsession by potentiality.

The mind which finds itself confronted with a totally unfamiliar and as yet unexperienced type of potency finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action. He may rush ahead excitedly and lose his bearings. He should try to reach a state of calm watchfulness, and to learn that at this level too there are limits and restrictions, i.e. laws expressing this new type of “order.”

This is the first stage of the sixth five-fold sequence of cyclic phases. This entire sequence of symbols shows us that man at this evolutionary station has to move carefully in his new realm, for his consciousness is not yet fully able to operate in it, except with closely defined limits. It is a symbol of WARNING — a warning against undertaking more than it is as yet safe and sound to attempt.

Moon: Scorpio 26


KEYNOTE: The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning in to its requirements.

He who lives in harmony with nature, moving on as new needs arise, finds himself intuitively at home everywhere. He does not make demands upon life, for he has identified himself with the great rhythms of the biosphere and he functions at peace with what they produce. This is the message of the American Indian culture which European invaders so wantonly and meaninglessly destroyed nearly everywhere. Western man has lost faith in life because he wants to dominate and enslave manifestations.

This represents the first stage of the forty-eighth five-fold sequence in the cycle of experience. It brings to us a message we greatly need today — the message of peaceful adaptation to nature, and through adaptation, of EFFICIENT FUNCTIONING in all life situations.

Ascendant: Libra 23


KEYNOTE: A creative and joyous response to life processes.

The cock that crows as the first coloring of dawn appears at the eastern horizon is a beautiful symbol of the ability, demonstrated by all pioneers and cosmically attuned individuals, to give voice to what is as yet unmanifested, but is on the way to manifestation. At the ego level, chanticleer may feel that he makes the sun rise; but someday he will learn through painful experiences that to create is only to reveal what essentially is. It is the vivid recognition of the as-yet-unknown in the known.

This third stage symbol should make us think afresh about issues we too often take for granted. At every “sunrise” there are a few isolated witnesses that herald the coming of a new day. What is at stake here is the individual’s capacity of RESPONSE TO LIFE’S RENEWALS — renewals which are cyclic, predictable, yet always new, always creative.

Venus (Chart Ruler): Pisces 23


KEYNOTE: The ability to give of one’s own vital energy to substantiate one’s conscious ideals or unconscious desires.

The person who believes he or she has a mission or mandate, or any special gift that can be of value to his community, must substantiate this belief. He has to produce results. Sometimes this involves difficulties and special conditions or circumstances; it always demands to some extent the gift of some power of value which is deeply one’s own. The thought of sacrifice was suggested by the “white lamb” in the first symbol of this five-old series. Something precious involved in a deeply personal experience has to be surrendered, offered to others. The medium’s psychic substance provides the materials made visible in the phenomena, if the latter are genuine. After the séance, the medium is usually exhausted. The performer gives of his very life to the performance.

This refers to the third stage in the seventy-first five-fold process. The display of psychic power that the symbol depicts can be interpreted positively or negatively according to the motives that induced the “medium” to give the seance. In its most constructive aspect it suggests the Keyword: SUBSTANTIATION. The shadowy aspect of the process is “deception.”

Every time I look these up, I find them rather revealing. Like, looking at it right now, I feel like the answers to the problems I brought in my personal thread are in here somewhere.

More later! Need to get out of the Maze for now.



KEYNOTE: The need for thorough rehearsing before any complex and inherently dangerous social ritual in which power is used or evoked.

In this fifth symbol of a series dealing with the confrontation with superpersonal group or occult power we see a picture which once again synthesizes what the four preceding symbols have implied, rather than stated. In social life, as well as occultism, conflict is always to be expected; one must prepare for it. At the close of the great cycle — in the zodiac, the sign Pisces — a deep-seated struggle is inevitable at least to some extent. It can be a struggle against the ghosts of the unfulfilled past, the “unlived life,” or a confrontation with accumulated and often-eluded karma. Indeed, Pisces refers to a period in the year during which many generals and admirals have been born. The rules of the game, at least in traditional forms of warfare, can be known. One may have to rehearse the dangerous play, just as our astronauts endlessly rehearsed every step in the moon-landings. Individual rashness cannot be tolerated. Even a deliberate sacrifice must play a well-conceived part — like the sacrifice of an important piece in a game of chess.

