Mandela Effect Poll - test your memory


okay, here goes another conspiracy theory.

but this one is more fun, and light-hearted, or it could be scary.

it really depends on how you take it!

since none of you really know what this is, i’ll introduce to you guys.

i have my own conclusion, but first, let’s take a fun poll!

#don’t google your answer until you finish answering everything from your OWN memory!

BTW. i promise you. that none of you will get everything ‘correct’

#Which do you remember as a correct one?

  • Chic-Fil-A
  • Chik-Fil-A
  • Chick-Fil-A

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  • Looney Tunes
  • Looney Toons

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  • Febreeze
  • Febreze

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  • Ghandi
  • Gandhi

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  • Fruit Loops
  • Froot Loops

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  • Oscar Meyer
  • Oscar Mayer

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  • monopoly man had monacle
  • monopoly man didn’t have monacle

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  • Henry the VIII had turkey leg in his hand
  • Henry the VIII never had turkey leg in his hand

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  • Volkswagen V and W was conjoined
  • Volkswagen V and W had line in between

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  • Curious George have a tail
  • Curious George never had a tail

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  • Pikachu have a black tip on his tail
  • Pikachu’s tail is just yellow, no black tip

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  • Mickey Mouse have suspenders
  • Mickey Mouse doesn’t wear suspenders

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  • Sketchers
  • Skechers

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  • Sex in the City
  • Sex and the City

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  • “Luke, I am your father” - starwars
  • “No, I am your father” - starwars

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  • “Mirror mirror on the wall”
  • “Magic Mirror on the wall”

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  • Life is like a box of chocolate -forrest gump
  • Life was like a box of chocolate - forrest gump

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  • Mike N Ike
  • Mike and Ike

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Conspiracy Theories Poll + Discussion
How to Explain INFJ Thought Process to INTPs
How to Explain INFJ Thought Process to INTPs

i have hundreds more examples, but i just picked the popular ones that you may be able to differentiate.

i’ll just say this.

Mandela Effect is NOT multi universe collapsing.

but many people believe that there are multi universe just like us, with only little bit of slight difference. and it’s collapsing and it’s effecting our memories and things are changing and blah blah blah.

it’s bunch of bullshit. i know the truth.

i’ll explain later. and i’ll sound crazy again.

but it’s okay. i’d rather sound crazy and tell the truth.
than sound sane and lie to you.


Watch as I get a lot of these wrong hahaaahahh for an Se-test I can be surprisingly oblivious of my environment…


EVERYONE DON’T change your answer!!
leave it as it is. so i can gather data.

and this is more like ‘Si’ test than Se. i have a bad memory Dx


Am I throwing off the results if I never knew the answer in the first place (like, I have never the symbol for Volkswagen)?




had to make most of them up


I tried to be accurate but I looked this up earlier so I might have affected my own memory again! ahaha
Memory sure is a volatile thing!


My kids shared some of this with me some months ago, but my memory is such crap that I can play it again, lol.


there are many theories. and one fact.

theories are that there are multi universes.
very similar to ours. if you watched the movie Interstellar. it’s kind of like that.

BUT. this is not the case.
multiverse doesn’t exist. i have plenty of reason why.

but i’ll just jump to the root cause of the Mandela Effect.

so. bare with me with my explanation with probably lack of details.

there is machine called D-Wave. created by CERN,
CERN is a company that basically created INTERNET.
but CERN, also created D-Wave.

there are few people who describe what this machine does.

what they SAY is, that they can bring sources from other universe out there, and bring it here.

well. that’s a lie that they tell you.

again, multiverse theory is another theory to make us even more insignificant.

because that means we are not unique and we are in other universes as well.

anyway ,that theory sounds cool and mind boggling but it’s false.

back to D-wave.

so, since many people believe in ‘higher power’, i can explain this better.

in this world. everything is connected. like EVERYTHING.

if i breathe air in and out, it will eventually travel across the country
and one of you guys reading this will be breathing the air i breathe in few years.

not just that. every structure, everything around is, all connected to each other.

okay. so let’s digest that concept. everything is connected.

so “WHAT” connects everything?

i don’t know to be exact. but it’s some form of energy. like a glue.

so, long story short, D-Wave computer, or machine, whatever you call it,
it has the power to tap into THE “WHAT” that connects everything.

and with that, it can change things, like logo, or words, or pictures.

and again, i repeat, there are hundreds of other changes that happened that you guys don’t notice.

the scary thing is, there is almost no way we can find history of it.

but the only thing we have, is our memory.

so just like jumpman has mentioned before,
if we become soulless and be distracted by other media,
our memories won’t even matter and can eventually be manipulated or forgotten.

so. i present to you, the changes of Mandela Effect.

and what has CHANGED,
@lunar @iamrl @Jumpman @Prax @Sammy @TinyYellowTree @piggie

  1. It’s CHICK-Fil-A now. and you can google chic-fil-a or chik-fil-a, because apparently it was never those.
    and yes i remember being four letters first and not an actual ‘chick’ because i go to this place very often and i used to type it into my GPS. yeah. crazy huh?

