Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman Fields Medalist


Maryam Mirzakhani was a mathematician and an inspirational role model for females interested in STEM. She recently passed away, and after reading some profiles on her I wanted to ask my fellow Starlings what mbti type you would say she was.

Here’s a nice article on her for y’all to digest:


Perhaps INFP.
Her deep love and fascination with Mathematics seem to indicate Ne…
She also had an interest/ability to make connections across fields/boundaries
Those things could also mean INTP of course… But descriptions of her childhood (in the article you shared), and shying away from being seen as an inspirational role model seems INFPish? Also her sort of delicate presence/face, in spite of sometimes a stern vibe (INTJ id?).

But hey, i could be totally wrong. What do you think?


She seems like an F type. My first thought was INFP as well. I don’t think she is an INTP or any other T type.

I’m basing this off of pictures of her. From the picture of her when she was very young to the latest pictures of her, she looks unmistakably F in orientation.

Probaly an intuitive (over sensing), and a little less probaly, a dominant introvert.

INFP and INFJ would be the two main contenders with all that being said.

And probaly Ne over Ni.

So, INFP is the most likely.

I’d have to see more of her to feel more certain. But, these are my first impressions of her. I feel pretty strongly that she must be an F type. And that in and of itself is a bit weird for a woman who has won the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in mathematics.

From what I’ve seen here, it appears her work had something to do with surfaces. It seemed Ne in particular.

Cool, thanks for sharing this. Mirzakhani appears to be an interesting example of an F type being prominent in mathematics. And not only prominent, but, being the first woman to have ever won The Fields Medal.

Wanna hear something weird?

Sometimes, in my most quiet and secret thoughts, I think Einstein was an INFP.

Shhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s weird, I know.


i know some infps in math. it happens. (not referring to any of these people though, just people i’ve seen)


I know it happens. And I’m happy it happens.

Here’s proof: :grinning:


i think it’s weird too.



Haahaha are you asking me?? I’m infamous on these forums for getting typings wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought she was intj at first but infp makes a lot of sense too :no_mouth:


I’m happy I made a thread about her on this forum then!! It really goes to show that no matter what your type, you can find a niche in any field to really excel :smiley:

Also Einstein an infp?? I think the Internets would overthrow you if you broadcasted that opinion…but shh we’ll keep it a secret…:wink:


Ugh, I can’t believe she died at 40. :rage::cry: what a cool lady.