This is the last symbol in Scene Twenty-three. The entire scene dealt in various ways with the process of integration of the individual into a social Whole, a community, an occult Brotherhood. A concluding Keyword could be VALORIZATION. The concept of group-value dominates the entire scene.


KEYNOTE: The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.

The butterfly is the ancient and traditional symbol of the results of the process of spiritual rebirth. If the butterfly has three wings instead of two, a special development of an aspect of the spiritual life is shown. Three is a symbol of fulfillment. Some power has been added to the normal spiritual life of the individual person. The left side usually refers to the instinctual field of the consciousness, but it is also the heart’s side. A new strength is shown, perhaps as yet unrealized.

A fourth stage symbol usually refers to some kind of technique or technical achievement. What is implied here is that the contact with the revivifying Life-force (cf. the first stage symbol) can result in the appearance of a new faculty, the use of which may not as yet be consciously evaluated. Indeed it is the establishment of such a contact which constitutes a technique for ORIGINAL MUTATION.


KEYNOTE: The explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions.

Every movement overstressing one direction calls forth in time an equally extreme movement in the opposite direction. This is particularly true at the level of the dualistic mind symbolized in the zodiac by Gemini. What is rigidly bound in form and convention tends to explode into formlessness. It may do so violently if socially oppressed — through revolution — or at the psychological level in psychosis; or it may withdraw inwardly into the mystical state in which one identifies with an unformulatable Reality.

This fifth stage is related to the first, for it is the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process. In the same sense a psychedelic experience may momentarily make the mind transparent to a non-ego-structured realm of consciousness, and may lead to a sustained attempt at understanding what has been revealed of a transcendent Reality. Whether the revolutionary action is violent or peaceful, bitterly resentful or loving, the one desire is TO REACH BEYOND ESTABLISHED FORMS.

MERCURY chart ruler (PISCES 17°):

KEYNOTE: The capacity inherent in all great sociocultural Images to unite the members of a community in a display of excellence.

Here we see, by contrast, the unifying power of great myths and symbols in truly organic and self-perpetuating culture. The Image of the Resurrection spurs all men within the pale of Christendom to appear at their very best and to dynamize themselves in some kind of self-renewal in response to the Christ mythos, and to the call of nature’s springtime as well. Wherever found, this symbol emphasizes the value of attuning one’s life activities and moods to the ritualistic patterns of society or Earth-nature, rather than acting in complete independence from the group.

At this second stage of the five-fold subcycle the Collective dominates the Individual, Yin overpowers Yang. It is a time for conformity to what constitutes the highest ideals of one’s culture and for PARTICIPATION IN COLLECTIVE PEAK EXPERIENCES.

oo I like a good game. I think I’ve done it right…Well, do I win?!

I do love the imagery!
These sound like the cryptic answers to a Tarot reading except I don’t know what the question is! I have no idea what Satan’s-oops!- Sabian Symbols are all about but will go off and do a little reading up. And ponder some more on these story-like nuggets.

I notice we have a Libra 23 - your ascendant, my moon.
Edit: Not anymore!

What do you think of your results?


I noticed that too!

I think my metaphors are very apt and contain the keys to unlock my current troubles. But I need to think a bit more (and get over these cramps I’m currently having :slightly_frowning_face:) before I can articulate.


Hey, got your chart! It looks fine. I don’t see anything wrong with the data, the tables are arranged differently.

Posting here to remind you to ROUND UP for Sabian Symbols. Your moon should be 24 Libra, Sun 15 Pisces and Rising 5 Gemini. It’s weird, I know. I made this mistake when I first started with them and got very attached to the one for my sun sign only to have it taken from me :frowning_face:

Also your chart ruler is Mercury not Neptune (it’s based on the rising sign not the sun though there are different schools of thought on this).

