Louis CK - LOVE


So, this is hilarious!!! I’ve been stuck in a loop watching Louis CK skits on YouTube! Please someone join me in this awesome fun!

This one is super apt! He talks about sex AND the Periodic Table, which Blake just shared on a different thread. How funny!

I’ll probably post more as the night continues…haha. I’m crying tears of laughter!


Just a great quote by Louis: “All fountain sculptors are pedophiles.”

“My asshole is like a bag of leaves no one tied up.”

Btw, I’m fine with this just being my thread. I’m having a blast. hahaha.


About Dating


About the differences of girls/boys, men/women, and SEX! I think I’ve fallen in love.



Anyway, his special just came out on Netflix, so if you can watch, do!:

I am about 10 minutes in and it’s hilarious and relevant so far at least…
I think he comes off ESFJ to me because he’s messy (Se id?) and feelingsy but maybe Ni-Ne overdrive? But who knows. Maybe he’s just gross INFP or ISFJ lol.
I really enjoy him though and am watching… before my husband gets to (usually he waits for me to join him, but I am being inconsiderate… heheh…!)

[am watchingt his instead of witch movie? that right, folks]

Topics covered in case you wanna know:

[spoiler]- abortion

  • suicide
  • religion
  • racial voice impersonations
  • npr
  • adopt dog
  • achilles heel
  • afterlife
  • marriage
  • falling in and our of love
  • email fights & navelgazing
  • dating/courtship
  • transgenderism
  • sexuality and repression
  • elitist/exclusivity temptation
  • penises [/spoiler]


how did you do this spoiler alert shading?!


gear menu beside the smilies has option for spoilering, polls, or hiding quote!


I am so excited to go down that rabbit hole:)
I made peace with Obama being an isfj.
Now I wanna revisit Louis CK being an isfj.
I love that he is such a question mark.

In his interview with Charlie Rose I have the impression that the Ti is high up there. Have the impression that Louis CK’s Ti > Obama’s Ti. Since I have come to think of Ti as the tidy emergence of words to support the thoughts. Except that too much Ti will look like a backing up sometimes. Very tight emergence of thoughts.

When you see a person again after not paying attention after a long time you notice things you didn’t at all before. For Obama, for ex, like when he is strained he kind of chides others slightly.


I found this quote about Louis CK:

(In a phone conversation, Adlon says she’s confident Louis will pull it off, describing him as having “his own kind of discipline. Like a college kid cramming for a final.”)

Huge tip I think.


Some of his life philosophy, just for interest’s sake:

Finally, Louis picks up a longer card, with sentences printed in black marker. “Human kindness has no reward,” he reads. “You should give to others in every way you see. You should expect absolutely nothing from anyone. It should be your goal to love every human you encounter. All human suffering that you’re aware of and continues without your effort to stop it becomes your crime. Humans are always evolving. If you do one thing that if done by every human would destroy the world, that makes you Hitler.’”

“There’s Hitler again!” he says, then slaps the card down. “I don’t live by any of those. But I believe them all very strongly.”

love this: :slight_smile:


To me no way he is infp. He is COARSER than infp.


Yeah, he’s an ISFJ. I abandoned the INFP possibility a while back. I should probably update Anaconda Pajama Face to reflect this.


This video is a point against infp, in which he admits to sort of knowingly throwing in a stick in the wheel for Jimmy Fallon. Unless it’s hugely exaggerated which it probably is. But it just doesn’t sound like an infp, due to the kind of strength with which he delivers that then kind of works Jimmy Fallon back up saying he was inevitable.


Came to Stellar Maze to see about Louis CK after watching his special last night. Great to see he was top thread! an ISTJ huh? I wouldn’t have guessed that but I don’t know what I would have guessed. Mostly I think I am bad at recognizing Te. Hard for me to know what it looks like. It feels like a blind spot. Socionics would say, hmm, well, depends on what I am but let’s say I’m probably an ENTP, Socionics would say… (on Te for ENTP)

Though the ILE can demonstrate a head for practical or efficient reasoning, particularly in conjunction with the ignoring function Ni, he will typically resort to it only to sell the merits of his ideas. The ILE is more concerned with the possibility of creating than in finding the best way to do something.

