Like seeing colour for the first time.. what's opened your eyes and changed your life's meaning?


I was going through these EnChroma glasses vids where colorblind people are able to see the colour spectrum more fully for the first time:

And was thinking how amazing it is to finally see or understand a whole new world that you never had access to. People start crying like they just saw a glimpse of heaven or life became much deeper, more beautiful and meaningful…
Have you ever had such experiences? Where something is revealed to you and your whole world opens up and you just want to cry like you understand or can be a part of people for the first time?

Similar things that people can go through that “enlightens”:

  • becoming a parent for the first time. This whole world of responsibility, dependence, power is handed to you.
  • falling in love
  • finding god
  • loss

Sometimes I like to sit around and think about the things I take for granted and just appreciate it exists and that I exist to experience it.

So anyway, thought I would share! And then just think aboots it. How nice, the Se experience and knowledge that we sometimes scoff at until we see it for the first time.


On the opposite end, there have been some medical procedures that have helped blind people gain “sight” again, but sight is so linked to brain development that gaining it is INCREDIBLY DISORIENTING (learning what up and down and movement and shapes even are??? how to decipher the world or symbols and objects that constantly bombard you). I don’t remember the exact research, but the anecdotes I have heard was that it’s so bizarre to people who have been born blind most of that life that it sometimes drives them nuts and sometimes to suicide.

So not all enlightenment is as positive or enlightening as one might hope.


This was fantastic to wake up to!
A good jolt of gratitude.


Really heart opening videos.

Was considering buying some for my son’s friend and reading Amazon reviews. They are 350$ and some people do have dramatic results while other find it doesn’t work or take some time to see the difference

I wonder if they work on dogs


The human eye usually has 3 colour cones, and often if there is colourblindness, the red-green cones overlap too much in signal activation. The glasses work by suppressing the “inbetween” wavelengths to differentiate between the red or green signals better. Thus red or green differences will then “pop” out for previously colourblind people.

I think dogs naturally only have two cones for colour vision (blue-ish and yellow-ish?), and in low concentration too. I think the glasses would perhaps only… up the contrast and saturation? It wouldn’t give them the new colour dimension, I guess, that a new operational cone would.

Also cool: tetrachromats! Apparently some people have some 4th special cone that allows them even greater colour sensitivity. Only found in women, apparently (or XX0 folks, as the extra gene is carried on the X chromosome). They think maybe up to 12% of women are tetrachromats, which may explain why women culturally seem to much more attentive to colour.


damn. i think this is the deepest question i’ve ever received.

the first time was when i felt the overwhelming presence of spiritual entity.
i was 9. i kept asking for signs, signs, signs… because i was skeptical and i wanted to believe.
and i kept seeing signs over signs. it was toooooo coincidental.

and the message of comfort i was getting was "do not be afraid. of anyone, or anything."
it was as if God was speaking in my head. to reassure me.
and i cried and cried because it was one of the darkest days of my life.
cried because i didn’t feel like i was alone anymore.

i would’ve definitely become a crazy violent ruthless person if it wasn’t for that.

and at that time i was seeing dark spiritual entities too. like demons and stuff.

i was very keen to these energies.

and i could see and experience how these spiritual warfare takes place.

there were times where demons would speak to me and plant thoughts in my head.


Political awakening. Taking the red (and black) pill. It felt so good to be able to encompass all my values in a coherent ideology that applied to every single aspect of existence and gave me a framework to dissect it. It has brought me the same amount of fulfillment religion used to do and gave new meaning to my life after I had lost it. It is also intrinsically linked my growth as a human and something that I wish I could shout at the world every time I get asked about money, job, relationship status and all other kind of achievements people expect in order to see growth in someone. I have THIS, people! I have my backbone! But they do not know and do not care, and neither should I about them. I know my way. And even though all the rest might still be blurry, finding this was huge to me.


What a thought-provoking question!

I’m not sure I can put it into words. Essentially, I went to a life-changing concert. It was there that I truly felt the suffering of the world. I can’t really describe it, but it was like all of a sudden the world’s suffering hit me like a bolt of lightning. It wasn’t some conceptual idea of people suffering, it was somehow real and actualized within me. I wasn’t afraid, though. Instead of succumbing to the negative forces, I felt this spacious, immense, very fucking real feeling that I have the ability to help lift people up out of this suffering. I felt the raw energy of love radiating from me, lifting me up out of my body and into the entire universe. It was there I realized that I can do anything with my life that I choose because I have this power radiating from me.

And now I will ask you the same question! What has opened your eyes and changed your life’s meaning, @prax?


I feel like I don’t even know what opened up my eyes hahah. Besides these videos maybe. HMM… I would have to dig into my babby past for this…

I do remember the time I was being kind of an ass during my grandfather’s funeral. I had made a painting for him to kind of get cremated with him, but when I was told I “wasn’t allowed” because of some Buddhist teachings (despite the fact that other people did manage to sneak things into his casket that was personal to them), I like… threw a fit (crying, grumpy, shoving people away who tried to “cheer me up”–and I’m like 20 or something at this time). lol And part of me feels it wasn’t even because I was deeply grieving, even though that’s what everyone assumed, but moreso because some “dumb religious rules” got in my way. Like just some anti-authority meltdown.

Anyway, I just went home with my nice painting (it was of a lady with a lantern to guide grampa into afterlife) and DESTROYED IT!!! While at the same time was just thinking “Screw this! And screw my conceit too! I had such a huge ego about this, but this was also a stupid rule!!!”. And it was at that point that I realized I organized religion of any kind was not something for me (I kind of dipped around looking for a “religion” to try on before then, but this cemented my distaste lol).

Did this really change my life’s meaning though? Hm… I dunno. I guess maybe. I think I just understood myself a bit better and reorganized my convictions around my own understanding more than what any one tradition would say.


damn Prax your story is sad.
I thought it was when you were 7 years old until you said you were in your 20s… hahaha

oh. I thought about this today.

i thought true love was just a theory.
but after my wifey showed me unconditional love that couldn’t be explained logically, I started having faith in humanity.


This is what happens with Fi-tert I think. Tweenager tantrums hahaha.

Also maybe aspergers plays a role (like I ain’t a baby… I shoulda known better lol), but I think when it comes to death of family members, a lot of people regress too. Very strange, but I guess natural and human.


my dad does this too when he’s hurt about something.
it’s very rare but it makes me go ‘Wtf…? why so petty?’