Hope that was helpful and not annoying! You have a very interesting chart with a dissociate grand trine and a retrograde chart ruler. I’ll get to it next week sometime probably?


I should probably bold that in the instructions.

So much for our connection @sacha! :slightly_frowning_face:

@batshitty are you going to play too?


Yeah, in the works! By the way my plans today were cancelled and I can talk earlier if that is better for you. Email me.

Bolding is a good idea. I saw that you posted the rounding up in the instructions and just caught that she didn’t see it cause I looked at Sacha’s actual chart. The whole rounding up thing is so counter-intuitive even though it technically makes sense. I don’t know why they don’t just relabel the symbols themselves to start at 0 but go figure.

You guys may no longer share a symbol but you do have a ascendant/moon conjunction and that is some nice synastry.




KEYNOTE: The need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contacts with like-minded individuals.

This symbol adds something vital to the preceding one. Transcendent experiences and supernormal faculties must be tested and clarified through the use of normal and collectively tested means of communication — which may mean through scientific procedures. The “Dutch children” seem to have been introduced by the subconscious mind of the formulator of the symbol because of an association with neatness and the open spirit of discussion which has prevailed in Holland. They are “children” because the new experiences are still very fresh and require certification; this demands a “clean” and open mind eager to test what is experienced in an exchange of views with one’s peers.

This is the last stage of the fifteenth five-fold sequence of symbols. It closes the scene of “Discovery.” All discoveries must be checked and their validity tested. In old tribal cultures a man’s “great dreams” were accepted as valid and acted upon only if another tribesman also had a similar dream. The need for OBJECTIVITY has to be met; and this implies the confirmation of any subjective realization by some similar experience. It implies also the type of dualism inherent in all mental experiences as well as in mental concepts.



KEYNOTE: The need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond.

Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet-unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits.

This represents the first stage in the fifty-sixth five-fold sequence. It establishes a foundation for what will follow. Here man reaches a THRESHOLD in which he may have to pause in order to safeguard his further advance.



KEYNOTE: The certification of aristocratic status, at whatever level “nobility” expresses itself in cultural eminence.

Once more a reference to ancestral achievements occurs among these symbols for the sign Virgo. It is seen here in its most exalted character, for “royalty” is spoken of. Traditionally the king is the spiritual symbol of unity of an integrated nation; as a coat of arms is visualized, we are dealing with a status that is not merely personally acquired but has its roots in a notable past. Every great Adept has come out of a line of human beings who have made their marks upon human evolution. Spiritual attainment is the result of a series of long, repeated efforts; it is the end of a “royal road,” (raja yoga) in the broadest sense of the term, raja, meaning king.

This second stage symbol contrasts with that of the first in that it refers to heredity rather than to the training of youthful raw material. Gautama the Buddha was known occultly as “He who comes after his predecessors.” The coat of arms represents the collective status, the Spiritual Office. Whoever wears it assumes the responsibility of an Office. As the French say, “Noblesse oblige.” NOBILITY confers upon a man exacting responsibility. The question implied in the symbol is, Are you willing, able and ready to assume a “royal” office, at whatever level it may be?



KEYNOTE: The power and joy of new beginnings.

These “newly opened lands” can refer to any as yet unexperienced field of potential activity at any level — material, emotional, mental or supermental. We are now dealing with the third level of experience, at which individuality — or at least the ego character — operates more definitely. While in the preceding phases much was said concerning the powers of the mind, this mind was essentially based on the collective patterns of a culture and a society. Now, at this third level, we find the human being essentially engaged in his personal and particular struggle for full and effective individualization. And the initial realization he has to experience is that he has reached a potentially virgin field of consciousness and activity. He is facing the unfamiliar. Anything could happen.

This is the first stage of the fifteenth five-fold sequence of symbols. Having conquered, at least to some extent, the collective and material energies of nature and society, man has become relatively “separate” from the past. He faces the future. Every step ahead should show him RISING TO THE OCCASION.


Oo excellent thanks for telling me, I knew I was jumping in too quick! I’ll update my results. I guess I don’t win at this game then lol.


