Mandela Effect poll 2 - map of the earth. yes really


don’t check your google maps. don’t look at your map of the earth.
answer quickly with your memory.

pick the one you remember.


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It occurs to me that you didn’t study the heck out of the region around the Yucatán peninsula as a 9 year old attempting to prove the validity of the book of Mormons account of the new world, @supernokturnal.


no I didn’t my fellow ex Mormon, i didn’t study the heck out of region of youcanttan or maybe youcantan if you go out in the sun and roast yourself.

no, but about six months ago I asked this MandelaEffect questions to people in real life

“if north America is here (using a fist as NA), where is South America? put your first wherever you think South America is.”

John, go out there and ask you friends the question with using your fist. Or make them draw approximately where South America is compared to North America.

and tell me how many out of how many got it right, and how many got it wrong.

or John, maybe I came from different universe and Yucatan peninsula didn’t exist there :wink: haha jk but tell me more