MBTI databank (type your celebrities)


okay, so I find this website pretty validating due to people that are into mbti being able to vote on what they think of each celebrity’s type.

so I’m gonna upload some screen shots to validate/counter some points

first, it seems like Erika is in love with ISFPs. it makes sense it’s her soulmate

lana del rey. isfp for majority

dita von Teese

Rihanna. this is just my personal favorite

welp. I guess Beyonce is ESFP after all!

now confirming ISTPs

now for presidents

they voted INTJ for second place but ESTJ? Hmmm interesting.

ENTP got highest and ENFJ second.
two voted for ISFJ

@lunar here is bjork!

i guess she resonated with you a lot!

now confirming Jennifer Lawrence

and @piggie for Cara

and Hannah baker

and Charlize Theron got… ENTJ

here goes… Donald Trump

and they’re sorta having trouble with Taylor swift but. ESFJ?

and James Dean is kinda split but auxiliary Se for sure.

oh. and Louis C.k

I’m surprised nobody voted ISFJ
how are they seeing infp?

anyways. I’m sure some may object.

but I find this website pretty resourceful

oh. and just wanna make Justin Bieber clear.
he’s not ESTP. I don’t claim him

and as I imagined, conor my boy is ESTP

and Floyd is ESFP in my book


Oh snap this app is pretty awesome!

but really. Hitler infj? wow i need to do some research on that guy!


this is hilarious
no wonder INTJ wants to be a deity


Wtf. I’m porn?

and a porn actor?

Hahahaha too funny
I’m having too much fun


this is why I think Japan is infp


@hikaru is right about Japan being ISTJ


OK this is not using the website, but Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert = INTJ.


Look especially at his various livestreams on his blog (those with video of him talking; contrast his Periscope livestream with the one with him on the news). Damn. If that’s not a fully developed INTJ I don’t know what is.

"So, what I predominantly see in Te Gemini is the Tiger and also the Erisian (Eris is the goddess of discord). The Tiger has that “spring” unlike any other predator. They are quick, agile, and very strong. However, they lack the “heart” of the Lion. It is much like William Blake stood in awe of the tiger’s construction. It is just this awesome force of nature. But, it doesn’t seem to have any purpose in a personal sense. It is just that part of nature that is strong, quick, deadly, and magnificent to behold.

And that is what one instinctively feels from developed INTJs, this utterly formidable aspect to them. You can’t hurt them but they can bat you all over the place. They are not to be trifled with."


“first, it seems like Erika is in love with ISFPs. it makes sense it’s her soulmate”

Do you think we’re attracted to celebrities of our soulmate’s type? That would be an interesting way of typing people. Are you attracted to your soulmate type?


according to mbti my soulmate is ISFJ. but I don’t find them attractive as much.


i do think generally speaking people are attracted to opposite of their type. because of yin and yang. balance.

i think isfp, well, my wife is isfp and I usually find other isfps attractive. Maybe they’re my soulmate.

the thing about yin and yang, is that it’s two opposite color but virtually the same shape.
so her and I being the sensor gives us same shape and the introversion and extroversion gives us the opposite color.

that’s just how I look at it

oh, and that’s not to say i think ISFJs are not attractive at all. in fact they are pretty attractive. very feminine.
but Se Ni axis vs Si Ne axis is not so good for me in long term relationship.

I’m very dominant and controlling in a relationship. isfps love it. but ISFJs tries to control me instead.

i used to fight with ISFJ girlfriend everyday.
I love fighting. but I started to fade away from her because I was getting exhausted. and she was too possessive so I had no room to breathe or grow.

i wanted to fly like a free bird but she held me down like a kite. I could only fly with leash around my neck and I couldn’t explore.

i don’t know why I’m telling you all this but maybe this information is useful. Hahaha

anyways, to answer your question, I think my soulmate is isfp and I find them very alluring.
not all of them of course .but typically .


Yeah, I think it’s all very useful!

