Loving my ENTPness


Okay so I was just thinking about myself and pondering my ENTPness and was thinking “there are some good things about being an ENTP for sure man, including saying ENTPness but also things of more substance. Not that my ENTPness is not substantial.”

Here’s what I like about me, but after I show mine you show yours. What do you like about being the type you are? Within a typology frame, I mean.

*I like that the folks I tend to really like tend to mostly either like or respect ENTPs. Few people hate them, it seems. Except employers and wives of mine.

*I like that I wake up happy and that I’ll die laughing as long as it’s unexpected and weird.

*I like how much Fun I get out of the feel and sound of words.

*I like sucking at Se and not doing Fi because neither of them matter anyway objectively amiright. Mostly I like that I have no {edit: minimal} demands on the world for my needs. Homelessness or living in a shitty place is fine. Pain is nbd. Being tortured to death isnt something I’d rule out if I had the option. Like I’d sign up for guaranteed life till 100 for the cost of guaranteed death by torture fo sho.



Tonight I am really cringing at myself.

But I will try.
That is what I like about myself. I feel a fool and I just keep going. Feel like an idiot. Roll out of bed next day, cuss and carry on. Say things that make me want to bench myself and after much self inflicted shame, get up and do it again.

I like that I make people feel good by seeing them, listening to them, even when my face hurts from Fe-ing.
I like that I am patient when it matters and impatient when it is bullshit.

I like reading and listening to ENTP’s and then walking away laughing or SMH in exasperation.


i love my ESTPness very much. i stroke my ego errday.

dude. i know you have more than that.

hmm, what i love about ESTP. within typology frame.

  • love that i don’t have to Ne (hahaha opposite of Johnonymous) which means, i’m glad i don’t have to think about the consequences for my action. (good or bad). wait, is that even Ne?
  • food taste so fxxking great. some people eat to live. i LIVE TO EAT.
  • sex. i can sex everyday. multiple times a day. and not get sick of it. FXKK YEAH!
  • people smoke weed so they can stop feeling anxiety, and feel the present. i don’t need weed to feel the present. i am HERE AND NOW ALL THE TIME! hahaha
  • i’m sure this is an ESTP thing. i GET WHAT I WANT! always. impossible? no worries. i’ll make it happen.
  • this is a selfish ESTP thing. but i don’t have to worry about my consequences. i just don’t care.
  • take things one day at a time. not worried about tomorrow. why worry? just be happy. HAKUNAMATATA BABY! hmm. that makes me think. Timon and Pumbaa must be Se users!
  • being able to read body language. i believe ESTP is the best at this. i can use this strength however i want. for my gain. but usually win-win. everyone’s happy! and this is actually fun to do. especially when this skill is useful.
  • being able to tolerate ENTJ/ESTJ the most? they’re exciting to be around. Te and Se partying? someone better call the police!

i wouldn’t say these traits are beneficial for other people.
it’s something that i personally enjoy. me. myself.

just reading the list, sounds like a selfish narcissist.

but… i’m NOT!

the title says it all.

not cocky tho. ha. get it?


I was talking to Wendy about one of the charts having ENTP on the pretty low end of the happiness scale, and we figured: ENTP are unhappy because all they wanna do is play but most people don’t wanna play with them. :(((
How true do you feel this is? haha

I like that even though I might not like being wrong, I can be convinced and adjust myself to true data if proven so? I am not sure if others will believe this about INTJ though since they can appear dogmatic haha.
I like being INTJ because I like kind of being a jerk/blunt and getting away with it because people generally think I am competent in some way.
I also like that since I am blunt from the very beginning, I have set expectations early for it in the future.
I like that I get to pick and choose what to focus my energy on and not have tooooo much emotional angst about it.
In the same vein, I like that it seems I can choose to distance myself from the emotional dramas that other people involve themselves in because they have such deep needs to be liked or to be around people no matter what.


Way to work it in.


Interesting. I guess I feel suspicious of the methodology; obviously tons of stuff online is crap but also, I wonder if mbti typing is consistent enough to correlate this stuff. Like when I have been unhappy i have typed myself differently. I wonder if there is a type who, when in a bad way, types as ENTP, and then reports being an unhappy entp.

I tend to suspect that most types are rather happy at their best and unhappy at their worst but not sure.


“ENTPness”…lol I get it.