When the demand exists, the ILE will deliver a practical and realistic rationale or solution, but be prepared for a tack that is singularly unorthodox. The ILE will not be boxed in by the rules of convention, rather he will actively search for a new way to perform a task. In this way, ILEs are often seen cutting corners. To others, this may be seen as snubbing the rules, and rightfully so, because the ILE dislikes the idea of a preset way of performing a task. It is counter-intuitive to their Ego. To the ILE, they are more likely playfully reinventing convention in order to show how their skills are best used or perhaps to prove that their manner of approaching the task surpasses that of Te-ego types in efficiency and practicality.

I’m always jealous of how Louis CK seems to make Ne type connections but is able to repeat them again and again (not for too long, as he’s into making new material, but as an active decision), while I can’t ever say the same thing the same way twice. When I taught school, two sections of the same university course one hour after the other for a couple years, I could never, ever, ever lead the class the same way twice. Ever. The first hour was better than the second 100% of the time, except for when the classes would get off schedule and then be like two different courses. That’s all that worked for me. Can’t follow a script or I fall asleep.

It occurs to me that Louis CK is engaged in controlling his career to a pretty high and effective degree, and also that he pays a certain amount of attention to Getting Shit Done the Right Way [edit to add: the right way like, the effective way, the way that will actually make the progress happen – paying your dues if that’s what it takes]. Like he’s a successful comic so we know he’s been working his ass off for thirty years period, and also, I think of episodes like the one with Joan Rivers where basically he uses himself as the dummy to teach the world that You Don’t Make Fun of Donald Trump When Working In A Fucking Trump Casino. Which was, weird to think, something totally outside the realm of politics back when the episode aired, haha. I can see this episode as a sort of representation by a person who has learned not to overvalue their Tertiary Fi that the world requires some extroverted thinking, personal principles be damned (for a minute).


ISFJ, not ISTJ. Louis CK doesn’t have good Te, which is what a lot of his comedy is about. Not being a very together person.

The Si dominance creates more that work ethic of “keep trying”. Slow and persistent action. The wisdom of experience. Practical wisdom that can only be acquired by experience.


Oh my god I have this exact problem (as far as teaching is concerned, your Ne is way higher lol). I teach 3 sections back to back, they all come out different…freaking Ne. Can’t follow notes either. Already following a syllabus is hard. For me the second class is better, third usually not better than second, usually worse.


Oh yeah, I agree with ISFJ in general with higher level Ni use than ESFJ could muster. He just looks like a gross ESFJ… hahah!

I like how you have a spectrum of Louis ISFJ vs Obama ISFJ now. Crass vs polished.


Yes. So fascinating. Obama often sounds like he is hedging. Or jamming. And he is smooth. Louis CK is coarser, and he isn’t chewing all his words. They feel almost worlds apart…also Louis CK is a process describer (in interviews). He likes to break things down.

Someone at my work resembles Louis CK. He agreed to answer some questions lol. I couldn’t resist asking but did wait almost one year to ask. My plan is to use the 8 cognitive function descriptions. Per card, I put 2 function descriptions: Ti Te, Fi Fe, etc. I have him choose what he more naturally uses out of each 2. Rather than have him fill out a 50 question questionnaire of “from 1 to 5” do you agree or not agree. Then ask him a few more questions. See if he by chance comes out isfj or not. Out of curiosity.



You can really see the pragmatism come out in Louis’ sum up of Trump, other people, kind of offput by too much unearned praise/accolades, and why he thinks voting is a responsibility etc. Louis has a very practical morality about him underneath the crassness.

Have him just take an MBTI test too. Hahaha… “Go through these 100 online questions so I know which Harry Potter character you are most like!!”


He seems to be able to moralize pretty much on anything without upsetting people. A friend of mine once claimed that the difference between a joke that’s funny and a joke that’s racist is whether or not the person telling it is a racist. I kind of agree with that and think all of Louis CK’s most gnarly jokes are quite spiritually uplifting by the same logic.