Your description of ISFJs reminds me of a conversation I had with Blake. We were chatting about Audrey Hepburn and decided she’s an ISFJ. I never thought about it before, but it made a lot of sense. She has an innate sense of grace and femininity. In her films, she would use these traits to undermine or manipulate her love interests. For example, How to steal million, she appeals to the detective’s compassion to save her father, even though he was a crook. They have a way with subtle charm to understand morality. Or to create morality.


@supernokturnal why do you think isfj is supposed to be your soulmate?

I would think infj would be your soul mate. They are the socionics “dual” to ESTP.

Isfj would be the dual of ENTP.

Meanwhile, socionics says that you and isfj would really probably stagnate with each other. Like it would feel like purposeless and wasted time. This is what socionics says happens with infj and Entp. I think it’s pretty accurate. It’s kind of like Entp/infj are passing each other in the night sort of. Like infj is sort of the canada to the Entps USA. In the end they each think they are probably superior for different reasons, but they get along fine and also, because of a lack of conflict or tension, don’t really grow together or apart. Just fade along. I’d guess this is roughly how a mature isfj and you would interact.

Meanwhile, Entp/isfj and estp/infj would be more like the US and France.

Which if the US is ISTP would require France to be ENFJ…anyone buy that? Istp and enfj are socionics duals.

Anyway I like the socionics theory a lot though I believe there are distinct benefits to each pair when the pair strives for health and relational respect. The “dual” is just likely to fit better over time and grow stronger with time as each has as their strengths qualities the other values and wishes to work on in themselves.


In the post soviet so called socionics dual pairs are more weird:


Usually when socionics says infp they mean "introverted intuition as dominant and extroverted feeling as auxiliary, which is MbTi infj.

Because in socionics they assign J vs P based on dominant function being J or P.

So the introverted 8 are the opposite J/P when compared to the same dom/aux in mbti.

So I would say the listings you have given are accurate socionics duals, but when translated to mbti would switch all the introverted p/Js.


in mbti theory, it is known that opposite of one’s dominant function (extroversion vs introversion) is the ideal soulmate.

that’s why it’s widely known in mbti community that INFJ’s soulmate is ENFP or ENTP
because of Ni dominant and Ne dominant.

but I think socionics did better with this idea of soulmate
connecting similar axis (Se-Ni and Ni-Se) rather than opposites(Se-Ni and Si-Ne).

so according to mbti theory, my soulmate is supposed to be ISTJ or ISFJ. but… I never found them fascinating. personally.

so yes, @irene, like @johnonymous said,
in socionics, INFj is INFP in mbti.
that’s why they often use j and p as lowercase letters.

INFp is INF- with perceiving dominant function. which is Ni dominant. which is INFJ in mbti.

but for extroverted, ESTp is still ESTP in socionics and mbti because extroverted sensory is Se.

but whether it is mbti or socionics, they’re still theories.
and they’re both very different. but a little similar.

so i don’t really care what they think is my soulmate.

that’s up to individual to decide.


Yep, I’ve read about converted little letters. But look at their names: INTJ - Robespierre, INFJ - Dostoyevsky. I mean description of their INFJ is more like MBTI INFJ then INFP. That’s confusing. But ths might be a business of description.
P.S. they also like to type by face features and body which I find very intriguing


i think the way you wrote this databank opening post is sweet. don’t know why but maybe in part it’s so easy flow generous and fun and freaking fast. feels like you write them 200 mph. kind of like infusion of energy. :heart_eyes:

(I’ve been thinking whether trump could be estp… brain implode)


yay! hahah
i wonder why you think it’s sweet?
because it was so random and came out of nowhere?


my mind is mush. I can’t tell you why really, but when I read it, I smiled. oh maybe it’s your tagging everyone.
I don’t know!


What type is Meghan Markle? And Harry.


I actually made a website where people can vote on MBTI types. It has quotes by the celeb, youtube videos, enneagram vote… But it failed, there’s only one guy visiting it now. He’s beenvoting and adding new celebs all by himself for months now (and it’s not me) : ) http://typologydb.com


Oh, I love that! Super neat!
Are you ever going to change yoru username or do you just liek the numbers?

Gordan Ramsay, one vote for ISFJ???.. LOL!