Magic is REAL (Dynamo)



some magics are good ol tricks.

but this isn’t.

maybe demon’s tricks.


here’s 3 hour long documentary on magic if you HAVE time.

or don’t waste it at all.

and you don’t have to believe anything he says.

but keep your minds open and come to your own conclusion.

and i know maybe half of these performances can be turned into a trick that is possible for anyone to do.
with good enough CGI and advanced technologies.

btw. all the few people that i know that worked for secret service believes in God. because they’ve seen some demonic stuff. so they know that reason of shadow is casted by a light.
oh, and the demonic stuff, it’s supposed to be a privilege to experience/see it, so it’s not something anyone with little experience can get their hands on.

if you don’t want to believe anything. that’s fine.

just have fun watching a magic show.


Magic is real, but it’s usually less flashy and much more subtle than the sleight of hand of clever stage magicians like Dynamo. Therefore it mostly goes unnoticed by everyone. However, if you know what to look for, it is suprisingly commonplace.


lol hi Cate Blanchett:) tis magic


All shall love me and despair!!!


ohhh yeah very true


where do i look for and what do i look for??

i wanna know!


Like a recent road trip with my parents. Mum and I decided that the satnav with the nice female voice deserved to have a name, since she’d been working so hard to guide us through the narrow Somerset lanes.

After a few minutes thought, I suggested she should be called “Rosie”, and Mum freaked out as she had thought of the same name just a moment before!


do you consider this like a telepathy of some sort?

oh btw. i’m very curious on how you do your investigation (forensic science), i wonder if you use mbti and astrology because you have a hefty knowledge.


Yeah, I’ve always had a close “telepathic” link with Mum. I usually know when she’s about to phone as I get an image of her just before.

Another time I was walking in front of her when I had a flash intuition that she was about to trip over and fall. I dismissed it as imagination, then a second later she tripped and fell flat on her face. If I had turned round when I had the intuition I could have caught her before she hurt herself. I still feel bad about that years later!


hey you use the m u m spelling! me too:)


I use MBTI and Astrology because experience has convinced me that both disciplines are practical and incredibly useful in many areas of life.

As for forensic science, my speciality is the chemical analysis of drugs of abuse. I use a variety of techniques, including colour tests, Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), Microscopy (for Cannabis), Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) and High Performance Liquid Chomatography (HPLC).


I think its the British spelling.


yeah. my mum used to hang upside down…


But oftentimes my intuition has supplied the correct drug present in a sample before I do any analysis. That wont stand up in court, though!


I’m also strangely in tune with the weather wherever I go. Like that old Crowded House song:


I have been studying and practising the disciplines of the Western Mystery Tradition for many years. The closest thing there is to modern Western magic (though I see it as more of an unrecognised scientific/psychological set of disciplines).


It’s very cool when it works, however! Need an upgrade to business class? Sorted by a few simple magical thought techniques and gestures. Same for finding a handy parking spot, or securing a booking at a popular restaurant.


I will have to look at this stuff later! I am not good at watching youtube clips haha.

But yeah, magic and demon and ESP stuff interests me even if it’s hard to prove it’s true. Maybe because it plays into the “hidden world” or “extra dimensions” kind of thought. Maybe the closest I’ve had of really feeling anything was of “dream invaders” . For a few years I would have regular dreams kind of invaded by what felt like an outside presence of a dark demon/ghost boy or evil woman that seemed to be able to control the dream better than I could (wouldn’t let me wake up). But it hasn’t happened lately anymore! Wonder what became of them!

On the other hand, my brother and cousins have seen floating orbs/sparkles at night in bed, or even shadow creatures with no face looking at them while fully conscious. Cousin was brushing her teeth and she saw in the bathroom mirror something faceless peeping out and staring at her down the hallway, but then she just closed the door and continued brushing teeth lol. She also used to get a lot of sleep paralysis, but I think those things have stopped after moving from her probably-haunted house.

What are the downsides to having this kind of magic if it derives from dmeons? Do you think these people sold their souls? lol

I once went on ebay or some selling site where a bunch of people were trying to sell off rings or items that they said had sex/pleasure demons posessing them/trapped in them. And I was like “wow! a literal demon slave/trafficking ring!” and laughed because even if it’s all fantasy scam, it just seemed morally wrong? hahha To both be using demons as if they could be pets that won’t maul you and also just making anything that sentient and intelligent a “slave” .


We stayed in a haunted house once. It was fascinating! Even cynical HaHa the Sun God could sense the ghosts and feel how cold it got inside on a scorching hot summer day. He took some photos and there were strange glowing energies everywhere…


That is interesting! I don’t really trust my intuition but I used to have weird irrational fear when I go to my brother’s house. Especially his kitchen, I hate going in without turning on all the lights, and sometimes when I was downstairs doing homework, I can sense someone was there but I couldn’t pinpoint what/where was it. I used to hate going to his house but I don’t dare to tell him in case he thinks I was being irrational or something. Anywhere, he sold his house and got a new place, I feel much “safer” at his new place now.