Louis Theroux & His Motley Crew


Are you guys familiar with Louis Theroux?

He does quite serious documentaries nowadays, usually about drugs and crime.

Yet he started out by visiting unusual individuals and sub cultures, mainly in the US in the late 90’s/early 00’s

One of his best series was called ‘Weird Weekends’ where he would spend a few days hanging out with some totally off the wall characters. You couldn’t make these folk up, in some ways it’s a bit sad but also totally hilarious, so its all good.

Lets see you type these guys!

Doctor Win for the win!

Corton the Alien being channeled

"Muscle women are awesum"

"It’s a big penis god dammit"

Guru Gordon

New York acting class, pretentious liberals pfft

Dr Win, this guy must be a billionaire by now!


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His documentaries on the Westboro Baptist church are excellent and hilarious.


Yeah they really are, what’s most interesting is seeing how Megan Phelps turned out.


I do enjoy watching Louis Theroux in action. I love hearing him on the Adam Buxton podcasts even better. If you like a bit of silliness these two together are very funny. I think LT guests in about four episodes. Never fails to cheer me up on a dull commute.


He took a bad turn when he started doing serious documentaries. Should’ve stuck to slapstick documentaries.