  2. it’s The Berenst Ain Bears. with an A. not E. yup. it changed.

  3. It’s Looney TUNES now. no more looney TOONS.

  4. now it’s Febreze. with one E. no longer Febreeze.

  5. Gandhi, not Ghandi.

  6. Froot Loops. NOT fruit loops.

  7. everyone got this wrong. (which is right because of your memory) but now it is Oscar mAyer. and yes. it’s almost impossible to find any evidence of Oscar Meyer.

  8. Monopoly man never had monacle.

  9. if you paid attention in history class. some of you would remember this. but now, apprently Henry VIII had no turkey leg and this evidence you can’t find. except in people’s memories.

  10. VolksWagen have line in between the logo.

  11. Curious George doesn’t have a tail.

  12. Pikachu’s tail never had a black tip.

  13. mickey mouse never had suspenders.

  14. it’s Skechers.

  15. Sex and the City.

  16. No, I am your father.

  17. this one will blow your mind. it was never ‘mirror mirror’. it’s “magic mirror” yeah, go check it out hahaha. freaky huh?

  18. Life WAS like a box of chocolate. yup. i know it doesn’t make sense. but check it out.

  19. Mike AND Ike. yes. some of you remember Mike N Ike.

and JC Penny vs JC Penney didn’t go through.

but now it’s JC Penny.

is it a coincidence that a lot you remember different things?

especially mirror mirror on the wall?

or Oscar Meyer?

Chic Fil A?

not only can it ‘change’ things.

it can also create things.

i have my own evidences and datas i gathered.
i’ll share more later once you guys digest this information


WTH THIS IS ON A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL I told you I’d fail haahahahahh!!

I am both curious and mind boggled at your thoughts…Is this Ni-inf?? Will wait for more…


Some of these could be bad memory, but here’s one that blew my mind.

Some of you probably too young to remember it. I’m definitely from a universe where she had braces, that was the whole visual punchline of the scene.


This idea is non Ni dom and maybe even aux users…using Ni. And this is interesting in itself.


it’s not just bad memory. i thought so at first.

but before posting it on this forum. i asked many people in real life the same questions.

it’s tooooo much of a coincidence that people remember the ‘before’ answers.

statistics proves it, and you can try asking people you know about it.

that’s why i made this poll. it’s easier to prove this theory when 100% of you answered the ‘wrong’ answer.

but the thing is, it’s not wrong. because it has changed. and there are too many evidences of it.

for example, pikachu,
if pikachu’s tail was always yellow. then why do some people draw a black tip?
it’s because of memory. but why someone, not even someone, millions of people who watched pokemon would draw black tip on pikachu’s tail?
did they all meet up and decide to do that?
i doubt it.

these pictures are from different artists. if you can tell.

so, in "this reality"
i’m going to use that term for now “this reality”.
because that’s what most people believe happened, that bunch of universes collapsed and altered people’s memories.

okay, so in this reality, mickey mouse doesn’t wear suspenders.
but what about these?
again, these are from different sources, there’s no way they all came together and gave mickey mouse a suspender.

okay. next. monopoly man.
if monopoly man never had a spectacle, why in the world some people wear it as a cosplay?

there are many many examples. but i’m not going to flood this comment section. which i’m already doing anyway.

okay, next is ASTROLOGY sign!!
okay. who remember capricorn as this?

it’s a goat, right?
not anymore. google capricorn now. now it’s goat-mermaid hybrid.

what about Henry the VIII?
some people will remember the infamous turkey leg.

but now, he’s holding something else.

that picture used to be him holding a turkey leg.

now, if i said this BEFORE i made this poll. i would sound like a fucking lunatic.

but since two people remember him holding, a TURKEY LEG, this is merely more than just bad memory.

why turkey leg? why so specific?

why not a chicken leg? why not a duck leg?

that’s because we learned this, but now it’s gone.

there are many changes in the bible verses, but i don’t think anybody is interested in that on this forum, so i’ll put it aside.
but to me, it was too much to comprehend.
but gladly they didn’t change too much to a point it changed the whole meaning.

so. this is more than a theory. there are enough proof to go around.

these pictures were very hard to find by the way.
because mandela effect have the ability to change pictures that are even drawn by people, even tattoos,
but if it seems off from the original, the changes doesn’t happen. it’s like a glitch in the system or something.

and lastly.
i’ll share something that most people have hard time recalling.
for example. Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes. what’s the color of his nose?
was it black? or blue?
see? this is something so precise that only a very few people remember.
apparently it was black.
and this picture i’m posting is not the only person who thought it was black.
it was the only one i could find that was drawn.
and no this person didn’t purposely colored the nose black or ran out of blue.

but if i share these things first, then usualy expected response is ‘dude you’re crazy, like who cares about the color of his nose, maybe they forgot or something’

so i’m not going to go into minor changes.

