MBTI Community Stereotyping?


So I realized this a problem in MBTI community… And that is that the moment someone figures out someone’s type they box them in this one thing. We as a MBTI community SAY that MBTI is NOT “oh you’re this type so you must be like this and that” and it’s supposed to just help us know our strength and weakness in other people. But an example of this problem we have is this one time I was in a group chat with MBTI nerds and this one guy that’s an INTP was getting triggered because of the use of emojies. Most of the people were talking about how it’s not a big deal and it’s just easier to use and I know he was just thinking “oh we’re xNFxs they don’t understand.” But this ENTP (actually an ENFP) was defending us and the INTP goes like “use your Ti?” Which didn’t make any sense but this is just one example of how MBTI community automatically thinks one way of somebody because they’re this one type.


@pla.xitore13, I’m not so sure this is sups. I beleive Johnny O to be a real life person, not posing as someone else.

I gets what youz sayin, Johnny. I see it as priming in a negative sense. Although typing can fill in many blanks people have in their lives, so that’s the good. I think once people figure out typing they use it as a means to translate the world in front of them. When before, it was a different language. It’s a tool we can use to understand people. We ENFXs understand this need to take people at face value, not type value. So, I know where you’re coming from. I see both sides. And what I like about Blake’s site, is he doesn’t make it easy to fall into a stereotype mind. He comes from all angles at once so it’s impossible to not take all things into consideration.


wtf… Get that shit out of my face, yes I’m a real person tf… If you’re referring to supernoct I think that was a petty move by not really understanding what happened and just to suspend someone.
also if you’re saying i’m someone else because I’m pointing out the flaws in an MBTI community, thats just really sad… sorry anyway

and Erika yeah I just want people in this community to not just think automatically, “oh you’re this type? that means you must do this and this, also i hate you types do this” maybe that was a bad example but you get the gist people need to stop being so narrow minded with their “open mind”


The world is just filled with misunderstandings, isn’t it?


true but sometimes you need to point it out so people can fix their flaws. Sometimes they might not even know about.


And sometimes one needs to be more obvious.


@Johnnyoh my bad was “triggered” by the use of the word “triggered”. But it wasn’t good taste. Thanks for clarifying.


People have the misconception that cognitive functions are like Pokemon moves, being used one at a time. “INFJ! Use Ti!” …They don’t realize that it’s way more complicated than that

Half of the functions in the stack can’t even be “used” willingly, since they’re unconscious


Lolol I like this point it’s good and it’s clever. We need more people like you


What are you talking about… this sentence didn’t make any sense… Whatever it doesn’t matter, stop accusing people thinking they’re fake and shit. You’re going to lose people and maybe even good ones


Hey Johnnyoh, you’re acting like an asshole (and hypocrite) (and preachy) so, you can join supernocturnal in suspension (if you’re not in fact the same person, which I have reason to believe).

At any rate, your hypocrisy and preachiness are not welcome here.

And I am the authority here. Have no illusions about that.

If you or supernocturnal wish to challenge or subvert this authority, you will find yourselves not welcome here indefinitely.

And I am not fucking around.