No one wins the game of life. Or do they?



Haha, only if you don’t try. As in all games, I think I’m a better player than I actually am.:roll_eyes:


More often, life wins at the game of you.


Have I got the mercury degree right?!


I think your moon is Libra 24, not Libra 16.


No, 17 Pisces! What a treasure hunt.


Gargh! What’s going on! I don’t think I want to play anymore!!


Hang in there!


I’m going to play, but not sure I got the technicalities right, especially the chart ruler. So…

Sun Gemini 28 therefore 29


KEYNOTE: The creative exuberance of the human soul in response to basic life experiences.

The mockingbird is able to imitate sounds he hears, but actually he does more than imitate, for he weaves all these sounds into melodies which at times can have joyous amplitude and instinctively creative spontaneity. The symbol refers to the capacity which the talented individual has to take collective material and to transform it under the urge of biological productivity and instinctual love. The song rises, powered by these great natural drives, very much as so-called popular songs rise from the youthful soul in response to deep personal or social emotions.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold sequence, what is presented to us symbolically is the reaction of the individual who has become sensitive to many life currents in his environment and who is able to exteriorize this welling-up response as a gift to his society, displaying VIRTUOSITY.

Moon Capricorn 2 therefore 3


KEYNOTE: A powerful yearning for whatever will increase the scope and depth of one’s contacts with other living beings.

One wonders what the clairvoyant “saw” and said to the recorder of this symbol. How did she visualize a “human soul” or, as Marc Edmund Jones recorded it, its being “receptive to growth and understanding”? What is implied in the position of this symbol seems to be the strong drive in every human consciousness or will toward new experiences, whether they are constructive or destructive. Man may grow and gain understanding and wisdom through both types. Yet the yearning needs to be tempered by an instinctive evaluation of the end results of the experience.

This is the third phase of the fifty-fifth five-fold process. It shows us what is behind all uses of power, anabolic or catabolic: a strong DESIRE TO PROVE ONESELF.

Asc Virgo 28 therefore 29


KEYNOTE: After a crisis one should seek to realign the renewed consciousness with the primordial Revelation of the Truth of Man.

Any revolutionary movement, once it has succeeded in over- coming the inertia of the past and in toppling obsolete structures, needs to tap the most essential realities of what Man represents and signifies in the universal Order; or else it merely re-embodies in a superficially altered manner the very things it has destroyed. This is the crucial moment. In occultism the “Pattern of Man” is an archetypal Power that may be contacted. It must be sought with undeviating determination. After each revolutionary crisis this Pattern and this Power can be contacted — always the same, yet at each new cycle perceivable in a different light.

This fourth stage symbol presents us with the technique required to “reach the other shore.” But each individual, and each group or racial unit, must come in its own way to the ROOT KNOWLEDGE which provides the only safe foundation for rebirth.

And this is where I am making leaps…
Chart Ruler Mercury, Gem 9? therefore 10.


KEYNOTE: A superior ability to challenge nature and play with danger.

Through the controlled use of mental powers man is able to challenge the most basic force in nature: gravitation. He enjoys playing with it as a lion tamer with his violent animals. But what he challenges is within himself as well as outside. Gravitation is the universal binding force of the material world. By challenging it man prepares himself to pierce beyond the physical and to reach higher realms of existence. He may lose the struggle, but that prospect makes the effort more exciting. He might gain “immortality.”

This is the final stage of the fourteenth sequence. The symbol for it has a strong sense of finality. No possibility of half measures exist. Man is committed irrevocably to success or failure — at least as a conscious and self-reliant mind. The alternatives are clear-cut. One may describe it as MIND vs. MATTER, or as Man’s will against the fate that gravitation so aptly symbolizes.

I hesitate to say much before being sure I did this right. Can someone check for me?
I will say NOSEDIVE is relevant though, whether it is mine or not.


Yes, your chart ruler is correct. :rose:


Thanks! Gonna process this for a bit.
When first looking I did not round up and felt like what I was getting I knew already, like came into this world with the understanding, or some understanding, rather than something I was exploring this time.