there are more. if this convinced you enough. look for it yourself.

and you’ll find many more changes and evidence.

the popular idea is the multi universe collapsing.

the lies that are told is that D-wave quantum computer is pulling sources from other universes.

the truth, is that this machine have the access to the ‘glue like energy’ that’s holding everything together, and can change, alter, delete, and even create things.

and this machine can do more than just that. it’s scary.

did this interest you enough?

i wonder how you feel about learning about all these conspiracy.

sometimes it’s depressing, and sometimes it’s scary, isn’t it?

and most times it feels good to learn these things because you can be aware of what’s going on and you start to see the lies that are being told right in front of your eyes.

mandela effect was the scariest thing i discovered because at first i had no fucking idea how all these things are happening and i start questioning my whole existence.
oh gosh. it was so scary.

but i’m sharing this because i don’t want people to question things and get confused if they ever run into mandela effect.
because more is happening.

confusion is scary. uncertainty is terrifying.

but knowledge empowers and sometimes gives security, and peace.

alright. i’m done explaining mandela effect. too much to explain!


The Pikachu thing really messed me up…my older brother was so into it too and I asked him…he said there was a black stripe too…so crazy!!


I musta come from non-black tail reality because I made fanart when Pokemon first came out and now I’ll have to double-check it to make sure lol.

For example, people could be conflating Pikachu with Pichu, the baby form who does have a black tail:émon)


Collective bad memory would be weird, the alternative is weirder.

I could have misremembered Berenstein bears. I’m pretty good at spelling; I remember in chunks- it was spelled like Einstein. Dolly definitely had braces in Moonraker. The lion laid down with the lamb in the Bible- it’s alliterative.

Smithsonian Institution
Smithsonian Institute


I’m glad you used the word "judgement"
with the E. and you did it intentionally. because you know that it is the correct way to spell.

I’m glad because you’re pretty good with English.
and this is my chance to prove another Mandela effect.

don’t be surprised, but Mandela effect changed that and now it’s “judgment” instead.
without the e.

there’s a story about how “judgement” was used long time ago or whatever if you look online somewhere.
but it’s really the change that took place.
I know, this sounds like conspiracy. but whatever. I’m just throwing that out there.

kinda like how dilemna is changed by Mandela effect and it turned to dilemma.

and liquify is now liquefy

and cemetary is now cemetery.

I’m not shitting you. This is not just collective bad memories… But. however. bizarre as hell though.


lol, dude, you make me laugh out loud. It is so odd to me to imagine having a good enough memory to remember how to spell those words. I look them up every time if I want to know how to do it correctly.

I remember at the bottom of a resume in 12th grade, where we were supposed to do it without any typos, writing “reference attatched” and getting knocked down for doing it wrong. It’s attached.

I’ve been missing these kind of things all along. It’s zero percent surprising to me to learn that judgement is not 100% correct, that judgment is the proper spelling. And yet, it’s in flux with that word so it’s a bad example.

The others are just funny to me because I never ever ever have heard or seen anyone write “dilemna,” I’ve never heard of that word and wouldn’t know what you meant if you said it. For my years it’s always been a dilemma. cemetery has always been cemetery. Cemetary looks insane to me. Liquify? don’t ask me on that one, I would look it up every time. Just looked it up and both words are in use (for slightly different purposes).

It also used to be true that “begs the question” was a formal logical fallacy (or was it Phalacy?) but now it’s a thing people say in replacement of “makes me wonder.” Which makes me wanna shoot myself in the face, because circular arguments could use some pointing out in our world.

My point is that the english language is not static, never has been, and although I think your claims about the mandela affect/effect elsewhere are absurd, I think it’s particularly odd to make the claims about words, since they are obviously in constant flux. Nothing about that strikes me as odd.

But while Im at it I should say I got most of your other mandella quiz wrong, or was guessing. I have no idea what logos look like or how those things are spelled. And the couple I looked up afterward turned out to be, much like liquify/liquefy, not actually changed. Like Pikachu. There are two versions, a male and female version. One has a black tail. This isn’t weird or conspiratorial. It’s not that you are misremembering. In most all the cases, it literally looks like your claims are simply not true. I don’t know what to tell you about that. It’s like, not a thing.


since Prax moved this comment… haha

meh. there are excuses for everything.
but look at chick fil a for example.
everyone remembered chick being four letters for that company.
I went there every week. And I put it on my gps as chic fil a.
is it a crazy coincidence that everyone didn’t pick the word chick?

forget about the English words change. because I expected your response. That’s why I didn’t even use it in the poll.

people with bad memory don’t usually care about Mandela effect.
they usually respond with “oh, maybe I was wrong then.”

but the ones that have specific memories are not going to respond that way.
certain songs are changed. lyrics have changed.
remember the Tom cruise dancing with sunglasses on in movie called risky business?
well now he’s not wearing any.
then why so many people parody his movie with sunglasses on? is it a global coincidence?
check out risky business parody.
or here. I’ll just link one.