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Has anyone else taken the DISC personality test for work or for fun? As an INFJ it took me by surprise to see my dominance so high when I really don’t think of myself as a dominant individual. Not surprised on super low compliance though.

What cognitive functions do you think equates with all four categories? Influence is obviously Fe to me.


My results

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Dominance seems an odd combination of things I am and am not. I am individualistic and goal oriented, but not competitive or interested in being an authority.


Same here for the most part. I’m extremely competitive with only the things I care about which is like, only 2 things. I also don’t desire to be in authority in any shape or form, but I do like to be in control of things I feel most proficient in which is it’s own thing.



Lol, apparently I’m not very steady.

@Ankh, I’m pretty surprised by your result. Not in a bad way or anything!

@SoundDesiign you have the highest dominance so far. What do you make of that?


Yeah, I should have attached the “quote”.

I like to (usually) keep the peace and like shit in order. That’s probably where all that comes from. It’s also why, I’m sure, I always test as an INTJ.


I also really hate these kinds of personality tests. I suppose all personality tests. They’re not specific enough. They’re unreliable for me. All of these questions I was asking…”okay, in what context?” Or “what is the background?” I need more info. I need the whole picture to make a decision or act a certain way. Not a piece. If I have a piece, there ain’t shit I can do… so we’ll spin the wheel.




I’m definitely the same because context is everything, but I’ve learned to just go with my knee jerk reaction and take the same test a few times throughout the week to get an idea.


It’s super surprising honestly. In group settings I’m honestly never the one to step up to the plate to domineer by instinct, but I will certainly take the reins if I notice things are about to go to shit. I think the dominance thing emerges from years and years of being bullied throughout grade school from being the odd kid. I just simply don’t take anyone’s toxic behavior or attitude anymore. It honestly has gotten me into trouble more than helped me, especially with dealing with authority / hierarchy. I just naturally don’t give any importance to power structures and I’m sure as hell not gonna let someone treat me poorly regardless of how important they think they are. Definitely an area of improvement I have my eye on.


In general? Or with specific affairs?

Care to elaborate?


Sure why not.

Because it’s fresh right now, my main lens is my relationship with my ESTJ boss which honestly has been an agonizing learning experience. The micromanaging has been slowly chipping away at my soul. Without a doubt death by a thousand paper cuts.

I’m naturally not afraid to go against the grain if it seems necessary. That is to say, I don’t do it all the time because I don’t have the best ideas all the time. For example: In my workplace there are a shit ton of clunky archaic systems that can be improved, and I have no shame in pointing out the flaws and providing potential solutions to streamline everything. I WILL point at the elephant in the room. From my bosses perspective, this is problematic behavior, and ultimately makes me an easy target. The “We’ve always done it this way” mentality drives me insane.

In university, my roommate would call me the social gadfly of our school (about 3,500 students).

I don’t intentionally try to stir the pot but I often end up doing it, and believe me, it doesn’t feel good.




And JOHN takes the lead for most dominant.


How do you maneuver power structures my guy? Any advice for a feeler?


and this on the day when I told someone I don’t really spend much time on StellarMaze forums anymore haha.


In my experience I type the same as ENTJs on the DISC profile. I think that is because the only way I am employable is by leaning into my dominant characteristics. Out of habit I have taken an ENTJ-ish shape when in working mode.

And for some reason I think of the context of work for almost every DISC question.

So I don’t so much navigate power structures as like, Te id skullfuck them. Less strategy, more balls; not exactly a light touch. I wouldn’t super recommend it for a feeler.

Yeah, like, it’s not even advisable for an ENTP IMO unless you happen to need a job. Which, every few years, I do.


Look at you, Miss Engagement Committee! :grinning:

Keep the peace - in general.
Shit in order - in specific affairs / up to interpretation.


My S and C scores tend to switch depending on my mood. I did this a few times thinking I was varying my dominance and influence but it often comes out like this lol:
Dominance Compliance Steadiness Influence

I figure this makes me this type (sounds very INTJ):

May be also this type (Achiever, one of those main 15 interpretation patterns):

(Apparently both of the above are “rare” or messed up/unusual types.)

Or maybe I’m just just a D(ick) type? lol (more ESTJ):

I try to downplay my dominance/get-my-way in work situations and am agreeable etc because I in no way want to be pushed to positions of responsibility (like management positions). I know that would require me to coordinate more with others around and under me and I want none of that (given my level on the autistic spectrum, this will give me more problems than it will be worth)! Unfortunately, I think people still see some level of competence/self-confidence and try to push me into that direction. Sucks.

Related forum thread that could be interesting for MBTI correlations:

@Ankh, I think most INTJ will type high on D just because they try to get their way, even if it means low-key subterfuge/chaos. Whatever order/peace they want is only for themselves. I don’t think they mind if everyone else around them is dying as long as they don’t try to talk to them.
But you’re right about these kinds of tests being worded to make all the choices blurry or removed from context. I think it helps you go with your “gut” instincts, but it probably makes it less accurate for people who tend to overthink situations or try to choose the “correct/best” answer instead of the instinctual disaster answers lol.



This seems like a ridiculously high dominance score for an INFJ. And this is actually a retake, because the first time my dominance score was so high, I was pretty sure it wasn’t accurate.

I don’t know, maybe this is my Aries sun/Libra rising coloring my self-perception. I guess Scorpio moon wants to dominate too. But I’m not sure I would actually enjoy work that is traditionally associated with high dominance. Or maybe on the other hand, my lack-of-awareness around how much this trait plays out in my personality is actually the obstacle…


I was puzzled about it too. Double Aries, Libra rising here. But I see it in me as I’ve thought about it the past week or so.