Mask . (by supernocturnal)


There’s a girl who wears mask not only to hide herself but to make everyone happy.

She wishes everyone to smile because she knows how it feels to be sad.

Behind her smile, there are tears. Behind her laugh, there is weeping.

She laughs and smiles, as much as she is crying inside.

She is used to wearing the mask and now she is afraid to take it off.

She looks in the mirror with her mask on but she knows what’s behind.

Countless tears under the mask, it became glue to the face.

It seems like people disappear when she’s ready to take off the mask.

Crowd calls in her face and wonders why she only smile.

Only few knows what’s within.

How can someone get used to such thing?

Balloon doesn’t pop if you untie the knot.

She has a mask but she’s not a clown.

She is laughing but she’s not a joke.

She’s sustaining but she’s not strong.

Only thing that keeps her mask on is the dried tears under the mask…

Art Credit goes to J. F.


You wrote this?


yes. i don’t like to plagiarize

but the picture was drawn by someone else =]


I like it. I can relate. Actually makes me want to cry… :cry:


i think i made so many people cry with this poem.
even when i read it with my stone cold ESTP voice. or maybe that helped. idk.

isn’t this so sad?
i think it’s beautiful.

what is it about sad women being beautiful?


See, you’re the type that wants something and goes after it. And eventually gets it. Other types may want something but they feel many other things, like they don’t deserve it. Like it’s not meant for them. It’s only meant for happy and loud people like you!


aww how nice you are finally giving me some credit!

so how would ENFJ typically approach things like this?


This is beautiful and profound.

The deep, dark secret of ESTPs is that underneath that fashionable, charming and superficial facade hides an inner INFJ-type poet of extreme sensitivity!

Conversely, we INFJs like to project an aura of mystery and depth to keep others from seeing that underneath that spiritual mask lurks a pleasure-seeking hedonist who can make the most shallow of ESTPs seem deep and wise…


hey there my gay fella!

i was going through your old posts to see your gender identity, since everyone is shocking me with it!

i used to have 2 gay best friends, one in middle school, and one in high school.

and many in the closet suspects around me, i wouldn’t know.

i really want to have a gay best friend again. i miss them.

they gave me the most honest answer to my questions about my sexuality! (so far)

well. i’m straight. but i am strangely very attracted to the feminine energy of gay men.
like, i almost see them as women instead.

idk, i just need to talk to someone about this who understands.


i’m glad you can relate,
i think this poem is for many Feelers out there.
it is my ‘gift’ to show appreciation and to show sympathy for how much you guys ‘suffer’ in this messed up society who only praise Extraverts and Thinkers.

hahaha preacher you say? well i’ll take that as a compliment!
i believe we all have purpose in our lives.
i found mine. and it is to spread love in my way,
"love your neighbor as you love yourself"
so, i had to learn to love myself entirely first,
so now i’m just trying to show love to my neighbors, although i may not be so good at doing it, but i’m trying =]

i 100% believe love is the strongest energy of all. and nothing can destroy pure love.

Relationships - Love - Sex

Thank you for your poem, super, :cloud_with_rain:
Your appreciation is appreciated.


that is very encouraging to hear!

i’ve been through a few religions. and realized i am not fit to be in a religious organization.
but i never lost faith in the utmost higher being. the Creator. God.

and i realized religion rather turns people off, and away.
but i’m not spreading religion, i’m spreading love and practical scriptures from the bible that actually helps people.
so yes! this is my passion =D

@TinyYellowTree it was my absolute pleasure :]


This is like a mechanical breakdown of INFJ-like coping process. It is like a “beat for beat” breakdown of what one does on the outside vs whats going on inside and why. Brilliant @supernokturnal!